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Large Dozers(Non Current)

From large to small, mining to finishing work, you are certain to find a Cat® Dozer to match your needs. We offer several configurations and special custom packages to meet your specific needs.

D10T Track-Type Tractor

Strength from the past. Power for the future.™ The D10T combines power and efficiency with advanced technology for outstanding production at a lower cost-per-yard. Engineered for demanding work. The durable construction of the D10T is well suited for tough working conditions. Combined with the C27 engine for superior performance, fuel economy and meeting emission targets with the help of ACERT Technology, it keeps material moving with the reliability and low operating costs you expect from Cat tractors.

  • Specification Summary

  • Engine ModelCat® C27 ACERT™
  • Flywheel Power433.0 kW
  • Bore137.2 mm
  • Stroke152.4 mm
  • Displacement27.0 L
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Product Details


Engine Model Cat® C27 ACERT™
Flywheel Power 433.0 kW
Bore 137.2 mm
Stroke 152.4 mm
Displacement 27.0 L
Gross Power SAE J1995 482.0 kW
Gross Power - ISO 14396 471.0 kW
Net Power 80/1269/EEC 433.0 kW
Net Power SAE J1349/ ISO9249 433.0 kW
Net Power - SAE J1349/ISO 9249 Min Fan 450.0 kW


Operating Weight 66451.0 kg
Shipping Weight 48263.0 kg


Shoe Type Extreme Service
Width of Shoe 610.0 mm
Shoes/Side 44
Grouser Height 93.0 mm
Pitch 260.0 mm
Ground Clearance 615.0 mm
Track Gauge 2550.0 mm
Length of Track on Ground 3885.0 mm
Ground Contact Area 4.7 m2
Track Rollers/Side 8
Number of Carrier Rollers 1 per side (optional)


1 Forward 4.0 km/h
2 Forward 7.2 km/h
3 Forward 12.7 km/h
1 Reverse 5.2 km/h
2 Reverse 9.0 km/h
3 Reverse 15.8 km/h
1 Forward - Drawbar Pull (1000) 1000.9 N
2 Forward - Drawbar Pull (1000) 556.0 N
3 Forward - Drawbar Pull (1000) 306.9 N

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 1204.0 L
Cooling System 151.0 L
Engine Crankcase* 76.0 L
Power Train 193.0 L
Final Drives (each) 23.0 L
Roller Frames (each) 64.0 L
Pivot Shaft Compartment 33.0 L

Hydraulic Controls

Pump Type Gear
Lift Cylinder Flow 404.0 L/min
Tilt Cylinder Flow 112.0 L/min
Bulldozer Relief Valve Setting 18790.0 kPa
Tilt Cylinder Relief Valve Setting 20340.0 kPa
Ripper (Lift) Relief Valve Setting 18790.0 kPa
Ripper (Pitch) Relief Valve Setting 18790.0 kPa
Tank Capacity 144.0 L


Winch Model Consult your Cat Dealer for installation arrangements.

Steering and Brakes

Hydraulically applied multiple-disk clutches diameter 392.0 mm


Type 10SU
Capacity (SAE J1265) 18.5 m3
Width (over end bits) 4860.0 mm
Height 2120.0 mm
Digging Depth 674.0 mm
Ground Clearance 1497.0 mm
Maximum Tilt 993.0 mm
Weight* (without hydraulic controls) 10229.0 kg
Total Operating Weight** (with Blade and Single-Shank Ripper) 66451.0 kg
Type 10U
Capacity (SAE J1265) 22.0 m3
Width (over end bits) 5260.0 mm
Height 2120.0 mm
Digging Depth 674.0 mm
Ground Clearance 1497.0 mm
Maximum Tilt 1074.0 mm
Weight* (without hydraulic controls) 10784.0 kg
Total Operating Weight** (with Blade and Single-Shank Ripper) 67006.0 kg


Ground Clearance 664.0 mm
Track Gauge 2.5 m
Width without Trunnions (Standard Shoe) 3292.0 mm
Height (FOPS Cab) 4098.0 mm
Height (Top of Stack) 4505.0 mm
Drawbar Height (Center of Clevis) 864.0 mm
Length of Track on Ground 3872.0 mm
Overall Length Basic Tractor 5339.0 mm
Length Basic Tractor with Winch 5545.0 mm
Length with Single-Shank Ripper 7081.0 mm
Length with Multi-Shank Ripper 7241.0 mm
Overall Length (SU-Blade/SS Ripper) 9158.0 mm


