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Date: July 16, 2019

Did you know that for projects big and small alike, fuel could account for up to 30% 1 of their expenditure? Fuel continues to be one of the biggest expenses for contractors and other construction equipment owners. Many site operators neglect the fact that fuel efficiency can be a huge step towards cost savings on an annual basis. In order to enable construction equipment operators to work towards better fuel efficiency, it is important that they are educated and trained in the subject. This blog offers quick and easy tips that can help you save money on fuel and spend it on other important site tasks.

Understand How to operate the Machines Optimally

The way an administrator runs a machine tremendously affects the fuel consumption rate. For instance, an administrator keeping up a forceful truck-stacking cycle of 20 seconds or less can make the machine consume 60% to 80% more fuel than a similar machine working at a more direct pace, for example, 30 seconds for every cycle. You’ll need to complete a cost/advantage examination to decide if shorter process durations are healthier for the fuel efficiency.

Understand the Machine Operation

The type of work the machine performs is an essential factor when it comes to fuel efficiency. In a load- and-convey operation, a loader may consume 60% to 100% more fuel than a similar machine performing a stacking operation. So, the machine operator needs to understand the operation for each task in order to save fuel with each operation.

Control the Machine Operation Time

The level of time a machine stays running can essentially affect the fuel consumption rate. A medium wheel loader regularly consumes not as much as a gallon for each hour when left idle. Then again, a 980K working consistently in a load-convey operation may take 12 gallons of fuel for each hour.

Invest in Equipment that is built for Fuel Efficiency

Construction equipment, like Cat® machinery, are designed to be sustainable and fuel efficient. It’s about making the most of everything in your toolkit – leveraging the latest technology to make your fuel work for you. In order to ensure that you save tremendous fuel with your construction fleet, carefully invest in machinery that are designed to be fuel-efficient. Here are some of the features of fuel-efficient machinery:

  • Eco or economy modes that oversee motor speed and fuel utilization
  • Motor idle time administration
  • Auto-shutdown features (where machine shuts off after an interval if left idle)
  • Auto analysis of fuel efficiency (some machines offer insights regarding the fuel usage to help operators monitor how much is used in a particular loading task)

An authorized Cat dealer like Al-Bahar can help you pick machines that are designed to be fuel-efficient. In addition, we can also help you implement the best practices that can ensure fuel efficiency and reduced costs I the long run. So before you invest in construction equipment, make sure to talk to us.

Final thoughts: Fuel efficiency depends heavily on the type of equipment used and the type of task it is being used for. In order to achieve maximum fuel efficiency, make sure you invest in the right equipment and then train your equipment operators so they understand the best practices that contribute towards fuel savings.