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Whether you're digging, trenching, back-filling or handling material, a Cat® Backhoe Loader will meet your needs. Caterpillar sets the industry standard with powerful, comfortable, versatile machines designed to do more work faster.

434E Mechanical Backhoe Loader

Cat 434E – A highly productive Backhoe Loader developed with over 20 years experience in the Backhoe Loader industry, the 434E is designed to exceed customer expectations. More performance, versatility and comfort than ever before gives the 434E the edge needed in a harsh and competitive environment.Along with you, it’s up to the challenge. See your Cat dealer and try out The Next Generation of Backhoe Loaders from Caterpillar.

  • Specification Summary

  • Power - Net 65 kW
  • Engine Model 3054C DIT
  • Engine Displacement 4.4 l
  • Optional Power - Net 71 kW
  • Product Brochure


Product Details


Power - Net 65 kW
Engine Model 3054C DIT
Engine Displacement 4.4 l
Optional Power - Net 71 kW
Gross Power 68.5 kW
Bore 105 mm
Stroke 127 mm


Operating Weight - Nominal 8370 kg
Operating Weight - Maximum 10700 kg

Operating Specifications - Backhoe

Dig Depth - Standard 4364 mm
Dig Depth - E-Stick 5357 mm
Bucket Dig Force - Standard 63 kN
Bucket Dig Force - E-Stick 63 kN
Stick Dig Force - Standard 35 kN
Stick Dig Force - E-Stick 36 kN
Reach from Swing Pivot 5660 mm
Loading Height 3759 mm
Loading Reach 1769 mm

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Pump Capacity 125 l/min
Hydraulic System Pressure 227 kPa
Type Load-sensing, closed-center system
Pump Type Variable-flow, axial-piston

Operating Specifications - Loader

Lift Capacity at Full Height 3529 kg
Dump Height at 45 Degrees 2666 mm
Dig Depth 229 mm


Overall Transport Length 6120 mm
Overall Length - Loader on Ground 6120 mm
Overall Transport Height 3623 mm
Overall Width 2368 mm
Height - Top of Cab 2801 mm
Height - Top of Exhaust Stack 2733 mm
Height - Loader Hinge Pin 402 mm
Ground Clearance 325 mm
Rear Axle - Centerline to Front Grill 2743 mm
Front Wheel Tread Gauge 1914 mm
Rear - Wheel Tread Gauge 1914 mm
Wheel Base 2200 mm

Service Refill

Hydraulic System 79 l
Cooling System 25 l
Fuel Tank 160 l
Engine with Oil Filter 7.6 l
Transmission 18.5 l
Rear Axle - Including Planetary 16 l
Hydraulic Tank 40 l


Type Cylinder, one (1) double-acting (AWD)
Power Steering Hydrostatic
Cylinders - Bore 85 mm
Cylinders - Stroke 48 mm
Cylinder Rod Diameter 42 mm


Forward - 1st 6 km/h
Forward - 2nd 9 km/h
Forward - 3rd 18 km/h
Forward - 4th 40 km/h
Reverse - 1st 6 km/h
Reverse - 2nd 11 km/h
Reverse - 3rd 18 km/h
Reverse - 4th 40 km/h


Customer driven improvements are designed into the 434E Mechanical.

Lower Operating Costs

The 434E has an adjustment system that is simple to adjust ensuring easy maintenance of the Stabilizer and E-Stick a wear pads. This means less machine downtime and more convenience for the operator providing low operating costs.

All Wheel Braking

All Wheel Braking is standard on all 434E Backhoe loaders. When driving in two wheel drive, applying the brakes engages four wheel drive. Releasing the brakes returns the transmission to two wheel drive. This effective system works well in hazardous, slippery or steep surfaces. Braking modes are controlled by an easily accessible All Wheel Drive Switch improving braking effectiveness and helps reduce tire wear.

Improved Weight Distribution

The 434E has been designed with improved weight distribution. The design coupled with a slightly longer wheelbase ensures optimal balance and handling, particularly when roading. This is achieved with no loss in turning circle.