Type Single-Shank, Adjustable Parallelogram
Added Length 1760.0 mm
Number of Pockets 1
Maximum Clearance Raised (under tip, pinned in bottom hole) 1058.0 mm
Maximum Penetration (standard tip) 1494.0 mm
Maximum Penetration Force (shank vertical) 205.0 kN
Pry out Force 415.3 kN
Weight (without hydraulic controls) 7117.0 kg
Total Operating Weight* (with SU-Blade and Ripper) 66451.0 kg
Type Multi-Shank, Adjustable Parallelogram
Number of Pockets 3
Added Length 1760.0 mm
Overall Beam Width 2920.0 mm
Maximum Clearance Raised (under tip, pinned in bottom hole) 1045.0 mm
Maximum Penetration (standard tip) 876.0 mm
Maximum Penetration Force (shank vertical) 205.0 kN
Pry out Force (Multi-Shank Ripper with one tooth) 415.3 kN
Weight (one shank, without hydraulic controls) 7968.0 kg
Additional Shank 526.2 kg
Total Operating Weight** (with SU-Blade and Ripper) 67302.0 kg

Track Roller Frame

Oscillation 351.0 mm

C27 Engine with ACERT™ Technology

Optimizes engine performance and meets emission regulations.


Performing at full-rated net power of 433 kW (580 hp) at 1800 rpm with a torque rise of 21 percent, the D10T can doze through the toughest material. Matched to the high efficiency torque divider and electronically controlled power shift transmission, it will provide years of reliability.

ADEM™ A4 Engine Controller

The ADEM A4 electronic control module manages fuel delivery and airflow to get the best performance per liter (gallon) of fuel used. It provides flexible fuel mapping, allowing the engine to respond quickly to varying application needs.

MEUI Fuel System

Through the use of multiple injection fuel delivery, combustion chamber temperatures are lower, generating fewer emissions and optimized fuel efficiency. This is accomplished with the MEUI fuel system, which strikes the proper balance between the precision of the electronic control system and the simplicity of mechanically controlled unit fuel injectors. The result is more productivity and lower fuel consumption.

Air-to-Air Aftercooling

Air-to-air aftercooling provides cooled compressed air to the engine intake manifold, thus reducing emissions and maximizing fuel efficiency.

Overhead Cams

Two, single overhead cams are driven by gears on the flywheel end of the engine. Placing them on the flywheel end significantly reduces noise and vibration. To reduce wear, two pendulum absorbers are mounted at the front of the camshafts. Together, these features contribute to the long-life and durability of this engine.


Easier maintenance and repair through monitoring key functions and logging critical indicators. Electronic diagnostic access is possible with the Cat Electronic Technician.

Operator Station

Designed for operator comfort, convenience, and productivity.

Operator Controls

Power train and implement controls are conveniently placed for low operator fatigue and ease of control.

Cat Monitoring Display System

The combination dash mounted instrument cluster and the Advisor Monitoring System provide key machine operating information and give the operator and service technician insight into the machine's operation and maintenance needs.

Wide Panoramic View

A large view hole in the single-shank ripper frame provides a view of the ripper tip. The tapered hood, notched fuel tank, and narrow ripper carriage gives the operator a clear line of sight to the front and rear work areas. The single-pane door windows provide an excellent view to the sides and blade.

Fuse Panel and Diagnostic Access

The new compartment features a single location fuse panel that includes a diagnostic port for the Cat ET to connect for rapid machine diagnostics.

Comfortable Operation

Standard isolation-mounted cab reduces noise and vibration. The Cat Comfort Series Seat is fully adjustable and designed for comfort and support. Conveniently located air circulation vents evenly distribute airflow within the cab. Optional air conditioning available.

Implement and Steering Controls

Reduced operator fatigue for increased performance.

Dozer Control Lever

A low-effort, electronic dozer control handle gives the operator control of all dozer functions with one hand. Fore/aft movement of the lever lowers and raises the blade. Left/right movement directionally tilts the blade. The thumb lever at the top of the handle controls blade pitch fore and aft. The trigger switch toggles between single and dual tilt. Blade response and blade float can be set/adjusted using the Advisor Panel. The left and right side thumb buttons provide control over the semi-automated blade pitch functions (load, carry, and spread) that the dual tilt attachment provides. The two buttons also provide control over the AccuGrade™ blade control attachment when the machine is so equipped. The buttons turn on AccuGrade, provide manual increment and decrement control, and turn off AccuGrade.

Electronic Ripper Control

A rigidly mounted handgrip provides firm support for the operator even when ripping in the roughest terrain. The low effort thumb lever controls raising and lowering. The finger lever controls shank-in and shank-out positioning. Programmable features, such as Auto Lift, Shank-out, and Auto Stow, increase efficiency for the operator.

