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Date: November 15, 2017

How to Enhance Operational Efficiency for Cat® Excavators

Operational efficiency plays a key role in helping construction site managers maintain the productivity levels required to produce profitable results. Regardless of machine age, there is always a need for proper maintenance that can ensure optimal operational efficiency. Need for Maintenance is always a bit higher for old / used equipment compared to brand new equipment. Irrespective of new or used machinery, ensuring the machine’s parameters, will help the equipment to deliver the expected performance standards.

Check for Fuel Efficiency:

Checking for fuel efficiency is one of the most important aspects of overall maintenance. Cat Excavators require fuel efficiency test including extensive inspections for air cleaner, engine oil, hydraulic oil, grease fittings, and lower engine RPM. Each component plays an important role in maintaining the overall health of the excavator, enabling better performance at the job-site delivering the desired results.

Avoid Missing Scheduled Maintenance:

Vehicle Telematics is yet another effective aspect to keep track of your machines performance in relation to its health on a regular basis. The scheduled maintenance should include inspection of hose condition, seat belt, vehicle lights, tires, tracks, gauges and horns, alarm and back-up lights, engine oil, brakes, transmission, brake and cooling system fluids, connectors and coupling devices, exhaust systems, vehicle steering, power cables, attachments, ladders and hand grabs.

Scheduled maintenance for Cat Excavators allows you to monitor the safety of the equipment and its reliability. It focuses on examining every component of the machinery to analyze the safety of operation. A specialized expert who not only understands the machinery, but also has the ability to dig out the inner most faults, must perform most of the safety and maintenance inspection tasks.

Conduct Pre-work Examination:

Scheduled maintenance should not be the only way of inspecting the excavator; you need to ensure safe use of equipment before every operation. Hence, it is ideal to inspect the excavator for safe use, before using your excavators at the job-site. This should include the inspection of tires, brakes, oil, hydraulics and seat belt, etc. A specialized expert in equipment maintenance would be able to help examine machinery on site before it is used for specified site tasks.

Invest in heavy equipment inspection to avoid unplanned project delays that can ultimately affect profitability. Paying close attention to maintenance can help you eradicate the possibility of machinery problems that usually hinder the site progress.

To conclude, regular maintenance and attention to detail can help you save your machinery from depreciating before its time, and deliver the efficiency that is required from it for certain site tasks. If you do not have the right expertise in-house for maintenance check, then make sure that you have the right expert from the manufacturer to check things out for you.

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