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UNBELIEVABLE Conventional wisdom said there was no way one machine could deliver powerful dozing and precise maneuverability…. all while using considerably less fuel. This is the Cat D7E- A dozer that, as conventional wisdom once said, simply could not be biult…UNTIL NOW. When oil prices and environmental concerns started ratcheting up the cost of diesel fuel in 2006, many equipment manufactures tasked their engineers to explore the possibilities of alternative power sources. At Caterpillar, however, the solution was already under development-the D7E-a top secret, all electric-drive, track-type tractor with almost a decade of development behind it. And unlike some new product initiatives that have to struggle for attention and resources, the D7E was green flagged by the top executives at Caterpillar from the get-go.

Please visit http://www.cat.com/d7e for more details