Global Dealer Technician Challenge 

Heroes of the Trade – Global Dealer Technician Challenge  

As the region’s authorized dealer of Cat® Products and Services, Al-Bahar is pleased to launch the 2024-2026 Global Dealer Technician Challenge (GDTC) hosted by Caterpillar, titled ‘Heroes of the Trade’.  

Enhancing technician retention and engagement by recognizing and rewarding dealer technicians being the goal, this initiative further supports our Service Elite program (Technicians Incentive Program), which recognizestechnicians for their exceptional performance in the aspects of Quality, Safety, Standard Jobs, Cat Inspect, Contamination Control, Tools & Vehicle Assessment. 

In this hands-on, skills-based competition, our technicians will be tested on their agility, resilience, and versatility in real-world scenarios against fellow technicians globally. The assessment will have its focus on Troubleshooting, Diagnostics, Repair, and Maintenance of Machines’ Powertrains, Engines, Engine Emission Systems, Brake & Steering, Machine Electronics, Hydraulics, Reuse & Salvage/ After Failure Analysis (AFA), Customer Experience, and Service Reporting. 

The selection process for identifying the top 2 contenders from Al-Bahar will be completed by the end of June 2024, with adherence to the below steps: 

  1. Assigning Knowledge Evaluations for all Technicians with Scores and Coaching Reports forwarded to the Selection Team.  
  2. Assigning Additional online Programs on Service Reporting and Customer Experience. 
  3. The Committee’s selection of Top Contenders based on Competency, Highest Scores on Knowledge Assessment, and Performance on New Online Courses. 
  4. 4 Days of Hands-On Physical Assessments on the Machines that cover different types of systems.  

There will be three (3) rounds, culminating in a global final where one competitor will be crowned the first Global Dealer Top Technician! 

With 9 CAT Certified Machine Technicians (CCMT) already chosen from four Branches for their commendable readiness to compete for the Top 2 spots in the Regional Qualifier Challenge, we further have more technicians lined up to be fit for the same as they currently undergo the certification.  

Your Support Matters!  

Our Technicians’ participation and success deserve to be cheered for and supported as it is an opportunity to have their talent spotlighted while also bringing a testament to the global reputation of Al-Bahar Regional Training Center (RTC) and Technician Career Development Program (TCDP).  This is another opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to excellence and to foster a culture of continuous improvement and serving our customers better.

You will soon find the latest news and other details based on the Global Dealer Technician Challenge across all our social media channels. 

Stay tuned for more updates to show support to our participants at the CAT Regional    Event!