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Gas Generator Sets

Oil and gas producers have relied on Caterpillar since the industry's earliest days. For 60 years, we've powered the petroleum business on land. Now we go with it onto the ocean, hundred of miles out, thousands of feet down.

CG132-12 Gas Generator Set

  • Specification Summary

  • Maximum Continuous Rating600 ekW
  • Fuel TypeNatural Gas, Biogas, Coal Gas
  • Maximum Electrical Efficiency42.0%
  • Maximum Standby Rating-
  • Frequency50/60Hz
  • Specification Sheet


Product Details

Gas Generator Sets Specification

Maximum Continuous Rating 600 ekW
Fuel Type Natural Gas, Biogas, Coal Gas
Maximum Electrical Efficiency 42.0%
Maximum Standby Rating -
Frequency 50/60Hz
rpm 1500/1800rpm

Engine Specification

Engine Model CG132
Bore 132.0 mm
Stroke 160.0 mm
Displacement 26.3 L
Aspiration TA

Generator Set Dimension

Length 3759.2 mm
Width 1490.0 mm
Height 2184.4 mm
Dry weight genset 6249.94 kg
  • Air Inlet
    •  Turbocharger for the CG132-8 with a water-cooled bearing case
    •  Two-element single-stage air cleaner with enclosure and service indicator
  • Control Panels
    •  TEM(Total Electronic Management)
  • Cooling
    •  Jacket water and SCAC thermostats
    •  Cat flanges on SCAC circuit
    •  Electrical jacket water and aftercooler coolant pump
    •  Flanged coolant outlet
  • Jacket water and SCAC thermostats
    • Cat flanges on SCAC circuit
      • Electrical jacket water and aftercooler coolant pump
        • Flanged coolant outlet
          • Exhaust
            •  Closed crankcase ventilation system
            •  PEARL/Low resistence exhaust system
          • Fuel system
            •  Electronic fuel metering valve
            •  Independently controlled cylinder monitoring and ignition system
            •  Pre-chamber spark plugs
          • Generator
            •  Reactive droop
            •  Bus bar connections
            •  Winding temperature detectors
            •  Anti-condensation space heater
            •  3-phase sensing and KVAR/PF control
          • Reactive droop
            • Bus bar connections
              • Winding temperature detectors
                • Anti-condensation space heater
                  • 3-phase sensing and KVAR/PF control
                    • Starting/Charging
                      •  24V starting motors
                      •  Battery disconnect switch
                    • General
                      •  Crankshaft vibration damper and guard
                    • Crankshaft vibration damper and guard
                      • Air Inlet
                        •  Mounting stand
                        •  Air cleaner with precleaner
                      • Mounting stand
                        • Air cleaner with precleaner
                          • Control Panels
                            • Cooling
                              •  CHP skid

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