Large Fuel Tank

Responding to customer needs, a large 160 liter fuel tank, along with the efficient Cat engine and hydraulic system, ensures longer periods between fill ups and less inconvenience.

Cat Immobilizer System

Machine theft has serious repercussions for your business, such as loss of business, higher insurance costs and inconvenience. The Cat Immobilizer System is a diesel engine immobilizer system, designed to provide theft protection. The system meets Thatcham approval and PTAG attack time requirements and a premium discount may be available from certain insurance companies (see your Cat dealer for details). The system uses the same key but has a one touch pad for easy disarming.

Electro-Deposition Coating

Your 434E has been protected by an undercoat of electrodeposited (E-Coat) primer, which completely seals each metallic component and offers a superlative degree of protection from damage and corrosion. Coupled with the high solids polyurethane top coat, your 434E will stay looking good for longer, ensuring optimum resale value.

Excavator Controls

The 434E Mechanical is offered with a choice of excavator controls: Backhoe (SAE), Excavator (ISO) or Universal controls (X pattern). This ensures the 434E Mechanical will suit any type of operator.

Equal Size Tires

Characteristics which offer more job site opportunities for the operator.

Improved Flotation

The 434E can operate in work areas that push the limits of standard unequal size tire machines. The high flotation and lower ground pressure offered by the tires allows the machine to work in very poor underfoot conditions, such as Greenfield construction sites and agricultural applications such as farm maintenance. This machine can get to areas which are off limits to a lot of other type of machine increasing productivity and machine utilization.

Increased Loader Performance

The 434E has excellent lift height, which coupled with the large bucket and powerful breakout forces, enable the 434E to perform high productivity loading duties, such as hopper charging, bulk material transfer, grading and loading.

Tire Options

The 434E is available with either 24" or 28" tires, in bias or radial ply variants. This allows the correct choice of tire to suit any application or budget.

Standard All Wheel Steer (AWS)

The 434E is equipped with AWS system, enabling 2WS, Circle Steer, or Crab Steer to be selected providing an excellent turning circle and good maneuverability for working in confined working areas.

Work Station

The E-series cab. Comfort, Visibility, Style – Designed In!

The 434E Cab is designed with today’s operator in mind. The E-Series cab is designed to provide maximum comfort, ease of operation and with modern styling meets the requirements of today’s demanding operator. The design incorporates curved glass for improved interior space and visibility. A wide cab provides a spacious environment for better performance when turning the seat from one mode of operation to the other. Cab comfort is enhanced with the first-class Cat air suspension seat, reducing fatigue.An easy to open single rear piece window provides the operator with excellent ventilation and superb visibility. The rear wiper easily cleans a large area of the rear screen to ensure excellent visibility of the working area when working in wet or dusty conditions.Excellent ergonomics ensure that all controls are within easy reach of the operator, and tinted glass is standard in all cabs.Other features such as remote stabilizer controls, large adjustable vents throughout the cab, and clear gauges provide the operator with a comfortable operating environment designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

Operator Comfort

The working environment has been designed with the operator in mind.


Caterpillar understands that backhoe loaders work in some of the harshest environments. By controlling normal machine vibrations caused by these harsh conditions, operator efficiency and productivity are improved. The 434E has features, both standard and optional, that reduce vibration.

Operator Controls

Optimal cab ergonomics are vital to assist the operator in their quest for best productivity. Pressure compensated, well placed levers ensure low efforts and good controllability for maximum productivity.

HVAC System

The 434E benefits from an optional, powerful air conditioning system, which with good ventilation to the operator, ensures the operator stays cool in the highest of working temperatures. The ventilation system also provides plenty of demisting, defrosting and heating capability.

Work Lights

The 434E has adjustable front and rear work lights. This allows the operator to direct the light wherever needed, providing maximum illumination to the work area whatever the ambient light conditions.

Cab Air Filter

The 434E has an easy access cab air filter, situated within the right hand rear fender. The cab air intake is positioned high up to minimize dust intake into the air filter.


The 434E is available in 2 cab options, providing the best choices to suit individual operator needs.

