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Tandem Vibratory Rollers(Non Current)

Compacting to specifications is critical for soil, landfill, and paving applications. Cat compactors are specifically designed for all compaction operations.

CB14 XW (900 mm) Utility Roller

The CB14 XW - 900 mm provides the reliability and versatility that you've come to expect from Caterpillar.

  • Specification Summary

  • Operating Weight1710 kg
  • Standard Compaction Width900 mm
  • Gross Power16.1 kW
  • Fuel Tank Capacity30 L
  • Water (Spray) Tank Capacity150 L
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Product Details


Operating Weight 1710 kg
Maximum Weight at Front Drum 785 kg
Maximum Weight at Rear Drum 925 kg

Operating Specifications

Standard Compaction Width 900 mm
Curb Clearance 370 mm
Turning Radius Inside Drum Edge 2625 mm
Ground Clearance 250 mm
Static Linear Load 9.5 kg/cm
Travel Speed - Maximum 8.5 km/h


Gross Power 16.1 kW
Engine Model C1.1

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity 30 L
Water (Spray) Tank Capacity 150 L

Vibratory System

Frequency 53.3 Hz
Centrifugal Force per Drum - Maximum 10.3 kN
Nominal Amplitude - High 0.38 mm


Overall Length 2050 mm
Wheelbase 1300 mm
Height at Steering Wheel 1630 mm
Overall Width 984 mm
Drum Diameter 575 mm
Drum Width 900 mm
Maximum Machine Height 2400 mm

Cat® C1.1 Engine

The C1.1 engine provides efficient power with low sound levels while meeting U.S. EPA Tier 2 Engine Emission requirements.


The liquid-cooled C1.1 engine provides a gross power of 16.1 kW (21.6 hp) at 2400 rpm. The low engine rpm results in low sound levels that benefits the operator and surrounding environment.

Optimum Fuel Efficiency

The operating engine speed of 2400 rpm maximizes fuel efficiency, providing more time spent on the job and less time spent refueling.

High Capacity Cooling System

The high capacity cooling system with an integrated waterand oil cooler keeps engine temperatures low in order tomaximize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions.

Operator’s Station

The operating environment provides easy-to-use controls and good visibility for day-long comfort.

Fully-Equipped Console

An easy-to-understand instrument panel integrates an hour meter and light indicators for machine functions. The key switch integrates an automatic engine pre-heat feature to assist in cool-weather starting. The steering wheel utilizes a steering knob that simplifies maneuverability in turns.

Isolated Platform

Vibration transmitted to the operator is limited due to the rubber isolation mounts located on the base of the operator’s station and under the seat.

Smooth Operation

The hydraulic propel lever provides smooth and precise control when working in tight quarters.

Good Visibility

The sloped engine enclosure and low profile rear frame provide good visibility.

Foldable ROPS (Optional)

The foldable ROPS can be lowered forward or rearward without the use of tools; providing easy transport.

Vibratory System and Drum

The vibratory system provides good balance between frequency and amplitude in order to meet various job site conditions.

Balanced Frequency and Amplitude

The machines incorporate a frequency of 53.3 Hz (3,200 vpm), and an amplitude of 0.4 mm (0.016"), providing a smooth mat finish.

Vibration Selection

The CB14 XW - 900 mm provides either both drums or front-drum-only vibratory selections.

Automatic Vibratory Control

The vibratory system automatically starts whenever the propel lever is moved from the neutral position.

Dual Drum Drive

The dual driving drums provide continuous full drum traction with hydraulic motors fitted in series.

Drum Scrapers

Each drum utilizes a spring-loaded, self-adjusting scraper, and a fixed position scraper to prevent material build-up.

Extra-Wide Drums

The CB14 XW features two, 900 mm (35") wide drums for increased versatility on a variety of applications.

Heavier Operating Weight

The operating weight of the CB14 XW is 1710 kg (3770 lb), 5.5% heavier than the CB14 machine.


Visibility to the drum edges provides the operator with complete control when working near objects.

Water Spray System

Corrosion-proof components system provides long life and reliable operation.

Large Capacity Water Tank

The 150 L (39.6 gal) water tank is protected within the machine frame. The large tank design provides extended operation and a single fill point for easy refills.

Efficient Drum Coverage

The standard gravity-fed water spray system utilizes perforated plastic spray bars that provide complete drum coverage.

Pressurized Water Spray System (Optional)

The optional pressurized water spray system utilizes a three-mode spray system with constant, off, or intermittent capabilities. This system provides triple filtration, and the filters and spray nozzles can be easily removed without the use of special tools.


The CB14 - 900 mm provides the reliability and serviceability that you’ve come to expect from Caterpillar.

Vertical Lift Engine Enclosure

The vertical lift engine enclosure allows fast access to routine service points.

Grouped Service Points

External engine components, hydraulics, and routine service points are grouped for easy access.

Extended Life Oils

Extended life oils increase service intervals for the vibratory system, hydraulic system, and engine. Remote-mounted drains provide simplified collection of fluids.

Quick-Connect Hydraulic Test Ports

The quick-connect hydraulic test ports simplify system diagnosis.

Protected Electrical System

The electrical system utilizes color-coded wires, all-weather connections, and nylon-braided wrap to provide reliability.
  • Backup Alarm
    • Battery Disconnect Switch
      • Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil
        • Foldable ROPS
          • Light Protector Grids
            • Pressurized Water Spray System
              • Roading and Working Lights
                • Single Lifting Point
                  • Spark Arrestor Muffler
                    • Suspension Seat with Switch
                      • Warning Beacon
                        • Working Lights

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