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Large Dozers

From large to small, mining to finishing work, you are certain to find a Cat® Dozer to match your needs. We offer several configurations and special custom packages to meet your specific needs.

D8R Track-Type Tractor

Caterpillar has been designing and building dozers for more than a century. The latest D8R builds on a long-standing reputation for reliable performance, and adds a new cab with features to help operators be more productive. The Cat D8R is designed to be durable, especially in challenging conditions like extreme heat and cold, sandy deserts and rocky terrain. It offers renowned versatility and productivity, along with ease of repair and service to keep the machine hard at work on your job site.

  • Specification Summary

  • Engine ModelCat® 3406C DITA
  • Flywheel Power226 kW
  • Bore137 mm
  • Stroke165 mm
  • Displacement14.6 L
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Product Details


Engine Model Cat® 3406C DITA
Flywheel Power 226 kW
Bore 137 mm
Stroke 165 mm
Displacement 14.6 L
Engine Power (Maximum) - ISO 14396 247 kW
Engine Power (Maximum) - ISO 14396 (DIN) 247 kW
Engine Power (Maximum) - SAE J1995 252 kW
Net Power (Maximum) - 80/1269/EEC 239 kW
Net Power (Maximum) - ISO 9249/SAE J1349 239 kW
Net Power (Maximum) - ISO 9249/SAE J1349 (DIN) 239 kW
Net Power (Rated at 2,100 rpm) - 80/1269/EEC 226 kW
Net Power (Rated at 2,100 rpm) - ISO 9249/SAE J1349 226 kW
Net Power (Rated at 2,100 rpm) - ISO 9249/SAE J1349 (DIN) 226 kW


Operating Weight 37557 kg
Operating Weight - LGP 37557 kg
Operating Weight - Standard 38192 kg
Shipping Weight - LGP 35562 kg
Shipping Weight - Standard 38374 kg


1.0 Forward 3.5 km/h
1.0 Reverse 4.7 km/h
2.0 Forward 6.2 km/h
2.0 Reverse 8.1 km/h
3.0 Forward 10.8 km/h
3.0 Reverse 13.9 km/h

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 625 L
Cooling System 92 L
Power Train 144 L
Final Drives (each) 13.5 L
Engine Crankcase 32.5 L
Hydraulic Tank 72 L
Pivot Shaft 40 L

Hydraulic Controls

Lift Cylinder Flow 325 L/min
Tilt Cylinder Flow 170 L/min
Pump Capacity at 7000 kPa
Pump Output 239 L/min
Pump Type - Implements Variable Displacement Piston
RPM at Rated Engine Speed 2100 RPM
Ripper Cylinder Flow 190 L/min


ROPS/FOPS Integrated ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) offered by Caterpillar for the machine meets ROPS criteria ISO 3471:2008
Cab Meets the appropriate standards
Brakes Brakes meet the standard ISO 10265:2008

Undercarriage - LGP

Ground Clearance 613 mm
Ground Contact Area 6.19 m2
Ground Pressure (ISO 16754) 50.7 kPa
Grouser Height 78 mm
Length of Track on Ground 3206 mm
Pitch 216 mm
Shoe Type Moderate Service
Shoes/Side 44
Track Gauge 2337 mm
Track Rollers per Side 8
Width of Shoe 965 mm


Maximum Penetration 1
Maximum Penetration 4085 mm
Maximum Penetration Force 127.4 kN
Maximum Penetration Force 1135 kN
Number of Pockets 3
Number of Pockets 222.8
Overall Beam Width 4877 mm
Pryout Force 2464 kN
Pryout Force 780 kN
Type 227.9
Type 124.2


A - Blade Capacity 4.70 m3
A - Blade Width 4978 mm
SU LGP - Blade Capacity 8.50 m3
SU LGP - Blade Width 4400 mm
SU - Blade Capacity 8.70 m3
SU - Blade Width 3937 mm
U - Blade Capacity 11.70 m3
U - Blade Width 4262 mm

Undercarriage - Standard

Ground Clearance 613 mm
Ground Contact Area 3.91 m2
Ground Pressure (ISO 16754) 95.1 kPa
Grouser Height 78 mm
Length of Track on Ground 3206 mm
Pitch 216 mm
Shoe Type Moderate Service
Shoes/Side 44
Track Gauge 2083 mm
Track Rollers per Side 8
Width of Shoe 610 mm

