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New belly guards for the 836H Landfill Compactor incorporate new designs to keep trash out of the machine while enhancing maintenance and machine productivity. The robust belly guards have a smoother profile, have greater coverage and provide easier access than previous designs.

The smoother profile created by the new guards reduces drag and enhances compaction as it does not get caught up in trash or other waste debris. Additionally, wear is reduced on the underside of the compactor. New sealing strips close openings where the belly guards and the machine meet and greatly reduce trash entry. Engineered guard joints further minimize trash entry.

To make periodic cleanout easier, many of the guards are hinged—with internal hinges that aren’t exposed to damaging trash. A hydraulic actuator lowers and raises the rear bumper guard and the engine frame guard. A hydraulic actuator is available for the mid-guard behind the rear axle. All drop-down guards are bolted from the top to eliminate bolt wear from contact with trash and for ready access.

The new guarding system features structurally enhanced guards capable of withstanding impact forces of as much as 50 percent of the machine weight. Structural grids stiffen the guards so that they won’t bend and be difficult to reinstall after dropping for cleaning.

The belly guard system is available as a retrofit kit for the current 836H landfill compactors in the field.

For more information about the 836H belly guards, contact your local Cat dealer or go to www.cat.com.