Cat® Soil Compactor from Al-Bahar

Compacting to specifications is critical for soil, landfill, and paving applications. Cat® compactors are specifically designed for all compaction operations. Before you invest in a soil compactor, it is a good idea to know about the different kinds of compactors available in the market. Generally soil compactors can be divided into the following two broad Categories.

  1. Lightweight soil compactors, which include rammers, vibrating plate compactors, vibro tampers etc.
  1. Heavyweight soil compactors, which include the following:
  1. Smooth wheeled rollers: They are suitable for well-graded soil, gravel, crushed rock etc. They are further divided into static and vibrating smooth wheeled loaders
  2. Landfill compactors: Specifically designed for compacting garbage for better utilization of the landfills
  3. Pneumatic Rollers: A pneumatic have wheels on both axles and they are more suitable on coarse soils

Apart from these you also have other types of rollers like vibratory rollers, tandem rollers, etc. Contact us today to know more about the right one for your job.

Why Invest in Cat® Soil Compactor from Al-Bahar?

  1. Unique design to handle the toughest jobs in any given terrain
  2. All compactors come with a manufacturer warranty

Al-Bahar is proud to offer you the most extensive range of Cat® compactors. Our range offers everything from landfill and soil compactors to pneumatic and tandem vibratory rollers, as well as vibratory soil compactors.

All new Cat® compactors can be picked up from any one of our conveniently located branches in UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain or alternatively you can have them delivered to anywhere within one of these locations.

To find out more about our range of Cat® compactors please give us a call today or fill in our contact form and have a specialist get back to you in no time at all.




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