Your Ultimate Guide to Repairs & Maintenance  

No more hunting for DIY Videos or running to the neighbor for help with machine maintenance and repairs. If you have got the will to do them on your own, we are here to guide you through it all. 

Cat® SIS2GO is here to simplify your maintenance tasks and keep your equipment running smooth as ever. What it gives you access to is a vast library of manuals tailored to your specific machinery. Whether you are an expert technician or a novel operator, our user-friendly interface makes it extremely convenient to find all the information you need, right at the time you need it.  

Here’s what makes Cat® SIS2GO your go-to app for maintenance:  

  • Comprehensive Guides:  
  • Customized Resource Availability 
  • Troubleshooting Assistance  
  • Step-by-step Repair Procedures 
  • Online and Offline Mobile Accessibility  

Downloadable from all app stores, SIS2GO lets you understand and perform maintenance the easiest way.  

Add more value to your user experience using SIS2GO:  

  • Bringing all service, operation, and maintenance information into an efficient, intuitive, and device-agnostic application. 
  • Quickly find the right part, while servicing equipment in the field with integrated 3D models for part search. 
  • Built-in security protocols to ensure only authorized users have access. 
  • Use service notes to capture repair information as you complete the repair and compile a report with all the repair information included. 
  • Technicians can download updates and new SIS content for the equipment they’re servicing. 
  • Available on Windows, Android, and iOS and while eliminating the need for a laptop. 


Don’t let repair tasks slow you down! 

Download SIS2GO today and take the hassle off your machine maintenance.  

Repair before Failure

The cost of a repair or rebuild will increase if you wait until the component breaks. You will have to pay for lost production and repair costs, which will negatively affect your bottom line. Choose repair before failure. Gain maximum life by taking advantage of the reusability built in, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them new.

Why Choose Al-Bahar for your Repairs?

  • Cutting-edge facilities equipped with the latest diagnostic tools
  • Ensures thorough inspections and efficient repair processes
  • Highly experienced technicians focusing on precision and reliability
  • Component Rebuild Centres across five countries in the Middle East
  • Incorporation of top-notch parts that ensure optimal performance

Whether your engine needs a total tuning up or your transmission calls for more attention to detail, you can count on us anytime to revitalize it all.
Go ahead and make use of this limited time deal – Your machines deserve nothing short of best.