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Caterpillar’s latest breakthrough in oil technology has resulted in the development of HYDO Advanced – a new series of high performance hydraulic oil engineered to give a service life of up to three times longer than existing hydraulic oil.

With SOS (scheduled oil sampling), HYDO Advanced has the potential to double its standard 3000-hour drain interval, to 6000 hours. This offers the potential to significantly reduce owning and operating costs, and means less oil is needed throughout the machine’s life cycle.

Less oil used means less oil to dispose of, which is a valuable environmental benefit and cost savings. Over 12,000 hours of machine life, a customer using HYDO Advanced with SOS at 6,000 drain intervals in a Cat® 320D excavator (with a hydraulic system capacity of 260 litres) would save the costs of using and properly disposing of 1040 litres of oil.

The HYDO Advanced series uses a higher quality mineral base oil than the HYDO 10W it replaces. This new oil formulation combines with a sophisticated additive package to reduce component wear, improve oil stability and offer much better hydraulic system protection.

These additives form a protective layer on wear surfaces, contributing to reduced wear in high pressure piston, vane and gear pump systems. The oil has the ability to disperse water, affords a significant improvement in corrosion protection, and gives a 250 per cent increase in oxidisation stability – all of which means Cat HYDO Advanced stays good for much longer.

Replacing HYDO 10W, the new HYDO Advanced oil comes in two SAE viscosity grades – HYDO Advanced 10 is for standard applications and HYDO Advanced 30 is installed for machines operating in hot climates with high ambient temperatures. And this heavy duty, long life series of hydraulic oil is now factory-filled in all new Cat machines.

HYDO Advanced is also compatible with all previous Cat hydraulic systems.