Minimized Risks. Maximized Results.

Now protect your business and equipment with the Cat® Performance Customer Value Agreement (CVA). With the inclusion of prompt dealer-performed maintenance, the Performance CVA currently offers 30% Support on Injectors and Turbochargers.

The best part?

You can enjoy all benefits of this package regardless of how long you have owned your Cat Machine!

  • Service Interval Tracking and Proactive Scheduling
  • Genuine Cat PM Parts, delivered on time to your location
  • Genuine Cat Fluids
  • Trained Dealer Labor
  • Special labor rates
  • Easy Access to Asset Information via Machine Alerts and Cat App
  • Condition monitoring through:
    • Scheduled oil sampling
    • Machines inspections

The turbocharger being an integral part of your engine, affects fuel economy, power, and emissions. Its failure equates to problems that cost you a substantial amount of time and money while trying to resolve it all. Hence, it’s essential to protect this part of your machine.  The Cat® Performance Customer Value Agreement (CVA) covers the cost of your turbo and favors your bottom line with no unexpected costs.

A defective injector can significantly lead to poor machine performance, hiked fuel consumption, decreased horsepower, and oil degradation, further resulting in a loss of efficiency, productivity, and uptime, costing you a fortune. The new Cat Performance Customer Value Agreement offers best-in-class filters and fluids that protect your injectors for up to 45% longer life. And when it’s time to change the injector, the part cost gets covered, while our expert technicians replace it.

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