Finger Tip Controls (FTC)

Clustered for easy, one-hand operation to the operator's left. They control steering, machine direction and gear selection.

AutoCarry (optional)

AutoCarry provides automatic blade control during the carry segment of dozing cycle. It is intended to enhance the operator's productivity in high production earthmoving with carry distances over 30.5 m (100 ft).

Computer Aided Earthmoving System (CAES) (optional)

This on-board electronic site plan directs machine operators, in real-time, where to cut and fill. A graphical map of the design plan and a view of the machine’s horizontal and vertical position simplify operation and enhance production. This advanced information tool combines GPS technology (centimeter-level) and in-cab computing capabilities for precise grade and slope control. Ideal applications include benches, roads, leach pads, dump areas, and reclamation sites.

AccuGrade (optional)

Automated blade control system that allows operators to grade with increased accuracy. Machine-mounted sensors are used to calculate precise blade slope and elevation.

Drive Train

Provides maximum efficiency in combination with the C27 engine.

Torque Divider

A single-stage torque converter with output torque divider sends 75 percent of engine torque through the converter and 25 percent through a direct drive shaft for greater driveline efficiency and higher torque multiplication. The torque converter shields the driveline from sudden torque shocks and vibration.

Planetary Power Shift Transmission

Three speeds forward and three speeds reverse, utilizing large diameter, high-capacity, oil-cooled clutches.
  • Modulation system permits fast speed and direction changes.
  • Modular transmission and bevel gear slide into rear case for servicing ease, even with ripper installed.
  • Oil-to-water cooler for maximum cooling capacity.
  • Forced oil flow lubricates and cools clutch packs to provide maximum clutch life.

Electronic Clutch Pressure Control

Provides smoother shifting by modulating individual clutches.

Steering Clutch and Brake

Fade resistant and adjustment free. The multi-disc, oil-cooled steering clutches are hydraulically applied and electronically controlled. The brakes are applied by springs and hydraulically released for safe and reliable braking performance.

Drawbar Pull vs. Ground Speed

As loads on the tractor increase, the D10T offers unmatched lugging capability and smooth shifting as the need occurs to change gears under varying loads. The 3-speed forward, 3-speed reverse transmission offers excellent runout speeds.

Elevated Final Drives

Isolated from ground and equipment induced impact loads for extended power train life. Crown-shaved drive gears provide smooth, quiet, low maintenance operation. Splash lubrication and Duo-Cone™ Seals extend service life.

Modular Power Train

The modular power train design permits quick removal and installation of major components such as the engine, transmission and final drives.


Designed for optimized machine balance and the best performance.

Suspended Undercarriage Design

Absorbs impact loads, to reduce the shock loads transferred to the undercarriage, by up to 50%.

Bogie Suspension

Bogie suspension conforms closely to the ground providing up to 15 percent more ground contact, especially in uneven terrain. Higher traction means less slippage, better balance, and a smoother ride.

Integrated Carrier Roller Mount

The carrier roller mount is cast into the track roller frame making it easier to add the optional carrier roller in the field, if conditions require it.

Rollers and Idlers

Feature symmetric Duo-Cone seals for long sealing life to prevent oil loss and dirt entry. Toric rings maintain performance over a wide range of temperatures.

Roller Frames

Roller frames are tubular to resist bending and twisting, with added reinforcement.

Positive Pin Retention (PPR) Sealed and Lubricated Track

Designed for high-impact and high load applications, the Caterpillar design locks the link to the pin.

Sprocket Segments

Made exclusively of Cat Tough Steel™ for longer wear life and precision machined for fit.

Track Shoes

Track shoes are available in a variety of sizes and styles to match the working conditions.


Engineered for maximum production and service life.

Mainframe Strength

The D10T mainframe is built to absorb high impact shock loads and twisting forces.

Frame Rails

Full box section, designed to keep components rigidly aligned.

Heavy Steel Castings

Add strength to the main case, equalizer bar saddle, front cross member and tag-link trunnion.

Top and Bottom Rails

Continuous rolled sections, with no machining or welding, to provide superior mainframe durability.

Main Case

Elevates the final drives well above the ground level work area to protect them from impact loads, abrasion and contaminants.

Pivot Shaft

The D10T pivot shaft runs through the mainframe and connects to the roller frames, allowing independent oscillation. The full-length pivot shaft distributes impact loads throughout the case, reducing the bending stress on the case.

Equalizer Bar

The equalizer bar features limited slip seals and an oil-lubricated joint for better oil flow. Remote lube passages simplify maintenance. Large forged pads reduce wear on the mainframe and extend sealed joint life.

