cat wheel tractor-scrapers
  • Flywheel Power - Tractor/Scraper

    425 kW (570 hp)/216 kW (290 hp)

    Scraper Capacity - Heaped

    38 m³

    Top Speed - Loaded

    55.8 km/h

  • Overall Shipping Height

    3.89 m

    Maximum Depth of Spread

    535 mm

    Tires - Tractor


  • Tractor Engine

    C18 ACERT

    Scraper Engine

    Cat C15 ACERT

    Flywheel Power - Tractor/Scraper

    447 kW (600 hp) / 337 kW (451 hp)

  • Tractor Engine

    Cat C18

    Scraper Engine

    Cat C15

    Flywheel Power - Tractor/Scraper

    447 kW (600 hp) / 337 kW (451 hp)

AL-BAHAR Wheel Tractor-Scrapers

  • The power train engine comes with innovative ACERT Technology that optimizes performance and minimizes emission.
  • The state-of-the-art operator station provides comfortable work environment featuring electro-hydraulic controls.
Cat wheel tractor-scrapers are available in several options engineered to specifically match your needs. Al-Bahar brings to you the unparalleled range of wheel tractor-scraper by Cat, all specially tested and designed for the Middle Eastern region and climate.

Tractor-Scrapers come in numerous choices such as tandem engine push-pulls, elevators, open bowls and auger arrangements. Built for swift loading and high travel speeds, the Cat wheel tractor-scraper ensures to deliver high levels of productivity through its long life span.

If you are in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain, you can easily rent or buy a Cat wheel tractor-scraper exclusively from Al-Bahar. Fill in our contact form and have a dedicated team member get back to you in no time at all.

Cat Wheel Tractor-Scrapers have the power, traction, and speed for reliable output in a variety of applications. Scraper options include single- and tandem-engine open bowls, tandem engine push-pulls, elevators, and auger arrangements.



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