Hydraulic Controls - Main Relief Valve

Pressure Setting 24100 kPa

Hydraulic Controls - Maximum Operating Pressure

Bulldozer, Lift 24100 kPa
Bulldozer, Tilt 24100 kPa
Ripper, Lift 24100 kPa
Ripper, Tilt 24100 kPa
Steering 38000 kPa

Operator Environment

Comfort and productivity

An updated cab, with an Integrated Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS), gives operators greater all around visibility to enhance safety and productivity. It offers a quieter interior, with improved pressurization to help keep dust out for a cleaner operating environment. The redesigned instrument panel is easy to read, showing fuel level and engine RPM, as well as temperature levels for power train oil, hydraulic oil and engine coolant. The Cat Electronic Monitoring System keeps the operator informed about machine operating conditions. Three-level alert indicators monitor coolant flow, coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, transmission oil temperature, alternator low voltage and transmission/hydraulic oil filter restriction.

Implement and Steering Controls

All D8R controls are ergonomically designed for low-effort and ease of operation.
  • The operator uses a single handle control to perform all direction and gear selection for ease of operation. The tiller bar control allows the operator to work more precisely in close areas around structures, grade stakes and other machines.
  • New pilot hydraulic implement controls reduce operator effort and offer more consistent, precise and responsive operation.

Power and Performance

Built to get the job done


A powerful Cat 3406 diesel engine allows the D8R to doze through tough material. This field proven mechanical engine also features a modular design for ease of service.

Differential Steering

Differential Steering maintains full power to both tracks for best-in-class turning, even with a full blade load. When one track speeds up, the other slows down an equal amount, so you have better maneuverability and faster cycle times. You also get better load capacity, power and speed control in soft conditions because both tracks are powered during turns.

Planetary Power Shift Transmission

The proven mechanical transmission features three speeds forward and three speeds reverse. Large diameter, high capacity, oil-cooled clutches provide higher torque capacity and increase service life. Modular components offer easy service access.

Load Sensing Hydraulics

Field-proven system senses the load and continuously adjusts hydraulic power to maximize your efficiency. A dedicated implement pump ensures adequate available hydraulic power.

Torque Divider

A single stage torque divider sends 70 percent of engine torque through a converter and the other 30 percent through a direct drive shaft so you get more power to the ground.

Cooling System

The Advanced Modular Cooling System has excellent cooling capacity with increased air flow, allowing the machine to work in the most demanding environments. Two-pass cooling increases the relevant surface area for maximum cooling capacity. Individual radiator cores can be quickly replaced for ease of service.

Equipped for the Job

Tough from the inside out


The foundation of every Cat dozer is a rugged mainframe built to absorb high impact shock loads and twisting forces. Castings add strength to the main case and equalizer bar saddle. The pivot shaft runs through the mainframe and connects the roller frame for independent oscillation. This provides strength, and allows the machine to better follow ground contours for maximum traction and operator comfort. The D8R features the tag-link design to mount the blade closer to the machine for excellent maneuverability, balance and blade penetration. The tag-link provides solid lateral stability and eliminates the need for diagonal bracing.


High tensile strength steel, with a strong box-section design, stands up to the most severe applications. Heavy moldboard construction and hardened bolt-on cutting edges and end bits add strength and durability. Optional rock guards and deflector shields help protect cylinders. High-Capacity Universal, Semi-Universal and Angle Blades are available, as well as special blades for landfill applications. Optional Dual Tilt improves load control and allows the operator to optimize the blade pitch angle for better balance and productivity. Tilt the blade forward for better penetration, then tilt back to increase carrying capacity.

Rear Implements

Single and multi-shank adjustable parallelogram rippers are made to penetrate tough material fast and rip thoroughly for use in a variety of materials. Single-Shank ripper depth can be adjusted from the seat using an optional pin puller. An optional push block provides additional weight when needed for tougher conditions. Multi-Shank rippers tailor the tractor to the material by using one, two or three shanks. Rear counterweights optimize balance for backing up steep slopes or increasing performance in heavy dozing applications. The D8R can also be outfitted with a winch. Please see your Cat dealer for available options to suit your applications.


