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Contractors who are looking for a rugged, reliable dozer with cost-reducing features like fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance, can find it in the new Cat® D6R. With a strong Cat C9 engine, this versatile new machine handles jobs from pioneering duties in land clearing to heavy dozing/ripping to fine grading duties on construction, road and industrial development sites, to landfill service duties in waste disposal sites. The D6R features a tough power-shift transmission, differential steering, heavy-duty undercarriage, comfortable cab with intuitive low-effort controls and a range of blade types.

Building on components and features that have given Cat Track-Type Tractors a global reputation for quality and long life, the D6R is certified to China’s Stage 2 (GB 20891-2007) emissions compliance. Engine emissions are within EPA Tier 2/EU Stage II regulation limits. The C9 engine, with Cat’s exclusive ACERT™ technology, also delivers exceptional fuel efficiency.

With a standard operating weight of 18 700 kg (41,000 lb), the D6R is rated at 130 kW (175 hp) with standard undercarriage, and 145 kW (195 hp) with either the low-ground-pressure (LGP) or extended-length (XL) undercarriage.

For efficient, reliable engine cooling in high ambient temperatures, the D6R uses the Cat Next Generation Modular Radiator, which incorporates individual copper-nickel cores that are extremely durable, allow effective two-pass cooling and are easy to service.

Durable drive train

The D6R’s engine drives a Cat torque divider that is coupled with a planetary power-shift transmission. The torque divider provides added efficiency by transferring 30 percent of the engine’s power directly to the drive train, while the remainder is transferred through the torque converter. This design—combined with the transmission’s heavy-duty gearing, mechanical controls and large-diameter clutches—delivers steady power with unmatched dependability.

The D6R’s durable, field-proven differential-steering system allows full power to both tracks in turns, allowing precise steering with maximum material retention for increased productivity. Because the system allows the tracks to turn at different speeds with full power, the operator can easily maintain straight-line travel when benching or working across slopes. The system uses robust planetary gearing and a strong hydraulic motor for steering control.

Overall, differential steering delivers more available horsepower to the tracks than competitive mechanical steering designs. Power is transferred to the tracks via the D6R’s elevated sprockets, which are driven by heavy-duty planetary final drives. The elevated position of the final drives isolates them from shock loads and reduces material packing in the sprockets.

Strong, long-lasting undercarriage

The D6R is available with five undercarriage choices: Heavy Duty undercarriage in Standard; LGP; XL configurations; and SystemOneTM as an option for the LGP and XL configurations. The Standard configuration is suited to aggressive applications, including forestry and working in rocky or uneven terrain; the XL uses a longer roller frame and added track, placed toward the front of the machine, for optimum balance in general earthmoving to finish-grading applications; and the LGP, with a wider track gauge, wider track shoes and more track-on-ground performs efficiently in soft or swamp-like ground conditions.

As all track rollers and idlers are lifetime lubricated, internal components can be reused with the option to either rebuild or re-shell to help drive lower operating costs.

The Standard, LGP and XL configurations feature sealed-and-lubricated track chains, heavy-duty rollers, heavy-duty idlers, tubular roller frames and Cat Tough-Steel™ sprockets. D6R undercarriages deliver durable performance in severe operating conditions, significantly reducing operating costs by extending track-chain life with an allowable pin-and-bushing turn at mid-life.

The SystemOne undercarriage option further extends undercarriage life and reduces operating costs in many applications. Its balanced design allows the undercarriage to wear as a system and eliminates both pin-and-bushing turns and sprocket replacement. SystemOne track links are assembled with cartridge-style pin-and-bushing assemblies, which feature proprietary life-time seals, synthetic oil and a retention system that eliminates endplay. Sealed rollers use tall flanges for excellent track guidance, especially in side-slope applications.

Blade choices for the D6R include semi-universal, straight and angle types, all using proprietary Cat high-density steel for long life and durability. Push arms, with an “L” shape design, bring the blade close to the machine for excellent blade penetration and machine balance. A fixed-parallelogram ripper is available, as is a counterweight for use in applications not requiring ripper or a winch.

Operator station, grade-control and serviceability

The D6R has a comfortable, quiet, pressurized cab that features the Cat Comfort Series Seat and pilot-operated, low-effort controls. Ergonomically designed handles for the blade and ripper reduce operator effort and fatigue, and the tiller-type steering bar also incorporates speed controls and provides a single operator control for all direction and speed selection. Standard heating and air conditioning keep operators comfortable in all operating conditions, and the D6R’s tapered hood and notched fuel tank provide excellent front and rear visibility. Large side windows allow clear views to the sides and to the blade.

The pilot-operated controls allow equipping the D6R with optional grade-control systems, including the Cat AccuGradeTM laser, UTS (Universal Tracking System) and GPS (Global Positioning System) configurations. These systems allow operators to attain more-precise grades with fewer passes—thus saving fuel and machine wear—and also allow operating without conventional grade stakes, providing further cost savings and greater on-site safety.

The D6R also is available with the optional Product Link system. Product Link is a factory installed or easily retrofitted wireless system that simplifies equipment fleet tracking. Using satellite or cellular technology, it automatically reports key machine parameters such as location, machine hours, active and logged service codes and security alarms. (Note that Product Link licensing may not be available in all areas.)

Performing routine maintenance on the D6R can be accomplished quickly and safely. The machine’s design permits easy access to sight-gauges, filters and fluid sampling ports. Also, extended service intervals reduce both maintenance costs and downtime, with 500-hour intervals for engine-oil and filter, primary and secondary fuel filters and for the hydraulic-system filter. Hydraulic-oil change interval is 3,000 hours.

The D6R features Caterpillar’s hallmark in rebuild-ability incorporated in machine design that demonstrates a high sustainability element over the whole life ownership experience. Designed to be re-built, the D6R will deliver a dependable service over a long service life at low operating costs.

For more information about the D6R, customers should contact their local Cat dealer or visit www.cat.com.