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The German-designed Cat® M300D Series Wheel Excavator models have earned a worldwide reputation for reliable performance, long-term durability, versatility, fuel efficiency, and low operating costs. The new M315D2 and M317D2, with operating weights of 15 and 17 metric tons (with heavy counterweight), build on these strengths with design refinements that include added operator comfort, improved visibility, production-enhancing features (such as the SmartBoom™), and time-saving serviceability features.

Operator environment

New for the M315D2 and M317D2 is an operator’s station that adds increased comfort and visibility, while maintaining the same sound levels, ample size, and ergonomic layout of controls. Two available seats, all fully adjustable and with lumbar support and weight compensation, add to operator comfort, as does the automatic climate control and filtered-air ventilation.

A large easy-to-read color LCD monitor keeps the operator informed of machine condition (in the local language), and the monitor’s easy-to-navigate menus include an optional tool-select feature that allows pre-setting parameters for up to ten hydraulic attachments, speeding tool changes. Joystick steering, available for the M315D2, allows the operator to keep both hands on the control levers when simultaneously engaging implements and positioning the machine.

The new models provide enhanced visibility with a standard rearview camera (displayed on the monitor), a new windshield, and a larger skylight that allows convenient upward visibility in such applications as truck loading. Adding to overall visibility are halogen working lights, a rain protector, and wipers that cover the entire windshield, the upper section of which can be easily released and stored overhead. Handrails and anti-skid steps ensure safe, convenient cab ingress/egress.

Attachment versatility

The fundamental versatility of Cat Wheeled Excavators—whether the machines are employed in road-construction, sewer-and-water, or building-construction applications—contributes significantly to customer success.

Versatility begins with a choice of two boom and four stick options. The One-Piece boom allows for substantial reach and digging depth and is well-suited for most excavating and truck-loading applications. The Variable Adjustable (VA) Boom is designed for use when the machine frequently works in tight quarters or lifts heavy loads; added benefits of the VA Boom include improved right-side visibility and enhanced machine balance during travel. The SmartBoom™ option for the new models reduces stress on linkage components in applications such as rock scrapping, hammer work, and truck loading.

The M315D2 and M317D2, with top speeds of 37 and 34 kph (21 and 23 mph), respectively, reduce the time and cost associated with moving from site to site, as well as with moving material within the site. Available Ride Control (M315D2), which uses accumulators to dampen machine bouncing during travel, allows fast, safe, comfortable speeds on varied surfaces.

The new models are adept at working on both dirt and prepared surfaces, and both can be equipped with a blade for dozing applications and/or outriggers for increased stability. Also, the M315D2 and M317D2 gain expanded versatility with available couplers and a range of work tools, including specialized buckets, hammers, grapples, and vibratory plate compactors.

Serviceability, machine management

The M315D2 and M317D2, designed for easy routine maintenance, feature safe, ground-level access to all daily service points, which are centralized to reduce downtimes. Grease points are grouped and accessible for hard-to-reach locations, and two large storage boxes allow tools and supplies to be kept close at hand. The new models also reduce costs with an extended-interval maintenance schedule.

The M315D2 and M317D2 also incorporate a redesigned, high-capacity fuel-filtration system that functions in conjunction with a water separator to allow working at optimum performance in areas with lesser fuel quality. In addition, a time-saving refueling pump is available.

The new models also can be equipped with the Cat Product Link™ system, which is deeply integrated into machine systems and provides timely information—such as machine location, operating hours, working time versus idle time, fuel usage, diagnostic fault codes, security alerts, and maintenance reminders—to assist with efficient management of equipment assets. The powerful, web-based VisionLink® application allows viewing information for all fleet assets. Another asset-management tool, the available Cat Machine Security System, uses special keys with an electronic chip to control machine usage.

Machine Specifications

M315D2 M317D2
Engine Cat C4.4 Cat C4.4
Net power, hp (kW) ISO 14396 139 (102) 147 (108)
Operating weight, max. (lb/kg) 29,700-33,300 (13,500 – 15,200) 33,731-38,581 (15300-17500)
Max. dig depth, ft. (mm) 19 (5 750) 19.9 (6 070)
Max. bucket capacity, yd³ (m³) 1.20/0.9 (0.76m^3) 1.65/1.26 (0.91m^3)
Max. speed, mph (kph) 23 (37) 21 (34)