Cab Mounts

The cab is attached to the mainframe with resilient mounts, reducing vibration and sound providing the operator with an all around comfortable working environment.

Cat Suspension Seat

The major interface between the machine and the operator is optimal, and the Cat air suspension seat provides the operator with a comfortable working platform to ensure high levels of productivity with the minimum of fatigue.

Loader Versatility

The 434E Loader now has even greater performance.

Powerful Loader Performance

The 434E Parallel Lift Loader offers self levelling as standard, ensuring faster loading cycles. Designed with performance in mind the 434E has high breakout forces enabling the operator to easily fill the bucket in toughest of ground conditions while also providing safe lifting of any palletized load. Available with either a General Purpose or Multi Purpose bucket, the 434E can be matched to your needs precisely. Work tool visibility is excellent with the narrow sloping hood and divergent loader arms allowing a clear line of sight to the bucket edges. A large torque tube provides torsional stiffness, needed when grading or picking up irregular shaped heavy objects with the loader bucket.

Loader Control

The loader Control Lever is ergonomically placed for operator comfort, and controls the multi-purpose bucket and auxiliary hydraulics when these options are fitted.

Ride Control

Caterpillar’s proven Ride Control system is an option designed to reduce machine pitching and bouncing giving operators a smooth ride in all applications, including load and carry, roading, or simply moving around the jobsite. An accumulator acts as a shock absorber to reduce machine pitching and provide a smoother ride over rough terrain. The system is engaged by a switch on the front console.

Return to Dig

Your 434E is equipped with a standard Return to Dig system. This system reduces loading cycle times by bringing the loader bucket back to the dig position automatically when lowering the arms. By the time the loader arms have been lowered to ground level, the bucket is in the correct position ready for the next load.

Backhoe Performance

The E-Series Backhoe improves performance and serviceability.

Excavator-style Backhoe

The Cat excavator style boom has more than just good looks. Whether close-up truck loading on a single road carriageway, or digging over obstacles such as walls, the excavator boom outperforms the rest. Combine the versatility with the powerful breakout forces, the controllability of the load sensing, flow-sharing hydraulic system and the 434E is capable of producing high levels of productivity with the minimum of operator effort. The boom is a narrow design, ensuring maximum visibility to the work tool.


Designed with performance in mind the 434E excavator has high stick and bucket breakout forces enabling the operator to easily dig in toughest of ground conditions.

Extendable Stick

The 434E is available with an extendable stick that increases dig depth and reach capability increasing the machines versatility and utilization. A sliding inner section design keeps the wear pads out of the dirt, extending adjustment and replacement intervals. When wear pad adjustment is necessary the adjustment bolts are easy to access taking minutes to adjust, without the need to disassemble the E-Stick. Auxiliary lines, for operating work tools, have been routed so that they are protected from damage when working in the narrowest of trenches.

Slider Frame and Swing Frame

The 434E is designed to make necessary maintenance easy to perform. The E-Series cast slider frame has exterior lock clamps, with no backhoe disassembly needed when servicing. The Swing Frame/Boom Foot pins have replaceable bushings in the bores.

Cat Cushion Swing

The 434E is equipped with Cat Cushion Swing, which enables very fast trenching by damping the boom oscillation down when returning to trench with the backhoe.


Load sensing, flow-sharing system matches power and flow supply to demand – where you need it, when you need it.

Flow Sharing Valves

The 434E features flow-sharing hydraulic valves, ensuring the correct flow of oil reaches the implement cylinders, providing greater control and eliminating oil starvation when operating multiple functions, such as grading with the backhoe.


The 434E is equipped with a highly efficient variable displacement piston pump. Reliable high performance hydraulic hose is constructed from two strong steel braided layers and O-ring face seal fittings provides a robust system ensuring excellent durability and resistance to damage from pressure spikes and hydraulic pulsing.

Hydraulic Performance

It’s rare that you’ll be working at full production 100% of the time, so why should the machine be working flat out, using more fuel, making more noise, and increasing wear? The 434E has a load-sensing, closed center hydraulic system, which closely matches power and flow to the demand needed by the job in hand. So whether you’re in full trenching mode, or delicately digging around services, you are in total control.In applications such as loading and carrying, speed is important, and the system will match the flow needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. As there is minimal demand on the system unless needed, there are less parasitic power losses enabling more power to be available for rimpull – providing better loading and roading performance increasing productivity.

