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The new Cat®D6K2 Track-Type Tractor delivers superior finish grading performance and improved fuel efficiency. The new Stable Blade Control feature utilizes technology that complements operator blade control input to achieve finish grades faster and with less operator effort. Eco Modes, both forward and reverse, improve fuel economy and lower operating costs. The D6K2 also features hydrostatic drive with Traction Control, which reduces track slip at maximum load. New wider blades allow more ground to be covered in one pass and provide as much as 8 percent productivity improvement in slot dozing applications. New manual adjustable pitch allows the operator to control blade pitch fore/aft for maximum productivity in various material conditions.

The D6K2 replaces the D6K. It uses the powerful Cat C7.1 ACERT™ engine configured to meet exhaust emissions standards equivalent to E.U. Stage IIIA and U.S. EPA Tier 3. The engine produces net power of 97 kW (130 hp) at 2,200 rpm, and it is turbocharged and aftercooled for responsive power and efficient fuel use. The new fuel system provides a higher filtration capacity and flow rate for increased durability.

The D6K2 blends these new features with the field-proven design of its K Family predecessors, a design that includes single-lever travel/steering control, single-lever blade control, spacious operator station and the heavy duty Cat Sealed-and-Lubricated Track or Cat SystemOne™ undercarriage for lowest undercarriage cost per hour. The D6K2 is optimized for finish grading with the addition of a second carrier roller and eighth track roller, which deliver a smoother ride and better finish grading capabilities at a higher speed.

Efficient and productive

Stable Blade Control supplements the operator’s blade-control input, helping to reduce operator effort and fatigue, while increasing productivity in finish grading applications. The Stable Blade Control feature remains activated unless cancelled by the operator. For even greater productivity, the blade pitch adjustment design has been simplified to allow the operator to adjust blade pitch, for example, selecting a more aggressive setting for hard blade loading or pitching the blade rearward for more blade carry capacity. New, wider VPAT blades (both standard and foldable versions) can boost productivity as much as 8 percent.

The new Eco Mode system for the D6K2 can improve fuel economy by as much as 18 percent by reducing engine speed when maximum rpm is not required. Eco Mode has two settings— Forward/Reverse or Reverse Only—that are selected via the rotary throttle. Once set, Eco Mode automatically maintains engine speed at optimal levels, rapidly delivering maximum engine speed and power when required.

Traction Control is an operator activated system that reduces track slippage under heavy load by sensing and controlling track speed, resulting in fewer situations where the operator must lift the blade to prevent track slip. The benefits include higher production, less undercarriage wear and reduced operator fatigue. Undercarriage configurations include XL (Extra Long) and LGP (Low Ground Pressure) versions, with an LGP version that features 760-mm (30-inch) track shoes.

For the ultimate in operator comfort, an optional package provides a heated/ventilated seat. Electro-hydraulic seat-mounted controls isolate the operator from vibrations and the new armrests can be easily adjusted.

For increased productivity and efficient grading and contouring work, the D6K2 can be equipped with the optional Cat AccuGradeTM system for automated blade control. AccuGrade can use laser, total station or satellite positioning systems as the guidance source. AccuGrade is designed to reduce the need for surveying, to eliminate rework and to unburden the operator when doing finish grading. AccuGrade has demonstrated itself as a solution to reduce overall machine operating costs in doing more work more accurately with less fuel burned.
For more information about the D6K2, customers should contact their local Cat dealer.

D6K2 Specifications

Operating weight XL: 13 311 kg (29,346 lb)
LGP: 13 948 kg (30,750 lb)
Power  rating, net, at 2200 rpm 97 kW (130 hp)
Blade capacity XL: 3.07 m3 (4.01 yd3)
LGP: 3.35 m3 (4.38 yd3)
Blade width XL: 3196 mm (10.5 ft)
LGP: 3683 mm (12 ft)
Ground pressure (ISO 16754) XL: 39.8 kPa (5.77 psi)
LGP: 30.7 kPa (4.45 psi)