The elevated sprocket design helps protect major components from harsh impacts and provides a modular design for convenient service. A fully suspended undercarriage provides more ground contact, especially in hard, uneven terrain. Greater traction means less slippage, better balance and a smoother ride. An optional non-suspended undercarriage is available for working in low to moderate impact abrasive conditions. Sealed and Lubricated Track is standard on the D8R. The Cat Positive Pin Retention system is designed for high-impact and high load applications. The exclusive Caterpillar design locks the link to the pin to ensure internal lubrication between track pin and bushing is maintained. Lifetime lubricated idlers and track/carrier rollers provide the ability to re-use internal components and rebuild or reshell components for reduced owning and operating costs.

Serviceability and Customer Support

When uptime counts

Ease of Service

Simple mechanical systems support easy maintenance. Engine, cooling system, power train and undercarriage components are modular, designed for easy repair or maintenance access. The D8R is designed to make daily inspections and routine maintenance more convenient. Service points are grouped and ground-level sight gauges let you inspect fluid levels at a glance. Optional fast-fill fuel and engine oil attachments help you get back to work more quickly.

Renowned Cat Dealer Support

Knowledgeable Cat dealers have a global reputation for providing outstanding sales and service. When you need repairs, Cat dealers and our unmatched Caterpillar distribution network excel at getting you the right parts you need quickly. Maximize your equipment investment with a Customer Support Agreement tailored to meet your business needs. Take advantage of preventive maintenance programs like Custom Track Service, Scheduled Oil Sampling (S?O?SSM) analysis, and guaranteed maintenance contracts. Cat dealers can even help you with operator training to help boost your profits. Your Cat dealer can also help you maximize your equipment investment with services like Cat Reman parts and Cat Certified Rebuilds. Remanufactured parts offer you the same warranty and reliability as new parts at a fraction of the cost. A Certified Rebuild gives a “second life” for your machine, incorporating the latest engineering updates so you end up with a like-new dozer and a new machine warranty. Caterpillar strives to provide customers the lowest owning and operating costs over the life of their machine.

Product Link™*/VisionLink®

Product Link is deeply integrated into your machine. Easy access to timely information like machine location, hours and event codes via the online VisionLink user interface can help you manage your fleet and reduce operating costs. *Product Link not available in all areas. Please consult your Cat dealer.

Cat EMSolutions (Equipment Management Solutions)

EMSolutions lets you take control of your fleet with a solution specific to your equipment management needs. Comprehensive, technology-enabled equipment management – combined with the knowledge and expertise of your Cat dealer – can provide ways to help you achieve gains that go straight to your bottom line.
  • Improve availability
  • Reduce owning and operating costs
  • Streamline maintenance practices
  • Maximize equipment life
  • Increase resale value
Consisting of five levels of support, from remote access to equipment data to complete, proactive management of your fleet, EMSolutions allows you to choose the amount of support that’s right for you.

Special Arrangements

Purpose-built for performance

D8R Desert Arrangement

Caterpillar offers a package of options ideally suited to enhance machine performance in extremely sandy or abrasive underfoot conditions.
  • Copper nickel core radiator for added cooling performance.
  • Specially coated fan and radiator help resist abrasion.
  • Core protection grid.
  • Sealed bottom guard and added seals to help keep fine abrasive particles out of components.
  • Optional wear plates can be replaced to give you longer blade life when working in abrasive conditions.

D8R WH (Waste Handler)

