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Caterpillar forwarders load and remove heavy loads from the forest quickly with ample hydraulic flow, state-of-the-art controls, and high traveling speeds.

554 Forwarder

The new Cat 554 Forwarder is uniquely designed to provide increased productivity in a variety of tough forestry applications, from first thinning to final felling.

  • Specification Summary

  • Max Travel Speed24.94 km/h
  • Payload9999.91 kg
  • Travel Speed - Roading25 km/h
  • Loader Net Lifting Capacity68 kN
  • Tractive Ability125 kN

Product Details

Operating Specifications

Max Travel Speed 24.94 km/h
Payload 9999.91 kg
Travel Speed - Roading 25 km/h
Loader Net Lifting Capacity 68 kN
Tractive Ability 125 kN


Gross Power 90.98 kW
Flywheel Power 82.77 kW
Engine Model 3054 DITA


Gross (loaded) machine weight 21974.76 kg


Transmission Powershift

Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank Capacity 88.58 L


Reach max any height 8458.2 mm

Caterpillar 554 Forwarders

Caterpillar has set the trend for durability over the last 75 years and has a reputation for manufacturing products that withstand the test of time.


Caterpillar has been in the forestry business for generations and has a full understanding of forestry applications.


Today's logger must consider many different criteria before investing in a forwarder.


Caterpillar offers two models of forwarders which are designed and built to handle a wide variety of forestry applications.

Proven Components

The 554 Forwarders are built with proven components and are field-tested to ensure the highest level of reliability over the life of the machine.

Front Powered Bogie Lift

By utilizing the front powered bogie lift and eight-wheel drive transmission, the operator can maneuver the machine in the tightest of thinning areas.

Hydraulic Flow

The 554 Forwarders provide the necessary hydraulic flow, tractive mobility and power to load logs on steep slopes and unfavorable terrain, giving the customer the ability to drive an efficient and productive loading operation.

Variety of Application Use

Caterpillar Forwarders can be used in a wide variety of applications, from first thinning to final felling. These forwarders provide the versatility, durability and reliability today's logger needs to effectively manage their cut-to-length operation.

Power Train

Caterpillar 554 Forwarders deliver cost effective power for hauling wood to the roadside.

Flywheel Power

The Caterpillar 554 is powered by the 91 kW (122 hp) Caterpillar 3054 DITA Engine.


Three-ring pistons are made of lightweight, silicon/aluminum alloy for strength and maximum thermal conductivity.


Crankshaft is chrome/molybdenum-steel forged with tuffride hardened journals for long-term durability.

Cylinder Block

Cylinder block is high-strength cast iron alloy of deep-skirt, monobloc design for increased strength and extended life.

Fuel System

Direct-injection fuel system provides accurate fuel deliver.

Air Cleaner

Two-stage air cleaner improves viewing by eliminating hood-mounted precleaner.

Thermal Starting Aid System

Thermal staring aid system for efficient cold weather starting is standard.

Exhaust Valves

Exhaust valves are heat-resistant, silicone-chrome steel intake and stellite-faced to help extend engine life.

Environmental Safety Standards

Caterpillar understands the importance of environmental safety standards.

Operator Station

Designed for comfort and ease of operation while working in demanding forestry conditions.

Operator Environment

Operator environment is designed for safety, comfort, and ease of operation and control.

Mini Control Levers

Mini Control Levers are used to operate the knuckleboom loader and are engineered to give the operator finger tip control.

Viewing Area

Excellent viewing area allows the operator maximum vision to site out the most productive path possible and gives the operator a full peripheral view of the forest area, thus improving loading times and increasing productivity.


Easy-to-reach controls reduce unnecessary movement by the operator during driving and loading functions.

Digital Monitoring System

A digital monitoring system monitors critical machine systems and alerts the operator to systems status that could harm the machine.

Window Wipers

Front/rear and optional side window wipers help maintain clear viewing in adverse weather conditions, eliminating potential safety risks and improving overall cycle times.

Operator Ergonomics

Operator ergonomics are improved through an eight-way adjustable armrests.


Cab is ROPS/FOPS/OPS certified.

Transmission and Suspension

Caterpillar Forwarders deliver the versatility and tractive ability needed for demanding forestry applications.

Hydrostatic Circuit

The 554 Forwarder features a hydrostatic circuit and a 2-speed power shift transmission that provides power to all eight wheels.

Front Bogie Lift

A powered front bogie lift is optional on the 554. This feature on Caterpillar Forwarders enables the machine to achieve maximum tractive ability in poor underfoot conditions.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Each bogie is controlled by a separate hydraulic cylinder for individual movement on each side of the forwarder. The operator has the ability to climb over high stumps or rocks, as well as traveling through deep snow or extremely wet conditions.

Forwarder Applications

Caterpillar Forwarders decrease overall cycle times while providing low fuel consumption levels and minimal ground disturbance.

Tractive Force

Caterpillar Forwarders utilize a hydrostatic/mechanical transmission to achieve high tractive force in tough underfoot conditions.


The 554 Forwarder incorporates a 10 metric ton payload.


Ease of serviceability means less downtime, which translates to more working time.

Built-in Service Ease

Major components are made as modules. Most components can be removed without disturbing or removing others.

Ground-Level Access

Ground-level access provides convenient servicing to most filters and lube points.


Centrifugal pre-cleaner removes large debris before it reaches the internal air cleaner to provide significant engine protection.

Oil Filters

Spin-on fuel and engine oil filters provide simplified service.

Pressure Taps

Pressure taps are conveniently located to provide easy access to hydraulic system pressures.

Electrical System

24-volt electrical system delivers increased electrical power for lights, engine cranking and engine diagnostics.

Customer Support

Cat Dealers offer a wide range of services that can be set up under a customer support agreement when purchasing equipment.


Make detailed comparisons of the machines being considered before you buy. What are the job requirements? What production is needed? What is the truce cost of lost production? Cat Dealers can provide precise answers to these questions.


Look past initial price. Consider the financing options available as well as day-to-day operating costs.


Improving operating techniques can boost profits.


What is the cost of preventative maintenance? More and more equipment buyers are planning for effective maintenance before buying equipment.

Diagnostic Programs

Diagnostic programs and technical analysis help avoid unscheduled repairs.


Repair, rebuild or replace? Cat Dealers can help evaluate the cost involved so the right choice will be made.

Products Support

Nearly all Cat parts can be located at the dealer parts counter.

Factory Remanufactured Parts

A large choice of factory remanufactured parts and dealer proposed repair options increase machine availability and reduce total repair costs.

"Call Back Option available only for UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar."

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