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Large Dozers(Non Current)

From large to small, mining to finishing work, you are certain to find a Cat® Dozer to match your needs. We offer several configurations and special custom packages to meet your specific needs.

D10R Track-Type Tractor

The D10R's elevated sprocket increases productivity, simplifies maintenance, reduces downtime with modular components, and raises final drives and associated power train components out of the work environment.

  • Specification Summary

  • Engine ModelCat 3412TA
  • Flywheel Power425 kW
  • Gross Power457 kW
  • Net Power - Caterpillar425 kW
  • Net Power - SAE J1349421 kW

Product Details


Engine Model Cat 3412TA
Flywheel Power 425 kW
Gross Power 457 kW
Net Power - Caterpillar 425 kW
Net Power - SAE J1349 421 kW
Net Power - EU 80/1269 425 kW
Bore 137 mm
Stroke 152 mm
Displacement 27 L
Net Power - DIN 70020 590 PS


Operating Weight 65403 kg
Shipping Weight 47174 kg


Shoe Type Extreme Service
Width of Shoe 610 mm
Shoes/Side 44
Grouser Height 93 mm
Pitch 160 mm
Ground Clearance 615 mm
Track Gauge 2550 mm
Length of Track on Ground 3885 mm
Ground Contact Area 4.7 m2
Track Rollers/Side 8


1 Forward 4 km/h
2 Forward 7.1 km/h
3 Forward 12.5 km/h
1 Reverse 5 km/h
2 Reverse 8.9 km/h
3 Reverse 15.6 km/h
1 Forward - Drawbar Pull (1000) 93 N
2 Forward - Drawbar Pull (1000) 52 N
3 Forward - Drawbar Pull (1000) 28 N

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 1109 L
Cooling System 132 L
Engine Crankcase* 60 L
Power Train 189 L
Final Drives (each) 23 L
Roller Frames (each) 90 L
Pivot Shaft Compartment 30.3 L
Implement Hydraulic System Tank Only 108 L

Hydraulic Controls

Bulldozer Relief Valve Setting 18616 kPa
Tilt Cylinder Relief Valve Setting 18300 kPa
Ripper (Lift) Relief Valve Setting 18616 kPa
Ripper (Pitch) Relief Valve Setting 18616 kPa


Weight* 4983 kg
Oil Capacity 70 L
Increased Tractor Length 284 mm
Winch Case Width 1564 mm
Drum Width 292 mm
Flange Diameter 610 mm
Drum Capacity- 24 mm (1 in) 330 m
Drum Capacity- 29 mm (1.13 in) 32 m
Drum Capacity- 32 mm (1.25 in) 69 m


Capacity (SAE J1265) 18.5 m3
Width (over end bits) 4862 mm
Height 2119 mm
Digging Depth 674 mm
Ground Clearance 1497 mm
Maximum Tilt 993 mm
Weight* (without hydraulic controls) 10291 kg
Total Operating Weight** (with Blade and Single-Shank Ripper) 66001 kg
Type 10U
Capacity (SAE J1265) 22 m3
Width (over end bits) 5263 mm
Height 2119 mm
Digging Depth 674 mm
Ground Clearance 1497 mm
Maximum Tilt 1074 mm
Weight* (without hydraulic controls) 10821 kg
Total Operating Weight** (with Blade and Single-Shank Ripper) 66675 kg


Type Single Shank
Number of Pockets 3
Maximum Clearance Raised (under tip, pinned in bottom hole) 927 mm
Maximum Penetration (standard tip) 1494 mm
Weight (without hydraulic controls) 7137 kg
Added Length 1760 mm

Power Train

The 3412E engine when matched with the torque divider and field proven, power shift transmission will provide years of dependable service.


Caterpillar 3412E engine performs at full-rated net power with a high torque rise.

Turbocharging and Aftercooling

Turbocharging and aftercooling provide high horsepower while keeping RPM and exhaust temperatures low for long hours of continuous operation.

Direct Injection Fuel System

The Hydraulically actuated, Electronically controlled, Unit Injection (HEUI) system is a unique and proven high-pressure, direct injection fuel system.

HEUI Fuel System

HEUI fuel system incorporates rate shaping technology which modifies the heat release characteristics of the combustion process for significant decreases in combustion sound and emission levels.

Reduced Exhaust Smoke

Exhaust smoke is significantly reduced through precise, electronic control of fueling limits and injection timing.


Improved reliability through reduction of complex mechanical linkages and by electronically protecting the engine.


Easier maintenance and repair through monitoring key functions and logging critical indicators.

Steel Spacer

A steel spacer between the block and head eliminates the need for block counterbores, extending block life.


Stellite-faced valves, through-hardened crankshaft journals and steel-backed, copper-bonded aluminum bearings help assure reliable performance in the toughest duty.

Component Life

Components live longer because oil-cooled pistons and full-length water-cooled cylinder liners provide maximum heat transfer for longer component life.

Exchange Program

Cat dealer's exchange program for major engine components can cut repair time and costs.

Torque Divider

A single-stage torque converter with output torque divider send 75% of engine torque through the converter and 25% through a direct drive shaft for greater driveline efficiency and higher torque multiplication.

Torque Converter

The torque converter shields the driveline from sudden torque shocks and vibration.

Final Drives

Elevated final drives are isolated from ground and implement induced impact loads for extended power train life.


Planetary power shift transmission has 3-speeds forward and 3-speeds reverse and utilizes large diameter, high-capacity, oil-cooled clutches.


The D10R combines power and efficiency with advanced technology for outstanding production at lower cost-per-yard.

