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Diesel Generator Sets

Caterpillar and your local Cat® Dealer are ready for all your power generation demands. From diesel and gas generator sets to uninterruptible power supplies, automatic transfer switches and electrical switchgear, our experienced worldwide dealer network can deliver the power systems and support you need.

C32 Generator Set with Upgradeable Packaging

The C32 with the upgradeable packaging design has been developed for a wide range of applications, from emergency standby installations such as healthcare and datacenters to continuously powering remote installations. The packages can be optimized for performance to matters to you with either low emissions or low fuel consumption versions available. Backed by the worldwide network of Cat dealers ready to support your operation with technical support, service, parts, and warranty, Cat generator sets will provide the reliability and durability you expect.

  • Specification Summary

  • Minimum Rating910 kVA
  • Maximum Rating(1250 kVA
  • Voltage220 to 4160
  • Frequency50 Hz
  • Speed1500 RPM
  • Specification Sheet


Product Details

Generator Set Specifications

Minimum Rating 910 kVA
Maximum Rating (1250 kVA
Voltage 220 to 4160
Frequency 50 Hz
Speed 1500 RPM

Generator Set Configurations

Emissions/Fuel Strategy Low Fuel Consumption, Low Emissions

Engine Specifications

Engine Model C32 TA, V-12, 4-Stroke Water-Cooled Diesel
Bore 145 mm (5.71 in)
Displacement 32.1 L (1958.86 in<sup>3</sup>)
Stroke 162 mm (6.38 in)
Compression Ratio 15.0:1
Aspiration TA
Governor Type Adem™A4
Fuel System MEUI
  • Engine Options
    •  Radiator duct flange
    •  Dual element air cleaners
    •  Heavy duty air cleaners
    •  Muffler (industrial grade)
    •  Exhaust guards / shields
    •  Heavy duty electric starting motors
    •  Battery Charger (10A)
    •  Heavy Duty Batteries
    •  Jacket water heater
    •  Rubber anti-vibration mounts (90% efficient)
    •  Spring type anti-vibration mounts (95% efficient)
  • Radiator duct flange
    • Dual element air cleaners
      • Heavy duty air cleaners
        • Muffler (industrial grade)
          • Exhaust guards / shields
            • Heavy duty electric starting motors
              • Battery Charger (10A)
                • Heavy Duty Batteries
                  • Jacket water heater
                    • Rubber anti-vibration mounts (90% efficient)
                      • Spring type anti-vibration mounts (95% efficient)
                        • Control System
                          •  EMCP (4.2) (4.3) (4.4)
                          •  Local annunciator module
                          •  Remote annunciator module
                          •  Expansion I/O module
                          •  Remote monitoring software
                        • Generators
                          •  Temperature Rise over 40°C ambient: [ ] 150°C [ ] 125°C [ ] 105°C [ ] 80°C
                          •  Winding: [ ] Random [ ] Random with coastal insulation [ ] Form
                          •  Excitation: [ ] Permanent Magnet Excited (PM) [ ] Internally Excited (IE)
                          •  Anti-condensation heaters
                          •  Generator stator and bearing temperature monitoring & protection
                        • Power Termination
                          •  Circuit breaker, 100% Rated, UL Listed (fully rated)
                          •  Circuit breaker, IEC listed (fully rated)
                          •  Bus bars
                        • Extended Service Contract
                          •  2 Year Extended Service Contract (ESC)
                          •  3 Year Extended Service Contract (ESC)
                          •  5 Year Extended Service Contract (ESC)

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