Whether building or closing cells, pushing trash or spreading cover, the D8R WH is designed and built from the frame up to take on the unique challenges of landfill work.
  • Specialized guarding, striker bars and seals help protect the machine from impact and airborne debris.
  • Bottom and Final Drive guarding help prevent debris from wrapping around or damaging vital components.
  • The cooling system is designed for high debris environments, with easy access for cleanout.
  • Lights are mounted up and away from main debris area for protection, while still giving you plenty of light on the work area.
  • Specialized air intake precleaner helps deliver cleaner air to the machine.
  • Landfill blades and trapezoidal-hole track shoes help you optimize your waste handler for the job.
    •  75 amp alternator
    •  Back-up alarm
    •  Forward warning horn
  • 75 amp alternator
    • Back-up alarm
      • Forward warning horn
          •  EMS (Electronic Monitoring System) with temperature gauges
          •  Fuel level gauge
          •  Retractable seat belt (76 mm/3 in)
          •  Rearview mirror
        • EMS (Electronic Monitoring System) with temperature gauges
          • Fuel level gauge
            • Retractable seat belt (76 mm/3 in)
              • Rearview mirror
                • POWER TRAIN
                  •  Decelerator
                  •  Engine doors
                  •  Fuel priming pump
                  •  Muffler
                  •  Prescreener
                  •  Torque divider
                  •  Powershift transmission (3-speed)
                • Decelerator
                  • Engine doors
                    • Fuel priming pump
                      • Muffler
                        • Prescreener
                          • Torque divider
                            • Powershift transmission (3-speed)
                              • UNDERCARRIAGE
                                •  8-roller tubular track roller frame
                                •  Hydraulic track adjusters
                                •  Track guides
                              • OTHER STANDARD EQUIPMENT
                                •  Differential steering with dual-twist tiller control
                                •  Independent steering and implement
                                •  Hydraulic oil cooler
                                •  Hydraulic valve – for blade and ripper
                                •  Mounting, lift cylinder
                                •  Blade lift cylinder – left hand
                                •  Blade lift cylinder – right hand
                              • Differential steering with dual-twist tiller control
                                • Independent steering and implement
                                  • Hydraulic oil cooler
                                    • Hydraulic valve – for blade and ripper
                                      • Mounting, lift cylinder
                                        • Blade lift cylinder – left hand
                                          • Blade lift cylinder – right hand
                                            • TRACTOR ARRANGEMENTS
                                              •  Standard
                                              •  LGP
                                              •  Desert Arrangement
                                              •  Waste Handler Arrangement
                                            • TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS
                                              •  Product Link – PL321
                                              •  Product Link – PL522
                                            • POWER TRAIN
                                              •  Engine with thermal shield
                                              •  High speed oil change
                                            • STARTING AIDS
                                              •  Ether aid
                                              •  Heater, diesel fuel
                                              •  Heather, engine 240V
                                              •  System, prelube
                                            • AIR PRECLEANER
                                              •  Precleaner: – Standard – Turbine – Turbine with screen
                                            • Precleaner: – Standard – Turbine – Turbine with screen
                                              • ENGINE COOLER
                                                •  Radiator: – AMOCS – AMOCS, high ambient and abrasion resistant – AMOCS, debris resistant – Debris and abrasion resistant
                                              • Radiator: – AMOCS – AMOCS, high ambient and abrasion resistant – AMOCS, debris resistant – Debris and abrasion resistant
                                                • FAN SPEED RATIO
                                                  •  Fan drive: – Standard – Speed increase (high ambient) – Speed decrease
                                                • Fan drive: – Standard – Speed increase (high ambient) – Speed decrease
                                                  • OPERATOR STATION
                                                    •  Integrated ROPS open canopy
                                                    •  Integrated ROPS enclosed cab
                                                    •  Vinyl or cloth covered suspension seats
                                                    •  Rear screen guards
                                                  • GUARDS
                                                    •  Fuel tank
                                                    •  Heavy-duty radiator
                                                    •  Sweeps
                                                  • Fuel tank
                                                    • Heavy-duty radiator
                                                      • Sweeps
                                                        • ELECTRICAL
                                                          •  Lighting options of 4, 6, 8 or 10
                                                        • REAR ATTACHMENTS
                                                          •  Drawbar
                                                          •  Counterweight
                                                          •  Rippers: – Multi-shank – Single shank
                                                        • BULLDOZER
                                                          •  Semi-Universal blade
                                                          •  Universal blade
                                                          •  Angle blade
                                                        • Semi-Universal blade
                                                          • Universal blade
                                                            • Angle blade
                                                              • COOLING FAN
                                                                •  Fan, blower: – Standard – Coated – Ejector – Reversible
                                                              • FUEL REFILL SYSTEM
                                                                •  Cover, fuel tank
                                                                •  Adapter, fast fuel
                                                              • Cover, fuel tank
                                                                • Adapter, fast fuel
                                                                  • FINAL DRIVE
                                                                    •  Standard
                                                                    •  Standard, guarded
                                                                    •  LGP
                                                                    •  LGP, guarded