Engine/Power Train Integration

Combining the electronic engine control with the Caterpillar electronic transmission control allows these critical power train components to work more intelligently.


By communicating, these components work to optimize overall power train performance, reliability and component life for reduced power train operating cost.

Cat Data Link

The Cat data link electronically connects the engine and transmission control to provide these benefits.

Improved Diagnostics/Serviceability

The electronic engine and transmission controls provide enhanced diagnostic capability.

Cooling System

Superior cooling in the most demanding work conditions.

Cooling Capacity

Advanced Modular Cooling System (AMOCS) utilizes an exclusive two pass cooling system and increased cooling surface area to provide significantly more cooling capacity than conventional systems.


The servicing of the AMOCS can be performed without tilting the radiator guard.


Two pass cooling system circulates coolant from the sectioned bottom tank up through one side of the cooling element and down through the other side returning it to the bottom tank.

Cooling Elements

The cooling elements are individual core modules that are connected to a sectioned bottom tank.

Demand Control Fan

Engine Control Module (ECM) regulates engine fan speed through a multi-disc fan clutch.

Operator Station

Designed for comfort and ease of operation.


Clear panoramic view.


Comfortable, non-tiring operation.


Low effort Finger Tip Controls (FTC) controls are easily accessible and provide sure, precise maneuvering with enhanced operator comfort.


The Caterpillar Contour Series Seat is fully adjustable and designed for comfort and support.

Monitoring System

Caterpillar D10R Monitoring System has 3 display sections.


Throttle rocker switch replaces the throttle lever, simplifying operation.

Implement Control Lever Restraints

Implement control lever restraints, when engaged, prevent inadvertent movement of control lever.


A rocker switch replaces the throttle lever, simplifying operation.

Electronic Steering and Transmission Controls

Combines steering, machine direction and gear selection into a control system which can be operated with one hand for enhanced operator comfort and increased productivity.

Finger Tip Controls (FTC)

Finger Tip Controls (FTC) are clustered for easy, one-handed operation to the operator's left.


Electronic Clutch and Brake (ECB) steering system consists of two small levers which send signals that control the steering valve.

Allows Precise Work

ECB System allows the operator to work more precisely in close areas, around structures, obstacles, grade stakes, other machines or on fine grades.

Operator Comfort

Adjustable operator comfort.

Machine Direction

Machine direction is controlled by a pivoting knob which can be actuated by the thumb of the left hand.

Gear Selection

Gear selection is made by two buttons to the right of the machine direction knob.

Parking Brake

Parking brake switch electronically locks ECB system.


Engineered to provide durability and the solid support necessary for maximum production and service life.


Mainframe strength. The D10R mainframe is built to absorb high impact shock loads and twisting forces.

Frame Rails

Frame rails are full box section, designed to keep components rigidly aligned.

Steel Castings

Heavy steel castings give added strength to the main case, equalizer bar saddle, front cross member and tag-link trunnion.


The top and bottom rails are continuous rolled sections, with no machining or welding to provide superior mainframe durability.

Final Drives

The main case elevates the final drives well above the ground level work area to protect them from impact loads, abrasion and contaminants.

Track Roller Frame Alignment

A pivot shaft and pinned equalizer bar maintain track roller frame alignment.

Tag-link Construction

Tag-link construction brings the blade closer to the machine for more precise dozing and load control.

Tag-link Design

Tag-link design provides solid lateral stability and better cylinder positions for constant pryout independent of blade height.


The Caterpillar elevated sprockets are designed for better machine balance and component life.


Suspended undercarriage design absorbs impact loads to reduce the shock loads transferred to the undercarriage.


Bogie suspension conforms more closely to the ground to provide more ground contact, especially in hard, uneven terrain.

Roller Frames

Roller frames are tubular, to resist bending and twisting, with added reinforcement where operating loads are the highest.


Sealed and lubricated track. Permanently coats the track pin with a sealed-in lubricant, minimizing metal-to-metal contact.

Work Tool Attachments

A variety of attachments provides the flexibility to match the machine to the job.


The 10SU blade and the 10U blade make full use of the D10R's power.


Single and multi-shank rippers are made to penetrate tough material fast and rip thoroughly for use in a variety of materials.


Standard and slow speed arrangements available for enhanced line control.

Rear Counterweights

Rear counterweights provide proper tractor balance to maximize dozing production. Recommended if other rear attachment not specified.


Major modular component design allows fast in-field component exchange. Less time spent on maintenance gives you more time on the job.


Built-in servicing ease. Less service time means more working time.

Oil Filters

Engine oil filters are located on the engine for easy servicing access and minimal downtime.

Heater and Air Conditioner

Heater and air conditioner cores are accessible without disconnecting lines.

Diagnostic Connector

A diagnostic connector allows the Cat Dealer's electronic test instrument to quickly troubleshoot the electrical system.

Disconnect Fittings

Quick disconnect fittings allow for fast diagnosis of the power train and implement oil systems.

Ecology Drains

Ecology drains provide an environmentally safer method to drain fluids.

AMOCS Individual Cooling Elements

AMOC individual cooling elements allow radiator servicing without major component removal, saving considerable time and cost.

Customer Service

The most serviceable machines from the most committed dealers.


Dealers committed to fast, quality customer support.


Dealer service response extends to programs such as Custom Track Service (CTS), Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS), and guaranteed maintenance contracts that get peak life and performance from your machine.


Your dealer is also expert at arranging affordable lease, rental or purchase financing for all Caterpillar products.

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