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Mini Excavators(Non Current)

Caterpillar serves all regions of the world so we build many different configurations of hydraulic excavators. Your Cat® dealer has exact machine specifications available in your area to help you choose what will best meet your needs.

302.4D Mini Hydraulic Excavator

The Cat® 302.4D provides power and efficiency so that you can get the best out of your job without ever feeling the strain. You can be assured of faster, more powerful digging with a smoother response.

  • Specification Summary

  • Engine Model Yanmar 3TNV76
  • Net Power 13.2 kW
  • Displacement 1116 cm³
  • Rated Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249 13.2 kW
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Product Details


Engine Model Yanmar 3TNV76
Net Power 13.2 kW
Displacement 1116 cm³
Rated Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249 13.2 kW
Gross Power - ISO 14396 17.9 kW


Operating Weight 2320 kg
Operating Weight - With Cab 2320 kg
Operating Weight - With Canopy 2210 kg
Transport Weight - With Cab 2175 kg
Transport Weight - With Canopy 2065 kg

Travel System

Gradeability 30°/58%
Travel Speed 2.5 km/h-4 km/h (1.55 mph-2.5 mph)

Hydraulic System

Operating Pressure - Equipment 240 bar
Operating Pressure - Travel 240 bar
Operating Pressure - Swing 150 bar
Pump Flow at 2,200 rpm 26.1 + 26.1 + 19.4 + 6.4 L/min (6.9 + 6.9 + 5.1 + 1.7 gal/min)
Maximum Stick Force - Long Stick 13.3 kN
Auxiliary Circuits - Primary 30 L/min at 170 bar (8 gal/min at 2,465 psi)
Maximum Stick Force - Standard Stick 15 kN
Maximum Bucket Force 21.8 kN
Auxiliary Circuits - Secondary 17 L/min at 200 bar (4.5 gal/min at 2,900 psi)


Width 1400 mm
Height 300 mm
Dig Depth 334 mm
Lift Height 294 mm

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity 24 l
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 19 l

Dimensions (Approximate) - Standard Stick

Maximum Reach - Ground Level 4020 mm
Maximum Digging Depth 2400 mm
Boom Swing Angle - RH 48 °
Maximum Dump Height 2750 mm
Maximum Vertical Dig Depth 1570 mm
Transport Length - Arm Lowered 4030 mm
Maximum Dozer Dig Depth 335 mm
Maximum Dozer Lift Height 300 mm
Height 2390 mm
Maximum Boom Offset - RH 520 mm
Tail Swing Radius 1170 mm
Maximum Dig Height 3950 mm
Length - Undercarriage 1840 mm
Boom Swing Angle - LH 77°/64°
Maximum Boom Offset - LH 360 mm
Width 1400 mm

Dimensions (Approximate) - Long Stick

Maximum Dig Height 4070 mm
Width 1400 mm
Maximum Vertical Dig Depth 1750 mm
Maximum Dump Height 2870 mm
Length - Undercarriage 1840 mm
Maximum Dozer Lift Height 300 mm
Maximum Dozer Dig Depth 335 mm
Maximum Boom Offset - LH 360 mm
Tail Swing Radius 1170 mm
Boom Swing Angle - RH 48 °
Maximum Reach - Ground Level 4220 mm
Transport Length - Arm Lowered 4030 mm
Maximum Digging Depth 2600 mm
Boom Swing Angle - LH 77°/64°
Maximum Boom Offset - RH 520 mm
Height 2390 mm

Operating Specifications

Stick Length - Standard 1050 mm
Stick Length - Long 1250 mm
Machine Overhang 460 mm


Flexible and functional for all jobs.

High Flexibility

Compact in size and with a transport weight under 2300 kg (5,070 lb), the 302.4D can be transported easily using a conventional trailer and pick up truck or transit van. The sturdy hoisting eyelets on the cab roof enable the easy and rapid relocation of the machine between sites.

Automatic Swing Lock

Safe transportation of the machine is aided by the Cat automatic swing lock which locks the machines upper body in place when the control console is raised or the engine is stopped.

Work Tools

A variety of purpose designed work tools are available, including buckets, quick couplers, hammer and auger. All Cat tools are built to last and matched to your machine to deliver excellent value and optimize performance.