Work Tools

Enhance the versatility of your 434E, with a wide choice of tools on offer to suit your needs.

Backhoe Buckets

Caterpillar offers a huge variety of backhoe buckets to meet your requirements, including:
  • Standard Duty Bucket. Used in easy to penetrate, low impact, moderately abrasive materials.
  • Heavy Duty Bucket. Used for digging fragmented rock, frozen ground and highly abrasive materials.
  • Extreme Service Bucket. Used in highly abrasive, high impact soil.
  • High Capacity Bucket. Same durable construction as the HD bucket, but longer tip radius provides increased fill capacity.


Cat backhoe buckets offer superior durability with the following features:
  • Thick cutting edges.
  • DRS (Diagonal Retention System) ensures easier replacement of pin on teeth and greater strength.
  • Thick wear material on the side plates for better reinforcement and less wear.
  • ID plates on all buckets showing part number, GET sizes and machine compatibility.


Work tools are available in a full range of sizes, from a 228 mm Cribbing bucket for cable trenching, a range of Ditch Cleaning buckets, right up to large capacity 914 mm buckets for mass excavation.

Quick coupler – Loader and Hoe

A hydraulic quick coupler is available for the loader, and a mechanical quick coupler option is available for the backhoe. For operators who require fast tool changes, both quick coupler options can save a lot of time, money and effort.

Hydro-Mechanical Work Tools

Caterpillar has designed a range of hydro-mechanical tools carefully matched to the machine for optimum performance, including:Backhoe
  • H65 Hydraulic Hammer
  • Auger
  • Vibratory Plate Compactor
  • Cold PlanerLoader
  • Angle Broom
  • Pickup Sweeper
Please see your Cat dealer for the full range of tools available for particular machine combination.

Power Train

434E has a 40 km/h transmission as standard – less time on the road, more time on the job site.

Cat Engine

The 434E is available with either the 3054C turbocharged engine that meets Stage II emission regulation EU Directive 97/68/EC or the C4.4 turbocharged after cooled engine that meets Stage IIIA EU emission Directive 2004/26/EC. A choice of power rating enables the performance of the machine to be matched to customer needs. All engines are reliable 4 cylinder, 4 stroke direct injection diesel engines equipped with standard glow plug for optimum cold weather performance.This provides reliable starting performance down to –18° C. All engines feature a reliable gear driven water pump and a durable poly vee front end auxiliary drive belt that is automatically tensioned for longer life reducing operating costs.

Air Filter

A dry type axial air cleaner with an integral pre-cleaner and automatic integrated dust ejection system extends the life of the air filter life when working in dusty conditions reducing service time and costs.

Axles and Brakes

The heavy duty Cat rear axle is an enclosed design with a wet multi-plate Kevlar braking system. This system is oil immersed and self adjusting, and allows operation in the harshest environ­ments. The system has dual brake pedals for split braking for good maneuverability in confined working areas.

40 km/h Power-Shuttle Transmission

The 434E comes equipped with 40 km/h power-shuttle transmission, improving roading speed and providing better spacing between gear ratios. It utilizes a constant mesh, synchronized, four speed system. The forward/reverse level on the steering column is placed for easy direction changes on the move, and the gear selection is from the floor mounted shift lever.


A manually operated differential lock in the rear axle is fitted as standard providing maximum traction in adverse ground conditions.

Optional Power Shift Transmission

The optional power shift transmission enables the correct gear to be selected more easily than a conventional power shuttle transmission reducing fatigue and increasing productivity. Hydraulic clutch pack modulation provides smooth take up providing the operator with a more comfortable drive over all types of terrain. The power shift transmission provides manual selection of four forward and three reverse gears. 5th gear is automatically selected to achieve the maximum road speed of 40 km/h. There is no floor mounted shift lever, so the operator has more floor space and improved access through the right hand door.


