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Powered by the Cat® C4.4 engine that emits at levels equivalent to E.U. Stage IIIA emission standards, the Cat TH414C, TH417C and TH514C telehandlers incorporate innovative features that increase ease of operation, versatility, production capacity and serviceability. Maximum lift height for the new models ranges from 13.70 to 17.00 m (45 to 57 ft.), and maximum load capacities range from 3,700 to 4,999 kg (8,175 to 11,000 lb.). The new models feature a long wheelbase, low center of gravity, and compact turning radius—features that provide a stable, secure ride and precise maneuvering on rough-terrain job sites.

The C4.4 engine is available with two power ratings, 74.5 or 93.1 kW (100 or 124 hp), depending on the application, ensuring optimum power and fuel economy in all operating situations.

New transmissions, controls, hydraulics

C-Series models with the lower power rating use a new 4F/3R power-shift transmission, which provides a maximum road speed of 30 km/h (18.7 mph). Models with higher rated power are fitted with a 6F/3R power-shift transmission that increase maximum speed to 40 km/h (24.8 mph). The new transmissions feature an oil supply separate from the hydraulic system to maintain oil quality and to ensure component longevity for both systems. An integral torque converter assists in providing smooth, manageable travel on rutted sites. The precise engine/transmission match in C-Series models results in greater fuel efficiency and reduced ownership costs.

For added operator convenience, transmission controls are conveniently grouped on the single-lever joystick at the operator’s right hand. This electro-hydraulic joystick also controls all hydraulic functions, ensuring that operation of C-Series machines is intuitive and effortless. The control system allows proportional and simultaneous boom functions, as well as control of auxiliary functions. The well-designed controller helps facilitate a reduction in operator fatigue and an increased productivity.

C-Series models also features new torque-regulated, load-sensing hydraulic pumps, which enhance productivity by providing fast, precise hydraulic response at lower engine speeds, facilitating material placement and quick cycles. Also, the new pumps significantly reduce overall load on the engine and hydraulic system, saving fuel, lengthening component life, and reducing sound levels.

Operator environment, serviceability, versatility

Cat C-Series models are noted for their spacious, comfortable cabs that feature intuitive controls, which include three-mode steering, permitting the operator to precisely position the machine for job-site efficiency and safety. Strategically placed hand-holds and steps are designed to provide safe, convenient cab entry and exit, and the operator is protected with an enclosed roll-over protective structure.

To reduce routine maintenance and overall operating costs, the new models feature 500-hour engine-oil change intervals, maintenance-free drive shafts, and grouped grease fittings for the rear-axle cradle and compensating cylinder. All filters are easily accessible, and a service menu is available via the keypad and LCD monitor.

For optimum utilization, the new C-Series models can handle a wide range of Cat work tools via the standard Integrated-Tool-Carrier coupler, and an optional hydraulic coupler allows the operator to change non-powered work tools from the comfort and safety of the cab. Options include tow hitches, intelligent boom control, and trailer braking.

Machine Specifications

TH414C TH417C TH514C
Operating weight, kg (lb.) 10 205 (22,696) 12 440 (27,425) 11 290 (24,890)
Rated load capacity, kg (lb.) 3 700 (8,157) 4 000 (8,818) 4 999 (11,000)
Max. lift height, mm (ft.) 13 700 (45) 17 300 (56.75) 13 700 (45)
Load at max. height, kg (lb.) 3 000 (6,613) 3 000 (6,613) 3 500 (7,716)
Max. forward reach, mm (ft) 9 225 (30.25) 12 700 (41.7) 9 225 (30.25)
Load at max. reach, kg (lb.) 1 150 (2,535) 500 (1,100) 500 (1,100)