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The Cat® D7R track-type tractor continues the R Family tradition in providing a simple, robust, easily serviced machine. It incorporates components with a proven history of reliability and durability in the most severe applications, including heavy dozing, ripping, land clearing and mining. The Cat C9 ACERT™ engine, with a net power rating of 174 kW (240 hp) at rated engine speed, meets standards in accord with China Stage II (GB 20891-2007), EPA Tier 2 andEU Stage II emissions regulations. The D7R features a massive mainframe, heavy-duty undercarriage, robust powershift transmission, differential steering, pilot-controlled hydraulics and efficient operator station. The overall design promotes all the elements of proven design for high productivity, long durability and low life time operating costs through ability to rebuild components and overall machine efficiency.

Efficient Power Train and Durable Undercarriage

The D7R utilizes minimal electronic control systems to provide the benefits in efficiency. Caterpillar has equipped the machine with the field proven Cat ADEM 4 (Advanced Digital Engine Management) electronic control module to optimize engine performance and fuel economy. Precisely controlled multiple fuel injections during the combustion cycle provide consistent power in all operating situations.

The durable, and unique, torque divider sends 70 percent of engine power through a torque converter and 30 percent through a direct-drive shaft, ensuring maximum drive train efficiency and the torque multiplication to move heavy loads. The torque divider was initially introduced in the late 1950’s by Caterpillar and has demonstrated a field proven durable and reliable connection between the engine and the transmission. The planetary powershift transmission features 3 speeds forward and reverse withheavy-duty, large-diameter, high-capacity oil-cooled discs for maximum performance and long-life durability. The differential steering system provides the operator with an intuitive single tiller bar control for all directional and speed selections. This system has repeatedly demonstrated to operators high maneuverability on construction sites, mining operations to land clearing operations that reduces fatigue and increases productivity. Thesystem does not interrupt power to either track side and maintainspower to both tracks during turns by speeding one side up and slowing the other down to provide a constant center-line speed. This allows great flexibility and productivity when required to turn and spreadheavy loads. The drive train is completed with heavy-duty, double-reduction final drives.

The implement hydraulics feature a pilot control and load-sensing system with a variable displacement pump, which maximizes efficiency and fuel economy by operating at the precise level required to get the work done. Pilot-hydraulic controls provide fast implement response with low lever efforts that provide high controllability of implements and lower fatigue levels for the operator.

The D7R final drives are elevated, raising the track-drive sprockets out of the dirt. This isolates the final drives from ground shock loads, which are then dissipated in the massive mainframe. The heavy-duty undercarriage, available in three configurations to match specific operating situations, features sealed and lubricated track chains, a robust tubular roller frame to resist twisting and bending forces, life-time lubricated track rollers and idlers that greatly extend undercarriage life and deliver lower operating costs.

Designed for Operator Comfort and Ease of Service

The D7R features an isolation-mounted, pressurized cab equipped with the Cat Comfort Series seat and low effort implement and steering/direction controls that are ergonomically designed for easy use and operator comfort. Simple to read gauges and warning lights in the dash cluster provide the operator with a monitoring system that allows him to concentrate of the task at hand. Heating and air-conditioning vents evenly distribute airflow for maximum operator comfort. The cab is provided with international standards in roll-over and falling object protection to the operator and has the option for choice of optional open canopy that meets same international standards in roll-over and falling object protection.

For increased productivity and efficient grading and contouring work, the D7R can be equipped with the optional Cat AccuGradeTM system for automated blade control. AccuGrade can use laser, total station or satellite positioning systems as the guidance source. AccuGrade is designed to reduce the need for surveying, to eliminate rework and to unburden the operator when doing finish grading. AccuGrade has demonstrated itself as a solution to reduce overall machine operating costs in doing more, and accurate work with less fuel burned.

Designed with serviceability in mind, the D7R facilitates convenient routine maintenance with service points that are readily accessible. To assist in monitoring machine health, sampling ports allow quick collection of fluids for laboratory analysis. With the Cat Electronic Technician, the Cat dealer can quickly diagnose machine performance parameters to reduce downtime and to keep the D7R operating at maximum efficiency.

The D7R follows a Caterpillar hallmark and proven design that delivers productivity, operator comfort, durability, reliability, rebuild ability and efficiency to the global industries it will serve in.

For more information, please contact your local Cat dealer or visit www.cat.com.

D7R Specifications

Std. Operating Weight 24 962 kg (55,041 lb)
Net Power Rating 179 kW (240 hp)
SU Blade Capacity 6.86 m³ (8.98 yd³)