Lower operating costs mean a better return on your asset.

Reduced Maintenance

The 434E is equipped with a flip open hood, allowing access to all check/fill points, air cleaner, washer bottles, visual indicators etc. The E-Series carries on the tradition with sealed for life axle oscillation, driveshaft universal joints, trunnions etc. Daily maintenance, which can be a chore for the busy operator, is kept to a minimum on the 434E.

Boom and Stick Design

The Boom and Stick design allows all wear adjustment to be done with Stick in-situ, using a simple wedge adjustment mechanism – no dismantling to shim the wear pads. The Stabilizers legs are also externally adjustable, reducing machine downtime and inconvenience.

Cat Filters

All Cat filters are vertically mounted for spill free servicing and reduced oil contamination. They are also low micron filters, filtering even the tiny particles from the oil and keeping the engine, transmission and hydraulic system running smoothly for years.

Scheduled Oil Sampling

Your Cat dealer will be able to provide the Cat S•O•SSM. This enables your dealer to analyze wear before problems arise, so that premature failure can be avoided, and corrective action can take place to reduce costs and downtime.

Customer Support

Low operating costs with your dealers excellent services and options.

Customer Support Agreements (CSA’s)

Your Cat dealer can offer a comprehensive range of CSA’s which can be individually tailored to suit your finances and requirements. Dealers can offer a range of options from a full Preventative Maintenance with S•O•S package to a Parts Only CSA. Protect your valuable investment and know exactly what your monthly payments will be to help you run your business.


Have you explored the range of options available from your dealer to finance your machine? They can offer a selection of attractive packages tailored exactly to your requirements.

Machine Selection

Your dealer can help guide you with your machine purchase decision, based on your requirements and help keep operating costs to a minimum. Is the machine you have in mind exactly the best for your job, or could other attachments be more suitable?

Operating Techniques

Your dealer can advise operating techniques for your machine which will minimize wear and tear, maximize productivity, and lower owning and operating costs.

Remanufactured Components (Reman)

