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Engine Rebuild Kits – Machine

Engine Rebuild Kits – Machine

Precious Metals Engine Rebuild Kits, have everything you need to rebuild your machine. These kits provide easy-to-order, cost-effective kits that get you back to work fast. Choose the appropriate kit level, plus a variety of suggested options to obtain all the parts necessary to complete your engine rebuild.



The basic building block for all four levels, the Bronze Precious Metals Level includes all the parts necessary for a low-cost repair, and additional value-added components like rod bearings. It also includes components you might not think about replacing—such as fasteners, studs, bearings and thermostat—that could lead to costly failures and unplanned downtime if not replaced, and the required gaskets and seals to reassemble the engine (out-of-frame rebuild kit).



Building from the Bronze Level, a cost-effective option for a basic rebuild, the Silver Level includes:

  • new pistons
  • liners
  • wrist pins
  • rings
  • retainers
  • and a rod-less, unassembled cylinder pack


Building on the Bronze Level, a basic engine rebuild that gets you back to work quickly and affordably, the Gold Level includes: Cat Reman Cylinder Liner pack assemblies—pre-assembled with rods, pistons, rings and liners—saving four to six hours labor compared to Silver Level.


Platinm Kit

The Platinum Level is the most complete rebuild option; designed to maximize the built-in second and third life of your engine.
Prepackaged kits feature improved pricing and contain everything you need for a cost-effective repair solution so you will:

  • Get more for your money.
  • Quality Genuine Cat Engine Components.
  • Save time and effort.

Talk to Al Bahar about the Precious Metals Engine Rebuild Kit that’s right for your needs—and other equipment, parts and service solutions that can help you meet your productivity, performance and cost targets.

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For more information, visit http://parts.cat.com/rebuildkits.

For more detials contact your parts and service sales represintitive.

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