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Well Service Pumps

Oil and gas producers have relied on Caterpillar since the industry's earliest days. For 60 years, we've powered the petroleum business on land. Now we go with it onto the ocean, hundred of miles out, thousands of feet down.

WS223 Triplex Well Stimulation Pump

  • Specification Summary

  • Maximum Input1678.0 bkW
  • Maximum RPM330.0 RPM
  • Number of Plungers3.0
  • Stroke Length203.2 mm
  • Pump Weight5897.0 kg
  • Specification Sheet


Product Details

Pump Specifications

Maximum Input 1678.0 bkW
Maximum RPM 330.0 RPM
Number of Plungers 3.0
Stroke Length 203.2 mm
Pump Weight 5897.0 kg
Gear Ratio 6.353:1
  • Fluid Ends
    •  Improved load balance and life of gears
    •  Industry standard footprint - ease of interchangeability
    •  Dimensionally compatible with industry standard 8" and 10" stroke power ends
    •  Valve-over-valve design simplifies valve, seat, and plunger installation
    •  Full line of 1502 discharge flanges - male, female, and blank
    •  Suction manifold options - Zoomie and log-style, and our innovative low-profile option
    •  Grooved and grooveless valve stop designs available, grooveless design eliminates stress risers present with a grooved valve stop design
    •  Plunger line - colmonoy 6 coating with a minimum hardness of 56 RC
    •  Standard and premium plunger packing available
    •  Polypak seals for more reliable sealing at suction cover and discharge flanges
    •  Fluid end components designed to maximize interchangeability across our fluid end line and with industry standard fluid ends
  • Power Ends
    •  Industry standard footprint - fully interchangeable with competitors’ pumps
    •  Reverse helical pinion and bull gear design - great reliability
    •  Fully welded structure with additional internal supports
    •  Two-piece stay rod design - pretensioned stay rod lowers cyclic loading and fatigue stress
    •  Nose plate-to-frame design includes a dovetail interlocking design, which increases the structural strength
    •  Forged or fabricated bull gears - no cast material
    •  Forged crankshaft - one piece

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