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Medium Dozers(Non Current)

From large to small, mining to finishing work, you are certain to find a Cat® Dozer to match your needs. We offer several configurations and special custom packages to meet your specific needs.

D6R XL Series II Track-Type Tractor

The D6R XL adds the versatility of the Power Angle/Tilt Blade to the heavy duty performance of the D6R XL.

  • Specification Summary

  • Engine Model3306T
  • Flywheel Power130 kW
  • Flywheel Power - Power Shift130 kW
  • Operating Weight22072 kg
  • Operating Weight Power Shift22072 kg

Product Details


Engine Model 3306T
Flywheel Power 130 kW
Flywheel Power - Power Shift 130 kW


Operating Weight 22072 kg
Operating Weight Power Shift 22072 kg


Blade Type PAT
VPAT-Blade Width 4.08 m


Ground Clearance 538 mm
Track Gauge 2.16 mm
Track on Ground 3080 mm
Track Rollers/Side 7


Height 2410 mm
Height ROPS/Canopy 3140 mm
Overall Length Basic Tractor (with Drawbar) 4.15 mm
Overall Length with Blade 5.37 m


The factory-installed Power, Angle, and Tilt (PAT) Blade offers the operator more versatility in medium dozing and grading applications.


The D6R XL with a PAT Blade is a perfect match for finish and rough grading, medium duty dozing, windrowing, backfilling, V-ditching, and slope work.


The D6R XL and D6R IG Track-Type Tractor equipped with a PAT Blade offer the versatility to angle the blade 25 degrees for angle dozing applications. The tilting function of the PAT Blade offers the versatility for V-ditching applications.


The D6R XL arrangement with the PAT Blade delivers unmatched performance in general dozing applications.


The Power, Angle and Tilt Blade arrangement for the D6R XL is designed for optimal use with a ripper, winch or counterweight and XL track shoes.

"Call Back Option available only for UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar."

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