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UAE, Feb 2018

Al-Bahar recently delivered the first unit of PM620 Cold Planer in the Middle East, to The Kingdom Asphalt Company at Bahrain. The machine represents a new presence for Caterpillar in this segment.

Established in 1949, The Kingdom Group were the first to bring Interlock paving bricks to Bahrain, and are at the forefront of ready mix, building blocks, asphalt, sand washing & dredging solutions. They are a leading company in the construction business in Bahrain and are incessantly seeking state-of-art machinery to upshot rivalry. This is substantiated by the company’s commitment to acquiring the latest technology machinery, proved by their latest announcement to launch, a first of its kind in the region, a fully automated AAC blocks plant and acquiring the Cat PM620.

The first Cat PM620, for the region, was bought by The Kingdom Asphalt division. They are primarily involved in road maintenance contracts with the Ministry of Public Works. The division currently owns and uses a small milling machine with 0.9 m cutting width capability, but they required a bigger and productive machine, which will be more suitable for their needs and much faster to complete the jobs with less passes. That is when the decision to invest in a Cat PM620, was made.

“We went with Caterpillar because we were looking for a highly productive machine,” said the spokesperson, The Kingdom Group. Cat PM620 with its 2.0 m cutting width capability was an excellent fit for the needs especially for busy roads, which are milled only during night shifts. Cat PM620 ensured that the job was accomplished faster, ensuring no road blockages.

Some of the features, considered by The Kingdom Group before the purchase, included – operating controls at all corners of machine, ease of operation with automated functions, high visibility for operator, along with accuracy and precision offered by the equipment. “For us, ease of use was crucial since it led to high productivity, hence some features offered by Cat PM620 were highly beneficial, as they were essential to accomplish specific tasks of our projects,” added the spokesperson.

On the other hand, efficient operation also comes from more than just the planer’s automated systems. Efficiency plays a vital role when it comes to productivity and profitability. “The PM620 cold planer, incorporates various advancements,” said Ali Abu Hirra, Products Specialist – Paving, Al-Bahar. “To mention a few we have a powerful machine equipped with Cat C18 ACERT engine, delivering 630 hp. The robust propel system features two propel pumps and two propel circuits enabling efficient operations.”


Talking of technology inclusions in the equipment, the PM620 is equipped with the Cat Grade Control system that works seamlessly to provide maximum cutting precision and accuracy. The equipment is also equipped with Automatic Load Control that senses load changes on the rotor system load and adjusts propel speed to prevent stalls and optimize production.

Cat Connect solutions with the machine are also an added advantage, offering accurate, timely and useful information about the location, utilization and condition of equipment, such as idle time versus work time, right from one’s computer.

Ease of operation

“Cat PM620 is a fast and easy to manoeuvre machine making it highly efficient, positively affecting our profitability.” Features like – comfortably positioned controls and Lockable covers provide protection from vandalism and ease of use. The Large, backlit keypads visible in all light conditions have durable design, which is tested to 1 million cycles. Additionally features like Inboard Ski fitted with position-sensing hydraulic cylinders for precise operation and high capacity material removal system through durable collecting and discharge conveyors, make PM620 the ideal choice for road construction and maintenance jobs.

Stating reasons on why The Kingdom Group choose, Cat PM620 Cold Planer over others in the market, Ali added, “In addition to an outstanding product, the extensive product support capability and after sales support, offered by Al-Bahar, were the reasons why Cat PM620 Cold Planer was chosen among the competition”. Commenting on product highlights for PM620, Ali commented, “PM620 outshines competition with features like…

– High production 2.0 m rotor equipped with 178 cutting bits which are held in exclusive conical quick-release tool holders
– Powerful drive train and Automatic Load Control maximizes cutting efficiency
– Dual operator control consoles allows operator to choose best line of site

In conclusion, the new Cat PM620 is a high production machine, designed to deliver precision and efficiency. The lowered operating costs and increased productivity, paired with Cat reliability and the superior support from Al-Bahar assures immediate payoff for contractors. To know more about PM620,
visit – https://www.albahar.com/products/new/machines/details/cold-planers/pm620/current/33/1000005581/406/418/283