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Date: July 14, 2017

CCu-Blog 13.1

During the past few years, the economy has significantly influenced the ownership of construction equipment. Many construction site owners and construction equipment owners have decided to switch from investing in new equipment to purchasing used construction equipment that promises durability. If you are looking to buy used construction equipment in the Middle East, there are a couple of things you need to check, to determine if it is the right purchase. This article highlights a 4-step process for determining whether used construction equipment is worth the purchase or you need to reconsider your decision.

  1. Engine: If you can’t test it, better rethink
    Many construction equipment sellers may try to influence your purchase decision; obviously, they will say only good things that can help them make a sale. However, you need to make sure that you are satisfied with the equipment’s current condition. When buying used construction equipment for your site, always make sure that it has an up and running engine. It should be able to operate without any glitch; if it takes more than the usual time to start, it could be an indicator of an internal flaw.
  2. Machines Fluids: Signs of Leakage
    Fuel leakage is a complicated problem that can make your equipment a liability for your business. Used construction equipment from an unreliable seller may have a high possibility of fuel leakage. Before sealing the deal with your seller, make sure that you have checked the trouble points that may have fuel leakage.
  3. Equipment Noise: Breaks and Machine start/restart
    Over time, heavy machinery can develop trouble areas that may produce noise or sounds that can highlight an internal error. While inspecting the equipment in action, look out for abnormal noises and investigate them to understand the cause. At times, the noise can indicate a minor flaw in the machine’s internal hardware, which can be easily fixed through repair and maintenance. Ask your seller if the noises have persisted in the past couple of years, and what causes have been determined before investing.
  4. Signs of Bad Maintenance
    Before making an investment in used construction equipment, always check for the signs that indicate bad maintenance. Check the following:
    • Check for possible damages to the exterior and attachments of the equipment.
    • Make sure that the moving parts of the equipment, such as shafts, belts, and gears are properly guarded.
    • Make sure that specific equipment parts are attached according to the manufacturer’s
    • Check the front-panel for any error indicators.
    • Make sure that the equipment display and gauges function properly, while the machine is in motion.

Your evaluation of the used construction equipment should include an extensive analysis of the machinery in motion. Do not ever purchase used construction equipment if you have not tested it by yourself. If you are not capable of investigating the intricate details of the machinery, make sure to involve an expert along to help you through the purchase process. Used equipment can last for years with durability and reliability if you buy the right machine and pay required attention to its repair and maintenance. So, analyze the functionality and the features of the machinery thoroughly before making it a part of your construction site equipment.