Auxiliary Hydraulics as Standard Fit

Machine is ‘ready to work.’ Hammer and two way lines complete with quick disconnect fittings are standard. Connections are located close to the tool to reduce hose lengths and any potential damage. Additional line options are available to further increase machine versatility. Stick and bucket cylinder hoses are protected by routing them through the boom.

Auxiliary Flow Control

Machines configured with proportional auxiliary hydraulics, include the ability to adjust the flow for even greater tool control. Especially useful with tools such as angling ditching buckets.

Thumb Ready Stick (North American Builds)

The 302.4D is configured with brackets and relief valves for simple and cost effective mounting of a hydraulic thumb.


Powerful operation and greater uptime.

Built Tough

The front end of the 302.4D is designed for hard work. Its rugged construction and protected hydraulics ensure that the machine is up to the toughest of jobs. Steel tubes, positioned above the boom supply the hydraulic fluid to the tools, ensuring protection from damage while keeping any maintenance quick and easy. Components have been located to ensure the best possible machine center of gravity and weight distribution and give operator confidence over a range of terrain and applications.

Dozer Float

Ground levelling and finishing applications are fast and easier with the dozer float function engaged making site clean-up much more efficient.

Dig Force

The 302.4D boasts high bucket and stick forces making it an impressive and productive excavator. The choice of two stick lengths allows the customer to configure his machine to deliver even higher stick forces or longer reach. You have the choice, we have the solution. All hydraulic functions are fully pilot operated, delivering effortless operation, reducing maintenance and lowering owner operating costs.

Productive Comfort

Large operator environment and ergonomic control layout.

The Cat 302.4D cab is amongst the largest in the industry. The flat cab floor optimizes visibility and increases operator leg room. The ergonomic control layout provides a comfortable, highly productive workspace. The large two-part front windscreen allows the driver to slide both lower and upper panes beneath the cab roof, so protecting them from damage when the front screen is wide open. This also negates the need to remove or store the bottom windscreen pane away separately.

100% Pilot Controls

All hydraulic functions are fully pilot operated, delivering effortless operation, reducing maintenance and lowering owner operating costs. ‘As new’ machine controllability is maintenance free without the need for adjustment of linkages or cables. Auxiliary and boom swing services are controlled by proportional switches mounted on the joysticks.

2 Way Canopy Access

Canopy builds allow the operator to enter and exit the operator station from both sides of the machine, helping to increase productivity and making working around site much easier.

Maintenance and Service

Easy access and minimal maintenance requirements keep you working.

Easy Maintenance and Service

All daily checks and regular service points, are easily accessed. A large steel rear door and removable panels allow room to efficiently work on the machine when required. The main hydraulic valve and lines are also easily reached through a removable floor plate and side panels. Durable steel body panels all round the machine offer good resistance to damage and are easily maintained to help keep the machine looking good and holding its value. Both side plates and the cab floor plate are easy to remove and provide unhindered access to all internal hydraulic components.

Unmatched support makes the difference

Your Cat dealer is ready to assist you with your purchase decision and everything after.
  • Financing packages are flexible to meet your needs
  • Unmatched parts availability keeps you working
  • Make comparisons of machines, with estimates of component life, preventative maintenance and cost of production
  • For more information on Cat products, dealer services and industry solutions, visit www.cat.com
  • Automatic swing park brake
    • Auxiliary quick disconnect couplers
      • Canopy - ROPS and TOPS protection
        • Dozer blade
          • Dozer float
            • Fixed undercarriage
              • Hammer/two way auxiliary hydraulic lines
                • Hydraulic oil cooler
                  • Maintenance free battery
                    • Retractable seat belt
                      • Rubber track 250 mm (10 in) wide
                        • Suspension seat, vinyl covered
                          • Travel pedals
                            • Working light mounted to boom
                              • Additional hydraulic circuit diverted from bucket cylinder
                                • Auto engine idle
                                  • Boom stick or dozer blade check valve
                                    • Cab, radio ready - ROPS and TOPS protection, heater/defroster and windscreen washer/wiper
                                      • Cab top guard to ISO 10262 (Level 1)
                                        • Cab/canopy lights
                                          • Joystick mounted proportional auxiliary control with flow control
                                            • Long stick
                                              • Mirror pack
                                                • Removable swing stop
                                                  • Second auxiliary lines
                                                    • Suspension seat, fabric covered

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