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The CatÒ TH336, TH406, TH337 and TH407 telehandlers feature systems that enhance their performance and productivity. These agriculture-configured telehandlers are designed specifically for operation on farms and in agricultural applications. The machines have a rated load capacity from 3300 kilograms to 3700 kilograms. Each with a two-section boom, delivering 6.1 metres of lift height on the TH336 and TH406, and 7.3 metres of lift height on the TH337 and TH407.

These models are powered by a Cat C4.4 diesel engine, certified to Stage IIIA (Tier 3) emissions regulations. The standard turbocharged, after-cooled 74.5 kW engine is mechanically controlled, In addition, an optional electronically turbocharged, after-cooled 93.1 kW engine is available for these models.

The power train also features a limited slip differential fitted in the front axle for improved traction in all ground conditions. A high ground clearance and an excellent flotation from the 609 mm wheels make these models ideal for off-road applications. The powersynchro transmission and unique torque converter drive system helps to ensure long, trouble-free life. The advanced cooling system with an optional Cleanfix® reversing fan, designed to clean clogged radiators and screens, offers improved performance in tough applications.

The new Cat telehandlers incorporate load sensing hydraulics for superior lifting and digging forces and for the ability to operate all three boom functions simultaneously and proportionally. Smoother, logical control of the boom and work tool enables the operator to do more, more efficiently and more accurately. The telehandlers feature Z-bar linkage and greater breakout force for stronger digging performance compared to the previous models.

An optional boom suspension system consisting of two components — boom suspension (ride control) and boom float are available for these telehandlers going into agricultural related applications. When activated, the ride control provides the operator with more comfort while traveling at a faster speed. While activated and traveling above 5 kmh, the boom will be cushioned to improve load retention and increase operator comfort. When activated the boom float allows free movement of boom (lift/lower) while the work tool follows the ground contours.

Designed for operator efficiency and comfort

The models feature a spacious and comfortable cabin with all-around visibility due to larger window area. Control placement and single electro-hydraulic joystick control of hydraulics ease the burden on the operator and a transmission disconnect button on the single joystick allows the operator to route engine power to the boom for faster boom operation.

The dashboard features an interactive LCD display providing a wide range of information, including machine speed, operating hours, fuel level, coolant temperature and error messages. Fitted as standard, a dedicated Longitudinal Stability Indicator provides the operator with a constant and progressive check of the machine’s forward stability, with a cut-out for the extend and lift-down functions if the load exceeds the recommended limit. The LSI is positioned in the operator’s line of sight to enhance safety.

The telehandlers have three different steering modes from which to choose—2-wheel steer, 4-wheel steer and crab steer. Different modes allow for improved control and provide the manoeuvrability you need when moving around the farm. The turning circle is tight and when changing steering modes, the wheels automatically realign to the optimum position.

Versatile and easier to maintain

A wide range of Cat work tools—forks, buckets, grapple and manure tools—equip the telehandlers for multiple tasks with different types of materials around the farm. The Caterpillar manual quick coupler is standard and allows the operator to change work tools quickly. An optional hydraulic quick coupler allows the operator to change work tools quickly and efficiently without leaving the cabin. Couplers provide superior sight lines to the tool.

Optional competitive couplers are also available on the TH336, TH406, TH337, and TH407 agriculture-configured models. The couplers enable a wide variety of competitive manufacturer work tools to be fitted on these Cat telehandlers. The JCB® and Manitou® couplers are available in both a mechanical or hydraulic locking version, while the John Deere® style coupler is available in hydraulic only. These couplers have the same functionality as the Cat IT-style quick couplers. With these competitive coupler options, customers can choose the coupler that best meets his existing telehandler work tool inventory.

These models are sized to work productively and cost effectively in a variety of agricultural type applications. For more information about these telehandlers, contact your local Cat dealer or visit www.cat.com.

Basic Specifications for TH417 Telehandler

TH336 TH337 TH406 TH407
Std. engine, gross power Cat C4.4 DITAAC 74.5 kW Cat C4.4 DITAAC 74.5 kW Cat C4.4 DITAAC 74.5 kW Cat C4.4 DITAAC 74.5 kW
Opt.engine, gross power Cat C4.4 ACERT 93.1 kW Cat C4.4 ACERT 93.1 kW Cat C4.4 ACERT 93.1 kW Cat C4.4 ACERT 93.1 kW
Rated load capacity 3300 kg 3700 kg 3300 kg 3700 kg
Operating Weight 7200 kg 7200 kg 7700 kg 7700 kg
Maximum lift height 6.1 m 6.1 m 7.3 m 7.3 m
Maximum forward reach 3.11 m 3.11 m 3.76 m 3.7 m
Travel Speed 40 km/h 40 km/h 40 km/h 40 km/h