                                                                    •  Standard, arctic
                                                                  • UNDERCARRIAGE
                                                                    •  Basic, suspended
                                                                    •  Positive pin retention: – Guarded – Arctic – Non-suspended
                                                                    •  Non-suspended, guarded
                                                                  • CARRIER ROLLER
                                                                    •  No carrier roller, suspended
                                                                    •  Carrier roller, suspended
                                                                    •  Carrier rollers: – Suspended, arctic – Non-suspended – Non-suspended, arctic
                                                                  • POSITIVE PIN RETENTION TRACK
                                                                    •  Track pairs: – Extreme service (44 sections) (560 mm/22 in; 560 mm/22 in, trapezoidal; 560 mm/22, steel mill; 610 mm/24 in; 610 mm/24 in, trapezoidal; 610 mm/24 in, chopping; 660 mm/16 in; 660 mm/26 in, trapezoidal; 710 mm/28 in; 710 mm/28 in, trapez
                                                                  • Track pairs: – Extreme service (44 sections) (560 mm/22 in; 560 mm/22 in, trapezoidal; 560 mm/22, steel mill; 610 mm/24 in; 610 mm/24 in, trapezoidal; 610 mm/24 in, chopping; 660 mm/16 in; 660 mm/26 in, trapezoidal; 710 mm/28 in; 710 mm/28 in, trapez
                                                                    • HYDRAULICS
                                                                      •  Bulldozer tilt hydraulics: – Hydraulic, single tilt – Hydraulic, dual tilt
                                                                      •  Lubricant: – Standard – High ambient – Arctic
                                                                    • Bulldozer tilt hydraulics: – Hydraulic, single tilt – Hydraulic, dual tilt
                                                                      • Lubricant: – Standard – High ambient – Arctic
                                                                        • ELECTRICAL
                                                                          •  Batteries: – Standard – Heavy duty
                                                                          •  Lights: – Four – Six – Ten – Eight (sweeps) – Eight (sweeps and rear screen) – Ten (ROPS A/C)
                                                                        • OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT
                                                                          •  Operator station: – Canopy – Cab (Standard; Arctic)
                                                                          •  Air conditioner: – No air conditioner – Air conditioner (Under hood; ROPS mounted)
                                                                          •  Seat: – Vinyl – Cloth – Cloth, air suspension
                                                                        • GUARDS
                                                                          •  Guards: – Bottom, heavy duty – Bottom, heavy duty, sealed
                                                                          •  Grid, radiator core protector
                                                                          •  Screen group: – Rear – Rear (canopy)
                                                                          •  Guard: – Fuel tank – Rear transmission
                                                                          •  Striker bars: – Front (suspended) – Front (non-suspended)
                                                                        • REAR ATTACHMENTS
                                                                          •  Drawbar, rear, rigid
                                                                          •  Ripper: – Single shank – Single shank, pin puller – Single shank, push block – Multi-shank
                                                                          •  Counterweight, rear
                                                                          •  Ripper single shank with striker bar
                                                                          •  Ripper single shank pin and striker bar
                                                                          •  Ripper multi shank with striker bars
                                                                          •  Ripper single shank with push block and pin puller
                                                                          •  Striker bar, rear
                                                                          •  No rear attachment
                                                                        • Drawbar, rear, rigid
                                                                          • Ripper: – Single shank – Single shank, pin puller – Single shank, push block – Multi-shank
                                                                            • Counterweight, rear
                                                                              • Ripper single shank with striker bar
                                                                                • Ripper single shank pin and striker bar
                                                                                  • Ripper multi shank with striker bars
                                                                                    • Ripper single shank with push block and pin puller
                                                                                      • Striker bar, rear
                                                                                        • No rear attachment
                                                                                          • OTHER ATTACHMENTS
                                                                                            •  Counterweight: – Drawbar – Additional
                                                                                            •  Fast oil change system
                                                                                            •  Paint, black hood and cylinders
                                                                                          • PUSH ARMS
                                                                                            •  Bulldozer: – Push arm, single – Push arm, dual tilt
                                                                                          • BLADES
                                                                                            •  8SU: – 8SU, with rock guard and wear plate – 8SU push plate – 8SU landfill wear plate – 8SU LGP – 8SU LGP landfill
                                                                                            •  8U: – 8U rock guard/wear plate – 8U landfill wear plate
                                                                                            •  8A
                                                                                          • 8SU: – 8SU, with rock guard and wear plate – 8SU push plate – 8SU landfill wear plate – 8SU LGP – 8SU LGP landfill
                                                                                            • 8U: – 8U rock guard/wear plate – 8U landfill wear plate
                                                                                              • 8A
                                                                                                • GROUND ENGAGING TOOLS
                                                                                                  •  Tooth: – Multi-shank – Single shank – Single shank, deep ripping

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