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Cat Front Shovels make quick work of the toughest face loading applications. These machines combine advanced features with a heavy-duty frame and undercarriage designed specifically for your aggregates and mining applications.

5080 FS Front Shovel

The Cat 5080 Front Shovel was developed in cooperation with owners and operators of Caterpillar front shovels with face equipment applications around the world.

  • Specification Summary

  • Engine ModelCat 3406C ATAAC
  • Operating Weight83800 kg
  • Displacement14.6 L
  • Main System - PumpVariable displacement
  • Max Flow at Rated Speed - Total430 L/min

Product Details


Engine Model Cat 3406C ATAAC
Displacement 14.6 L

Operating Specifications

Operating Weight 83800 kg
Travel Speed 4.4 km/h

Drive System

Maximum Drawbar Pull 546 kN

Hydraulic System - Main/Travel

Main System - Pump Variable displacement
Max Flow at Rated Speed - Total 430 L/min
Relief Valve Setting - Main 31381.28 kPa
Relief Valve Setting - Travel 34323.28 kPa

Hydraulic System - Pilot

Max Pump Flow at Rated Speed 50 L/min

Hydraulic System - Swing

Max Pump Flow at Rated Speed - Total 340 L/min


Track Width - Standard 610 mm
Track Width - Optional 750 mm
Number of Shoes (per side) 47
Number of Rollers (per side) 8
Number of Carrier Rollers (per side) 3

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 990 L
Cooling System 95 L
Engine Oil 65 L
Swing Drive 15 L
Final Drive (each) 26 L
Hydraulic System (incl. tank) 995 L
Hydraulic Tank 780 L


Tail Swing Radius 4200 mm
Track Length 5840 mm

Electronic Power Control System

The 5080's powerful engine and state-of-the-art hydraulics are managed by the Caterpillar Electronic Power Control System.

Meets Hydraulic Demands

The Caterpillar Power Control System meets all hydraulic demands quickly and smoothly, allowing the 5080 to convert up to 100% of the available engine and hydraulic output to maximize productivity and front shovel performance.


When coupled with a Caterpillar direct-injection, 3406C (ATAAC) Engine the Electronic Power Control system makes the 5080 a truly productive and fuel-efficient front shovel.

Electronic Control and Monitor Panel

Electronic Control and Monitor Panel is easy to use and located at the operator's fingertips for push-button control.

Diagnostic and Alert Functions

Primarily intended for service technicians it provides a swift electronic scan of the Electronic Power Control System form trouble-shooting to testing.

Back-up Systems

Two switches in the cab can be easily activated in the unlikely event of an electronic malfunction.

Power Mode Selector

Power Mode Selector gives the operator a choice of three Power Modes at the touch of a button, for optimum engine and hydraulic power.

Automatic Engine Control

The Electronic Power Control System incorporates an AEC (Automatic Engine Control) with convenient one-touch command.


Advanced hydraulic system proportions oil flow to joystick movement, for smooth, predictable implement control and high productivity.

Unique Hydraulic System

The 5080 features the new Caterpillar Proportional Priority Pressure Compensated (PPPC) hydraulic system. It offers three distinct benefits.

Hydraulic Cylinder Snubbers

Hydraulic cylinder snubbers cushion shocks at the ends of cylinder stokes, reduce sound, and increase cylinder life.

Cat XT-5 Hose

Cat's XT-5 hose and O-ring face seal couplings provide the 5080 with positive sealing for reliable, leak-free connections. That meets the critical flexibility and strength demands of today's hardworking hydraulic system.

Front Shovel

Caterpillar Front Shovels are designed for fast cycle times and excellent productivity in rock loading and quarry type applications.

Parallelogram-type Front Linkage

The Cat 5080 Front Shovel features parallelogram-type front linkage with a master cylinder.

Boom and Stick

Caterpillar boom and stick are built for performance and ling service life.

Operator Station

Operator comfort significantly contributes to higher productivity. The Cat 5080 Front Shovel's cab has been carefully designed to enable operators to work productivity day after day.

Ergonomic Control Placement

This operator's raised workstation is quiet with ergonomic control placement, low lever and pedal effort, anatomic seat design, all-around visibility, and highly efficient air-conditioning.

Greater Control Convenience

Each of the controls is positioned within easy reach of the operator.

Electronic Control System Panel

In clear view is the Caterpillar Electronic Control System panel.

Joysticks Control Implements

Joysticks control implements and swing functions with minimal effort. The sliding joystick consoles adjust to each operator's preference.

Electronic Dial Throttle

Further ease for the operator, there is a new electronic dial throttle with 10 settings for simple precise engine speed adjustment.

Hand/Foot Actuated Controls

Hand or foot actuated travel controls so you can move the excavator while working.

Hydraulic Activation Control Lever

Hydraulic activation control lever deactivates hydraulic functions and prevents start-up.


Whatever the task the operator will benefit from all-around visibility through non-reflecting windscreens and large wide window.

Door and Side/Rear Panels

Door and side/rear panels are all insulated for sound suppression, keeping sound to a minimum.


The deluxe fully adjustable Cat suspension seat includes an impressive range of comfort features.

Ventilation System

Whatever the weather, the operator is able to enjoy the benefits of a first class ventilation system.


The operator's compartment is always quiet and comfortable and combines to help make the operator feel as fresh and productive at the end of a shift as at the beginning.

Durable Components and Structures

Cat 5080 Front Shovel structures are built rugged to withstand the toughest working conditions.


The 5080 carbody is a heavy-duty "H" shaped design. Cat undercarriage components are purposely oversized to offer true heavy-duty performance and durability, even in the hardest working conditions.

Twin Swing Motors

Twin swing motors provide excellent swing acceleration and long life. The use of two motors allows a smooth transition of force to the swing gear and enhances swing gear life.


Caterpillar's worldwide reputation is built on the solid construction of its chassis and undercarriages. The 5080 is no exception.

Mobile, Stable Undercarriage

Highly mobile, stable undercarriage.Unique design specifically for high impact Front Shovel and Excavator applications.

Turning Capability

Undercarriage offers maximum turning capability when equipped with narrow shoes.

Caterpillar Sealed Track

Caterpillar Sealed Track has the choice of two shoe sizes, for maximum versatility.

Final Drives

Triple-reduction, planetary final drives distribute loads over multiple teeth for excellent durability.

Axial-Piston Track Motors

Independent, two-speed, axial-piston track motors deliver smooth power to tracks, yet allow counter-rotation for spot turns and maneuvering in tight quarters.

Travel Motors, Brakes and Final Drives

Travel motors, brakes and final drives are integrated within the track roller frames for protection against contact damage from rock.


Oil-disc brakes on final drive input shafts hold machine steady during the work cycle.

Track Roller Frames

Thick steel plate and robotic welding provide exceptional strength and service life.

Cat 3406C ATAAC Engine

The power you need with excellent response and efficiency.

Power Plant

Like all Cat engines, the 3406C ATAAC Engine is designed for reliability, durability, extended life. Easy maintenance helps ensure maximum uptime.


The 3406C incorporates our latest advances in engine technology such as air-to-air aftercooling for improved performance and efficiency, leading to longer life. A direct-injection fuel system delivers excellent response and maximum fuel efficiency.

Automatic Engine Control

Automatic Engine Control (AEC) regulates engine speed when implement and travel controls are not activated, or when the one touch command button is used. AEC conserves fuel and also reduces noise.

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