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Caterpillar is pleased to announce the new line of K Series Motor Graders consisting of four models (120K, 12K, 140K and 160K) to replace the H Series Standard Version. The K Series models represent the newest addition to the Cat® Motor Grader family, which is poised to deliver exceptional value to match a wide range of customer requirements. The H Series has been the industry standard in a variety of heavy construction, mining, road building and governmental applications. The K Series continues this tradition, building on the strong H Series legacy and incorporating a variety of critical customer requirements and sustainability enhancements.

The new K Series was developed to specifically meet the unique needs of lesser-regulated markets while maintaining the standard of quality, reliability and value established by Cat Motor Graders. Integrating numerous technological advances, the new models deliver innovative features, increased productivity, improved serviceability and compliance with Stage II emissions requirements. Features such as Cat ACERT® engines, AccuGradeTM Ready Option, improved power management strategy and advanced monitoring capability, enable the customer to increase production and directly impact the bottom line.


Models – K Series Motor Graders

Model Base Weight – kg Power – Hp Moldboard Length – m
120K 12,035 125-145 3.7
12K 13,704 145-170 3.7
140K 14,138 170-190 3.7
160K 15,155 185-205 4.3

The K Series models are compliant with European Stage II (US EPA Tier 2) emissions requirements. All four models are equipped with the Cat C7 ACERT engine, boasting a 7.2L displacement. This breakthrough technology reduces combustion temperatures and emissions by incorporating an advanced air intake system with an electronically controlled fuel system. The result is more complete fuel burn and reduced emissions while simultaneously enhancing engine performance.

Thanks to the ACERT engine, the K Series also offers potential improvements in productivity as compared to the H Series; they deliver a torque increase of 8% to 10% depending on application. Customized torque curves increase peak torque for improved lugging performance and responsiveness. The torque rise in K Series is 50%.

The K Series also offers automated machine control and guidance with the availability of the AccuGrade Ready Option (ARO). This option provides the electrical harnesses, cab switches, and mounting hardware necessary to simplify installation of the AccuGrade Grade Control System

Better Power Management

Standard on all models, the variable horsepower (VHP) feature increases machine productivity by matching power to ground speeds. In the lower gears where the machine is traction-limited, engine horsepower is automatically reduced. This helps reduce fuel consumption and tire slippage, which results in lower owning and operating costs. The power management strategy starts with base power in gears 1 and 2, and increases 7.5 kW (10 hp) when the unit is shifted into 3rd gear. The horsepower increases another 7.5 kW (10 hp) when the unit is shifted into 4th gear and maintains maximum horsepower through 8th gear. This allows the operator to maintain maximum rimpull while increasing ground speed and productivity.

Safety and Environmental Responsibility

Caterpillar has been and continues to be proactive in developing machines that meet or exceed safety standards, and the K Series is not exempt. Some features that ensure the safety of the operators include:

  • Elevated and perforated non-skid steel tandem walkways: provide sturdy platform access to tandems;
  • Electrical disconnect switch with tag-out lock out latch: shuts off battery power to prevent accidental starting of the machine;
  • Engine Shutoff Switch: Ground level access switch allows machine shutdown in case of emergency.

Another area of focus during the development of the K Series was to ensure an environmentally responsible design. In addition to the reduced emissions, the K Series features conveniently located ecology drains that help avoid spills during fluid changes and standard engine doors that reduce the sound level.

Other Benefits

Extended service intervals and grouped service points reduce machine downtime and owning and operating costs for the K Series. The machine also retains the Cat standard lever arrangement that is designed to allow ease of multi-function control.

The K Series operator station was designed with comfort, convenience and visibility in mind. Low effort on the pedals, hydraulic controls, and transmission shifter reduce operator strain and fatigue. The pedals are angled and raised off the floor to make them easy to reach and to increase machine productivity. Excellent visibility to the front wheels, moldboard and rear of the machine allows operators to work with greater confidence and efficiency.

The new Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) provides easier and more precise throttle operation. The addition of the Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC) allows optimum inching modulation, providing better feel to the operator and smooth directional shifting. The K Series maintains the exclusive Cat load-sensing hydraulic system with Proportional Priority Pressure Compensating (PPPC) valves, which provide precise implement control and enhanced machine performance and efficiency.

Improved diagnostic capability and maintenance systems keep the operator informed and help to protect the machine. Thanks to Electronic Technician (ET), fast troubleshooting of multiple systems is possible, which decreases machine downtime and lowers maintenance costs. Additionally, the machine offers an improved dash cluster, diagnostic warning lights, conveniently located controls and switches and an available speedometer and tachometer, which all help to make the K Series an operator-friendly machine.

For more information about Cat K Series motor graders, customers should contact their local Cat dealer.