Sometimes, the most cost effective way to repair the machine is with remanufactured components. Reman components are rebuilt to original specification at a Cat Reman facility, using genuine parts and skilled technicians. Reman parts are guaranteed for 1 year.
  • Air cleaner, dry type, axial seal with pre-cleaner and filter condition indicator
    • All Wheel Drive
      • All Wheel Steer
        • Alternator, 120-amp, 12 volt
          • Antifreeze (to –37° C)
            • Audible system fault alarm
              • Backhoe, 4364 mm dig depth, side-shift, excavator-style backhoe
                • Battery, maintenance free, 750 CCA
                  • Boom, transport lock
                    • Brace, lift cylinder
                      • Brakes, Kevlar disc, oil immersed
                        • Cat 3054C engine* (68.5 kW) or Cat C4.4 engine** (70 kW)
                          •  * Standard for less regulated countries, meets Stage II EU Emission Directive 97/68/EC.** Standard for regulated countries, meets Stage IIIA EU Emission Directive 2004/26/EC.
                        • * Standard for less regulated countries, meets Stage II EU Emission Directive 97/68/EC.** Standard for regulated countries, meets Stage IIIA EU Emission Directive 2004/26/EC.
                          • Coat hook
                            • Electro-hydraulic slide frame lock
                              • Engine enclosure
                                • Fan, cooling and fan guard
                                  • Fast reversing shuttle, all gears
                                    • Flashing hazard/signal lights
                                      • Floor mat, rubber
                                        • Front axle, pendulum mount
                                          • Front grill with bumpers
                                            • Front headlights
                                              • Gauges: Coolant temperature, fuel level, tachometer, hour meter
                                                • Ground line fuel fill with 187 liters capacity
                                                  • Grouser style stabilizer shoes
                                                    • High ambient cooler package
                                                      • Hydraulic oil cooler
                                                        • Indicators: Air cleaner service, brake on, engine coolant, hydraulic oil level sight gauge
                                                          • Instrument panel lights
                                                            • Intermittent front and rear wash/wipe
                                                              • Key start/stop system with auxiliary position
                                                                • Lifting eye, backhoe (Non EU countries only)
                                                                  • Lights, working (4 front, 4 rear)
                                                                    • Load sensing, variable flow system with axial piston pump
                                                                      • Mirrors, external (2)
                                                                        • Power receptacle, 12 V (2)
                                                                          • Power steering, hydrostatic
                                                                            • ROPS cab with heater, defroster, pressurizer and cab recirculating fan
                                                                              • Seat belt, retractable (50 mm)
                                                                                • Seat, air suspension with fabric seat cover
                                                                                  • Self-cancelling directional indicators
                                                                                    • Spin-on fuel, engine, hydraulic and transmission oil filters
                                                                                      • Starting system, thermal aid
                                                                                        • Stop and tail lights (2)
                                                                                          • Swing transport lock
                                                                                            • Tires (2 front, 2 rear)
                                                                                              • Torque convertor
                                                                                                • Throttles, hand and foot
                                                                                                  • Transmission, four-speed synchromesh
                                                                                                    • Transmission neutralizer switch
                                                                                                      • Warning horn, front electric
                                                                                                        • Working 8 lights
                                                                                                          • Water separator
                                                                                                            • Air conditioning
                                                                                                              • Alarm, back up
                                                                                                                • Attachments, front loader
                                                                                                                  •  General purpose bucket 1.15 m³
                                                                                                                  •  Multi purpose bucket 1.15 m³ or 1.15 m³ with forks
                                                                                                                • Attachments, backhoe buckets
                                                                                                                  •  Quick Coupler (mechanical)
                                                                                                                • Cat 3054C DIT* (74.5 kW) engine
                                                                                                                  •  * Standard for less regulated countries, meets stage II EU Emission Directive 97/68/EC.
                                                                                                                • Cat C4.4** (74.5 kW) engine
                                                                                                                  •  ** Standard for regulated countries, meets stage IIIA EU Emission Directive 2004/26/EC.
                                                                                                                • Counterweights
                                                                                                                  •  Bumper
                                                                                                                  •  Base
                                                                                                                  •  Stackables
                                                                                                                • Bumper
                                                                                                                  • Base
                                                                                                                    • Stackables
                                                                                                                      • Cutting edge, bolt on
                                                                                                                        •  Single piece
                                                                                                                        •  Two piece
                                                                                                                      • Single piece
                                                                                                                        • Two piece
                                                                                                                          • Fenders, front
                                                                                                                            • Guards
                                                                                                                              •  AWD driveshaft
                                                                                                                              •  Teeth (GP/MP)
                                                                                                                              •  Rear lights, roading
                                                                                                                            • Hydraulic valves, loader
                                                                                                                              •  3rd valve for GP/MP
                                                                                                                            • Hydraulic valves (auxiliary)
                                                                                                                              •  Standard stick
                                                                                                                              •  Extendable stick
                                                                                                                            • Standard stick
                                                                                                                              • Extendable stick
                                                                                                                                • Hydraulic lines
                                                                                                                                  •  Hammer lines to stick
                                                                                                                                  •  Quick disconnects
                                                                                                                                • Hammer lines to stick
                                                                                                                                  • Quick disconnects
                                                                                                                                    • Lights
                                                                                                                                      •  Number plate, rear
                                                                                                                                      •  Roading
                                                                                                                                    • Number plate, rear
                                                                                                                                      • Roading
                                                                                                                                        • Mirror, exterior rearview, large
                                                                                                                                          • Object handling installation, including lifting eye, boom and stick locks, audible and visual warning system
                                                                                                                                            • Operators station
                                                                                                                                              •  Canopy
                                                                                                                                            • Power shift transmission
                                                                                                                                              • Powered sideshift
                                                                                                                                                • Ride control
                                                                                                                                                  • Rotating beacon
                                                                                                                                                    • Stabilizer street pads
                                                                                                                                                      • Stick, extendable
                                                                                                                                                        • Tilt steering wheel
                                                                                                                                                          • Tool box, external
                                                                                                                                                            • Transport locks
                                                                                                                                                              • Vandalism protection
                                                                                                                                                                • Visor cab

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