Category: New Machines
Date: December 12, 2016

Our region is poised for development and hence newer projects are a constant reality. New projects often come with their own set of requirements, demanding newer equipment. At times expanding our fleet capabilities or replacing our current heavy equipment would be our agenda. In both scenarios, we decide to buy newer and efficient machine. Buying offers you the latest equipment, which often with higher efficiency, lower emissions and lesser fuel costs. There are few points to consider before we finalize the purchase decision.

Machine productivity – Consider the machine specifications thoroughly before deciding. Check the engine utilized and whether it is the kind, your project demands. It is recommended to talk to a product expert to understand the pros and cons of the machine for your particular job. Operator comfort is an important feature directly leading to increased productivity. Hence, it is an essential aspect to consider.

Equipment Management
– Technology now dominates most of our operations in day-to- day life. Our job sites are no different. It is always good to know the location and status of equipment, monitoring utilization, availability, and health of the machine. It also helps you effectively respond to repair and maintenance indicators. Consider the availability of such industry leading equipment management for the machine/s you plan to purchase.

Cost per hour calculations – ROI calculations are very essential to understand the profitability a new machine shall bring, if bought. It is good to have a 5 year and beyond utility plan for the machine. If you are planning to spend a lengthy amount of time on a variety of projects, you should consider purchasing your equipment, as there will be smaller recurring costs.

Support and services – Guaranteed uptime is crucial to the construction and manufacturing industry. Unscheduled downtimes can damper the overall project timelines and profits. Hence, it is essential to understand what are the after sales services are offered by the vendor.

Resale value – Although when you buy a machine, you do not immediate plan a resale, but it is advisable to consider the resale value. Good brands often guarantee an appropriate resale value.

Choose quality over price, it benefits in the end.Buying a new machine is always an opportunity for building your team equity while ensuring consistent access to quality machinery. Especially, if you have a backlog of work and know you can afford the investment, buying a new heavy machinery is always the best option for your long-term goals. Hence,once you decide to purchase the equipment, consider the above-mentioned points to make an informed decision.

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