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CAT Power Generators for Sale and Rent – Powered by Diesel and Gas

CAT Power Generators for Sale and Rent – Powered by Diesel and Gas

New Generators from Cat®

Power generators are a necessity for most business sectors and if you are looking for a permanent solution that suits your varying power needs, Al-Bahar is the right place to look for. As the authorized dealer for Cat Power solutions across five countries in the GCC, Al-Bahar offers Cat generator systems with load banks, switchgears and other related accessories, for a wide range of industries. We provide turnkey services covering all stages of the power systems projects including system installation, commissioning, training, field service, maintenance and repair.

Why Choose Us?

  • Both gas and diesel power generators available
  • Portable back-up generators and large power solutions
  • Generators offered with – warranty and guarantee
  • Expertise of serving various industries and power requirements
  • Unmatched product support services to support the product through the entire life of the product
  • Full-fledged facilities to support varied kind of service requirements
  • Technical support team to help you set up the installations and further support needs

We do everything possible to help your business run without any hurdles with reliable Cat Power generation solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about our generator products.

Used Generators from CAT

Diesel, gas, and electronic power generators are a crucial component for almost every successful business. We at, Al-Bahar, make sure that your processes remain unhindered by offering appropriate power supply for increased efficiency and improved output. Cat generators offer you highly competitive performance and assured reliability. With decades of experience as a Used Generator dealer, we provide customers with comprehensive solutions backed by technical expertise, experience and in-depth knowledge of local markets.

Why Choose Us?

  • Authorised Caterpillar dealer in the region
  • Unprecedented service track record
  • Availability of essential gear related to generator power system to help you eliminate operation delays on the site
  • Well-maintained used generators to meet the quality standards
  • Various models for cost effective power solutions to meet your every need
  • Unmatched support to identify and resolve problems seamlessly
  • Off-site inspection and extensive physical inspection allowed before purchase ensuring your satisfaction

With highly reliable and effective used power generator systems, we ensure that you have a quick solution for your immediate and long-term power needs.

Contact us today to speak to one of our power generator systems expert and learn how we can help you increase your business efficiency and productivity with the right generator product.

Cat Generator Rentals

At Al-Bahar, we offer highly efficient rental power generators. We deal with genuine Cat ® power solutions offering reliable rental power solutions. As an authorised dealer of Cat Power solutions, Al-Bahar has been in the Rental Power Service business since 1993, through our associate Oasis Construction Equipment Rental Company. Our range of equipment includes diesel, gas and electronic temporary power systems serving diverse businesses across the GCC. Our rental equipment collections offer Turnkey Rental Power Solutions and generators. We are equipped to rapidly deploy and provide temporary power plant solutions to deliver power.

Why Rent From Us

  • Availability: We provide a wide range of highly reliable and effective Caterpillar generators for your diverse needs, including High voltage/ Multi MW synchronized units. Our offerings also include varied accessories, such as distribution boards, load banks, bulk fuel tanks, and power cables along with gear that is necessary to operate the generators.
  • Expertise: Our qualified technicians are always there to help you with your system set up and any other support for that matter.
  • Flexibility: We offer on-site delivery with turnkey solutions to meet your short and long-term requirements.
  • Durability: Our Caterpillar diesel generator sets come with proven records.

We serve diverse Industry segments

Over the past few decades, we have served a wide variety of industries in different regions, and to name a few …

  • Power Generation Plants
  • Back-up Power
  • Remote Power
  • Construction
  • Telecom
  • Industrial Applications
  • Utilities
  • Marine services
  • Petroleum services
  • Events
  • Military services

We are equipped to fulfil a wide range of power generator requirements. If you require a power generator system for an immediate or long term task at the construction site, or any other sector for that matter, we make sure that you have the right rental service at the right time.

Call us today and let us know how we can help you find the right power generator for your business requirement or browse through our product page to see what might work best for you.


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