Maximizing efficiency at lower ownership costs does not have to be complex.


Setting the industry benchmark for heavy duty diesel and gas engines, the Cat® 3500 Series has been serving its scope in multiple spheres.


Rooted in about 30 years of industry prominence, these engines are available in a broad spectrum of configurations with power capacities ranging from 1000 kVA up to 3500 kVA. The Cat® 3500 series engines have been supplying vital power to various industries including EPG, Oil & Gas, Marine Industrial, etc. building reputation as a dependable power source. With lowered emissions and fuel control, the entire 3500 Series is built to tackle your most crucial needs with such uncompromised quality of performance.



Reliability: With quick-start features designed to take up full electrical block loads to avoid power outages, they undergo regular inspections and tests as per the Caterpillar® standards to keep the quality intact.


Flexibility: The 3500 Engines are optimized to maximise power density, fuel efficiency and minimize emissions adapting to your requirements cost effectively.


Minimal Maintenance: Longer Oil-change intervals and flexible power systems limit downtime to a major extent, paving the way to minimal maintenance.


Expert Support: Availability of genuine parts along with extended service coverage plans form an integral part of your power investment.


Explore our Premium Series which offers a wide range of high-performance engines for various applications, meeting the growing demand for sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.


Here’s a new choice for your business with smarter goals met!