Engine and Radiator Guard Mount

The new fabricated common front engine and rear radiator mount feature heavy castings.


The Tag-Link brings the blade closer to the machine for more precise dozing and load control. The Tag-Link design provides solid lateral stability and better cylinder positions for constant break out force, independent of blade height.

Work Tools

Provide the flexibility to match the machine to the job.


All blades feature a strong box-section design that resists twisting and cracking. Blades are made of Cat DH-2™ steel that has high tensile strength and stands up to the most severe applications. Heavy moldboard construction and hardened bolt-on cutting edges and end bits add strength and durability.
  • Semi-Universal Blade - Built for tough applications where penetration is important.
  • High-Capacity Universal Blade - Maximizes capacity for moving big loads over long distances.
  • Optional Dual Tilt - Allows the operator to optimize the blade pitch angle.
  • Cutting Edges and End Bits - Cutting edges are made of DH-2 steel. End bits are made of DH-3 steel for maximum service life.
  • Cat Work Tools offer a range of special application blades.


  • Multi-Shank Ripper - Tailors the tractor to the material by using one, two or three shanks.
  • Single-Shank Ripper - Operator can adjust the shank depth from the seat using an optional single-shank pin puller. Large one-piece shank is available in deep ripping configuration.

Rear Counterweights

Provide proper tractor balance to maximize dozing production. Recommended if not equipped with any other rear attachment.


Several options are available. Contact your Cat Dealer.


The most serviceable machines from the most committed dealers.


Minimizes maintenance and repair downtime. New sight gauges, filter locations, improved access to oil and coolant sampling ports, and an engine compartment mounted work lamp, make daily and periodic service faster and easier. Equipped with a dozer and ripper, there are only 18 lube points.

Engine Oil Filters

Engine oil filters are located on the engine for easy servicing access and minimal downtime. Further time is saved with fast fuel and quick oil change attachments.

Quick Disconnect Fittings

Allow for fast diagnosis of the power train, hydraulics and attachment oil systems.

S•O•SSM Analysis

Scheduled Oil Sampling made easier through live sampling ports for the engine oil, hydraulics and coolant.

Cat Product Link

Product Link allows the customer or dealer to obtain machine diagnostics and location information from their offices. It provides updates on service meter hours, machine condition and machine location, as well as integrated mapping/route planning. Built-in flexibility allows for future technology development.

Customer Support

The Cat Dealer network keeps your fleet up and running.

Machine Selection

Make detailed comparisons of the machines you are considering before you buy. How long do components last? What is the cost of preventive maintenance? What is the true cost of lost production? Your Cat Dealer can give you answers to these very important questions.


Consider the financing options available as well as day-to-day operating costs. This is also the time to look at dealer services that can be included in the cost of the machine to yield lower equipment owning and operating costs over the long run.

Product Support

Plan for effective maintenance before buying equipment. Choose from your dealer’s wide range of maintenance services at the time you purchase your machine. Programs such as Custom Track Service (CTS), S•O•S analysis, Technical Analysis and guaranteed maintenance contracts give peak life and performance to your machine.

Parts Program

You will find nearly all parts at your dealer parts counter. Cat Dealers use a world-wide computer network to find in-stock parts to minimize machine downtime. Ask about your Cat Dealer’s exchange program for major components. This can shorten repair time and lower costs.

Remanufactured Components

Genuine Cat Remanufactured parts save you money. You receive the same warranty and reliability as new products at cost savings of 40 to 70 percent. Components are available for the drive train, engine, and hydraulics.


