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High Performance Propulsion Engines

Industry-leading technology allows Caterpillar to create the most reliable commercial engines for a variety of applications. From tugs and container vessels to yachts and sport fishers, Cat and MaK engines have demonstrated their efficiency countless times. With remarkable reliability and durability, these engines will exceed your expectations for decades.

C8.7 High Performance Propulsion Engine

The C8.7’s sophisticated fuel delivery system allows the use of a radial, belt-driven supercharger in addition to the conventional turbocharger; this feature eliminates smoke and reduces lugging, while delivering phenomenal low-end torque and impressive fuel economy. . FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies) Industrial’s advancements in second-generation common rail fuel injection systems paired with an innovative air management system allows the compact C8.7 to develop an impressive 650 mhp @ 2300 rpm while meeting EPA Tier 3 Commercial, EPA Tier 3 Recreational, IMO II, and EU Stage IIIA (EU IW) emissions standards.

  • Specification Summary

  • Power Range478
  • Speed Range2300 rpm
  • ConfigurationIn-line 6, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel
  • AspirationTSA
  • Bore117 mm

Product Details


Power Range 478


Speed Range 2300 rpm
Emissions EPA Tier 3 Recreational & Commercial, IMO II, EU Stage IIIA (EU IW)
Aspiration TSA
Bore 117 mm
Stroke 135 mm
Displacement 8.7 L
Rotation (from flywheel end) Counterclockwise
Configuration In-line 6, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel

Dimensions & Weights

Maximum Dry Weight 1041 kg
Minimum Length 1218 mm
Maximum Height 984 mm
Maximum Width 881 mm
    •  Supercharger, electronically controlled belt driven
    •  Air cleaner/fumes disposal (closed system)
    •  Turbochargers, jacket water cooled
    •  Aftercooler condensate drain
    •  Cold mode start strategy
    •  PWM secondary throttle
    •  Cold mode start strategy
    •  Electronic diagnostics and fault logging
    •  Engine and transmission monitoring (temperature, pressure)
    •  Electronic fuel/air ratio control
    •  Engine Protection Mode for extended ambient conditions
    •  Three types of throttle inputs (CAN, PWM, and 0-5V)
    •  70-pin customer connector
  • Cold mode start strategy
    • PWM secondary throttle
      • Cold mode start strategy
        • Electronic diagnostics and fault logging
          • Engine and transmission monitoring (temperature, pressure)
            • Electronic fuel/air ratio control
              • Engine Protection Mode for extended ambient conditions
                • Three types of throttle inputs (CAN, PWM, and 0-5V)
                  • 70-pin customer connector
                    • COOLING SYSTEM
                      •  Sea water pump, bronze impeller, gear driven, for HEX cooled engines only
                      •  Sea water aftercooled
                      •  Jacket water pump, belt driven
                      •  JW Heat Exchanger - Corrosion resistant shell and tube style
                      •  Fuel cooler
                      •  Expansion tank
                      •  Thermostat housing (fully open temp 95 C)
                      •  63mm hose bead raw water inlet
                      •  50 mm hose bead raw water oulet
                    • EXHAUST SYSTEM
                      •  Water-cooled exhaust manifold & turbocharger
                      •  90mm ID round flanged exhaust outlet
                    • FLYWHEELS & FLYWHEEL HOUSINGS
                      •  Flywheel Housing, SAE No. 1 - With M10 Threads
                      •  Flywheel, SAE 14, 149 teeth - With M12 Threads
                      •  SAE standard rotation
                    • Flywheel Housing, SAE No. 1 - With M10 Threads
                      • Flywheel, SAE 14, 149 teeth - With M12 Threads
                        • SAE standard rotation
                          • FUEL SYSTEM
                            •  High Pressure Common Rail fuel system
                            •  High pressure fuel system pump with integral low pressure fuel transfer pump
                            •  Primary fuel filter, remote mounted with integrated electric priming pump
                            •  Secondary fuel filter, Rear mounted for LH and RH Service
                          • LUBE SYSTEM
                            •  Crankcase breather, closed crankcase ventilation
                            •  Oil filter, cartridge style, Rear mounted for LH and RH service
                            •  Oil cooler
                            •  Oil pan, center sump
                            •  Oil pump, gear driven
                            •  Dipstick, RH service on Port, LH service on Starboard
                          • MOUNTING SYSTEM
                            •  Front and rear support brackets
                          • GENERAL
                            •  Front belt and damper guard
                            •  Lifting eyes
                            •  RH or LH service options
                            •  Upper front-facing customer wiring connector and Service Tool connection
                          • PROTECTION SYSTEM
                            •  Electronic Engine Monitoring System provides engine de-rate strategies to protect against adverse operating conditions
                          • PAINTS
                            •  Engines are painted Matterhorn white with pleasure craft finish includes epoxy primer with polyurethane topcoat. Fuel lines, water lines and clamps and wiring harness will be unpainted. Standard decals and informational films will be installed. Shipped loo
                          • CONTROL SYSTEM
                            •  Instrument Panels
                          • INSTRUMENTATION
                            •  Transmission Sensors
                          • MOUNTING SYSTEM
                            •  Vibration isolation mounting

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