Introducing MY.CAT.COM – an online customer portal from Cat® that consolidates all of your equipment data in one place with one login — making it easy to access important information about your fleet anywhere you go.


My.Cat.Com gives you critical data on your equipment as well as the ability to assign tasks, check service records and schedule service appointments with Al-Bahar. It is the one place that you can go to review your fleet, gauge your parts requirement, review S.O.S. oil lab results, and check your status for parts and services, and more. It allows you to manage all that, and more, from one website, without having to call anybody.

This new portal offers a secure, convenient, online environment to manage your business through the purchase, operation, and support of your equipment—including owned and rented Cat machines, and other machine brands. It provides seamless access to,, Service Information System (SIS) and VisionLink® (VL). It is your one stop for all Caterpillar related business and support.

Save time, increase efficiency, and make smarter decisions with My.Cat.Com. The portal is one tool to simplify your business. And it’s available now!

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And access important fleet information from any location, at any time, on any device. There’s no charge to register. You don’t need any special software or training to get started. Just sign up for the portal and we’ll get you set up.


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What kind of info can I access? What if I have more than just Cat equipment? Find out the answers to these and other frequently asked questions.

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One place that you can go to review your fleet

Monitor performance Metrics

Machine health indicators

Assign tasks and notes to the assets

Connect to additional tools and resource

  • Check fluid analysis results and Assess S•O•S SM Services results
  • Check performed inspections on the machines by our PSSEs
  • Manage Planned Maintenance (PM) schedules and alerts
  • Manage Rental Equipment
  • Schedule preventative maintenance
  • Request dealer service
  • Track your service history
  • Review service historyt
  • Act on safety service letter indicators
  • See your warranty and Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) history

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    My.Cat.Com Training: Account Settings:

    My.Cat.Com Training: Adding an Asset

    My.Cat.Com Training: Planned Maintenance

    My.Cat.Com Training: Asset Views