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Today’s equipment is hydraulics-intensive. So more and more, the decisions machine owners make about their equipment’s hydraulics directly impact their bottom line. Cat® Dealers work with hydraulics every day, and have the products, services and expertise to help machine owners make decisions to:

  • Achieve maximum component life
  • Extend oil change intervals
  • Keep the hydraulic system running at peak efficiency
  • Cut service costs and unplanned downtime

Reference Material

Hose and Couplings

Understand the convenience and quality assurance offered through hose assembly service.

Cat® XT-3 ES & XT-6 ES hoses sets a new standard in hose performance.

Cat’s line of XT ES and Low/Medium pressure ToughGuard Hose provides increased resistance to abrasion.

Save up to 30% by using Cat XT Hose Reusable Couplings.

Cylinders and Rods

Learn how your dealership’s service team is the smart choice for resealing hydraulic cylinders.

Pumps and Motors

Learn about the benefits of hydraulic pump and motor services.


3PC Directional Control Valves.

Seals and O-Rings

There are many design advantages offered by Cat wiper, buffer, and U-cup seals. Learn more about these seals.

Cat Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits are designed to provide the exact seals you need for your application.

Cat O-rings are designed for maximum seal life in demanding applications.

System Management

Understand how to maximize hydraulic system efficiency, machine performance and minimize your operating costs.

Understand how your Cat dealer’s hydraulic support help maintain your fleet.

The Silent Thief

Comprehensive Hydraulic Services

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