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Small Excavators(Non Current)

Caterpillar serves all regions of the world so we build many different configurations of hydraulic excavators. Your Cat® dealer has exact machine specifications available in your area to help you choose what will best meet your needs.

318C L

  • Specification Summary

  • Engine ModelCat 3066T
  • Flywheel Power94 kW
  • Operating Weight20940 kg
  • Gross Power97 kW
  • Operating Weight - Long Undercarriage19650 kg

Product Details


Engine Model Cat 3066T
Flywheel Power 94 kW
Gross Power 97 kW
ISO 9249 93 kW
SAE J1349 93 kW
EEC 80/1269 93 kW
Bore 102 mm
Stroke 130 mm
Displacement 6.37 L


Operating Weight 20940 kg
Operating Weight - Long Undercarriage 19650 kg
Operating Weight - Long Narrow Undercarriage 19350 kg


Maximum Drawbar Pull 202 kN
Travel Speed 5.5 km/h

Swing Mechanism

Swing Torque 50000 kN·m
Swing Speed 10.8 RPM

Hydraulic System

Main Implement System - Maximum Flow (2x) 190 L/min
Maximum Pressure - Implements 34320 kPa
Maximum Pressure - Travel 34320 kPa
Maximum Pressure - Swing 20100 kPa
Pilot System - Maximum Flow 32.4 L/min
Pilot System - Maximum Pressure 3930 kPa
Boom Cylinder - Bore 120 mm
Boom Cylinder - Stroke 1193 mm
Stick Cylinder - Bore 130 mm
Stick Cylinder - Stroke 1364 mm
Bucket Cylinder - Bore 110 mm
Bucket Cylinder - Stroke 1048 mm

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 320 L
Cooling System 14 L
Engine Oil 30 L
Swing Drive (each) 8 L
Final Drive (each) 10 L
Hydraulic System (including tank) 255 L
Hydraulic Tank 127 L


Performance ANSI/SAE J1166 OCT98

Operator Station

Roomy and quiet with ergonomic control placement has excellent sightlines to the work area to help keep operator fatigue low and production up throughout the entire shift. Optional climate control maintains constant temperature in the cab in both hot and cold weather.

Multipro Electronic Control System

An user friendly new monitor that shows a wide variety of useful information for machine operation and provides high efficient service data and diagnostic capabilities while maximizing fuel efficiency and performance.


The open-center, two-pump hydraulic system features pump flow control which improves fuel efficiency, ensures smooth controllability, reduces sound levels and extends component life, through an increased maximum flow. The unique tool control option offers the ability to optimize the machine performances according to 5 tool specifications, and to set priorities between tools and implements for maximized efficiency.


The 318C is powered by the Cat 3066 T engine which complies with worldwide emissions requirements. This engine includes several design features which enhance performance, efficiency and reliability. Engine service intervals are increased to 500 hours.

Service and Maintenance

Longer service intervals and easier maintenance results in better machine availability and lower owning and operating costs. Electronic diagnostics means increased productivity.

Undercarriage and Structure

Rugged Caterpillar undercarriage design and proven structural manufacturing techniques assure outstanding durability in the toughest applications, resulting in stability, durability and low maintenance. Standard grease-lubricated tracks extend the undercarriage life.

Booms and Sticks

Built for good performance and long service life, Caterpillar booms and sticks are large, welded box-section structures with thick, multi-plate fabrications that resist high stress. Designed-in flexibility to help bring higher production and efficiency to all jobs.

Buckets and Teeth

A wide variety of bucket types with aggressive bucket designs take advantage of the 318C''s higher power to improve productivity.

Work Tools

Ex-factory available Buckets, Multiprocessors, Sorting and Demolition Grapples, Hammers and Quick Couplers provide a total solution package to the end-user.

Complete Customer Support

Your Cat dealer offers a wide range of services that can be set up under a customer support agreement when you purchase your equipment. The dealer will help you choose a plan that can cover everything from machine and attachment selection to replacement.

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