Improving operating techniques can boost your profits. Your Cat Dealer has training videotapes, literature, and other ideas to help you increase productivity.
    •  Alternator, 95-amp
    •  Back-up alarm
    •  Batteries, 12-volt (2), 200 amp-hour, maintenance free
    •  Converter, 12-volt, 10-amp
    •  Diagnostic connector
    •  Horn, forward warning
    •  Light, engine compartment
    •  Lighting system, Halogen
    •  Starting receptacle
  • Alternator, 95-amp
    • Back-up alarm
      • Batteries, 12-volt (2), 200 amp-hour, maintenance free
        • Converter, 12-volt, 10-amp
          • Diagnostic connector
            • Horn, forward warning
              • Light, engine compartment
                • Lighting system, Halogen
                  • Starting receptacle
                    • OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT
                      •  Advisor-electronic monitoring system
                      •  Armrest, adjustable
                      •  Cab, FOPS
                      •  Controls, electronic implement
                      •  Decelerator pedal
                      •  Finger Tip Control (FTC) steering
                      •  Governor switch, electronic
                      •  Heater and ventilation
                      •  Hydraulic system, electronically controlled for bulldozer control
                      •  Mirror, rearview
                      •  Radioready
                      •  Seat, adjustable contour suspension (gray fabric)
                      •  Seat belt, retractable 76 mm (3 in)
                      •  Steps, heavy-duty and Handles
                      •  Wipers, intermittent
                    • UNDERCARRIAGE
                      •  610 mm (24 inch) extreme service grouser with sealed and lubricated PPR track (44 section)
                      •  Rollers and idlers, lifetime lubricated
                      •  Sprocket rim segments, replaceable
                      •  Suspension-type undercarriage, Eight-roller tubular track roller frame
                      •  Track adjusters, hydraulic
                      •  Track guides
                      •  Two-piece master links
                    • POWER TRAIN
                      •  C27 with ACERT Technology
                      •  Advanced Modular Cooling System
                      •  Aftercooler, remote air-to-air
                      •  Air filters, dual with precleaner
                      •  Controlled throttle shifting
                      •  Coolant, extended life
                      •  Directional shift management
                      •  Ether starting aid, automatic
                      •  Fan, suction with hydraulic demand drive
                      •  Fuel priming pump, electric
                      •  Mufflers, dual, with rain cap
                      •  Parking brake, electronic
                      •  Prescreener
                      •  Separator, water/fuel
                      •  Thermal shields
                      •  Torque divider
                      •  Transmission, powershift, ECPC, (3F/3R speeds)
                      •  Four planet, double-reduction planetary final drives
                    • OTHER
                      •  Auto-blade assist (for dual tilt)
                      •  CD ROM parts book
                      •  Ecology drains
                      •  Engine enclosures
                      •  Grade control ready
                      •  Guards:
                      •  Implement gear pump compatible for arctic conditions
                      •  Product Link ready
                      •  Vandalism protection
                    • ELECTRICAL
                      •  Alternator, 95A Ducted
                      •  Converter, 24V to 12V additional 15A
                      •  Supplemental lights:
                    • GUARDS
                      •  Dozer tilt lines
                      •  Fan
                      •  Final drive (2 variations)
                      •  Power train
                      •  Undercarriage
                      •  Rear screen
                    • OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT
                      •  Air conditioner (3 variations)
                      •  Visibility Arrangement (camera and mirrors)
                      •  Glass:
                      •  Operators arrangement (improves comfort for smaller operators)
                      •  Seat, vinyl
                      •  Seat, air suspension
                    • POWER TRAIN
                      •  Reversible cooling fan
                      •  Fast fuel system
                      •  Quick oil change system
                      •  Engine prelube
                      •  High debris radiator
                    • Reversible cooling fan
                      • Fast fuel system
                        • Quick oil change system
                          • Engine prelube
                            • High debris radiator
                              • UNDERCARRIAGE
                                •  Tracks, sealed and lubricated:
                                •  Rollers:
                              • SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS
                                •  Cold weather arrangement
                                •  Stockpile arrangement
                                •  Waste handling arrangement
                              • BULLDOZER ATTACHMENTS
                                •  AutoCarry system
                                •  Dual tilt
                                •  10SU Blade
                                •  10SU Abrasion resistant blade
                                •  10U Blade
                                •  10U Abrasion resistant blade
                                •  AccuGrade system
                              • AutoCarry system
                                • Dual tilt
                                  • 10SU Blade
                                    • 10SU Abrasion resistant blade
                                      • 10U Blade
                                        • 10U Abrasion resistant blade
                                          • AccuGrade system
                                            • RIPPER ATTACHMENTS
                                              •  Single shank (standard)
                                              •  Single shank (deep)
                                              •  Multi shank (standard)
                                              •  Multi shank (deep)
                                              •  Pin puller (single shank only)
                                              •  Push block (single shank only)
                                            • OTHER ATTACHMENTS
                                              •  Counterweights:
                                              •  Drawbar
                                              •  Winch (dealer installed)
                                              •  Heater, engine coolant (2 variations)
                                              •  Low temperature start
                                              •  Sound suppression (2 variations)
                                              •  Slope and side-slope monitor
                                              •  Computer aided earthmoving system
                                            • Counterweights:
                                              • Drawbar
                                                • Winch (dealer installed)
                                                  • Heater, engine coolant (2 variations)
                                                    • Low temperature start
                                                      • Sound suppression (2 variations)
                                                        • Slope and side-slope monitor
                                                          • Computer aided earthmoving system

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