Hybrid Energy System

Hybrid Energy System

Hybrid Microgrid solutions combines the benefits of renewable and conventional power generation while offsetting the weaknesses. The integration of renewable technologies…

  • Reduces operating expenses
  • Lowers total cost of ownership when compared to purely conventional diesel based power generation
  • Optimizes system reliability, efficiency and flexibility

Hybrid Power Systems – Why now???

Thinking about opportunity, now is the time to invest in the hybrid Microgrid systems as an alternative to conventional power generation options. The ready availability and declining cost of solar PV create new possibilities for clean, reliable and affordable electric power in hybrid Microgrid configuration. Key factors to look at are…

  • Declining cost of energy from solar PV modules.
  • Increasing cost of fuel.
  • Offers reliable power in settings beyond the reach of larger electric utility infrastructure.
Al-Bahar can quickly and cost-effectively implement Hybrid solar plants, at remote locations beyond the reach of the utility grid or where the grid is unstable, or in case, you wish to benefit from renewable energy. Our Solar PV-generator hybrid systems are…

  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Modular
  • Easy to transport
  • Capable of working with our wide range of efficient generators

In a typical hybrid set-up, the solar system can meet up to 95% of the daytime power demand, while the generators provide reliable power 24/7, as needed.

Being a single technology source helps us to offer a comprehensive solution including all components required for smooth operation of the entire system. Going beyond, through remote connect our team continuously monitors – load, production, residuals, and reserves, enabling a smooth process of power generation off the grid. This arrangement is ideal for…

  • Home users
  • Commercial properties like camps, farms or any sites dependent of diesel generation
  • Businesses including mining and crushers


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