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The Cat® D5R builds on the century-long legacy Caterpillar has established for world leadership in the design and manufacture of Track-Type Tractors. The new model combines the durability and reliability of field-proven Cat components with technical advances that improve fuel efficiency, enhance operator convenience, boost production and lower operating costs. The D5R’s robust structures, elevated-sprocket undercarriage, differential steering system, load-sensing hydraulics and integrated power-train ensure optimum performance in a wide range of applications, including production dozing, fine grading, ripping, land clearing, back-filling and landfill operations.

Power-train excellence

The D5R’s Cat C6.6 engine has a Maximum net power of 120 kW (161 hp) and can meet the equivalent of non-current EU Stage IIIA (US EPA Tier 3) emission levels. Electronic controls continually adjust fuel delivery as altitude, temperature and fuel quality vary, ensuring smooth, fuel-efficient performance on any job site. A new aluminum bar-plate radiator effectively cools the engine in high ambient temperatures and provides superior corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Clutches in the D5R’s 3F/3R planetary power-shift transmission incorporate Caterpillar-designed, oil-cooled friction discs, specially engineered to tolerate high stress in severe applications and to effectively dissipate heat for prolonged service life. An Electronic Clutch Pressure Control system permits on-the-go changes of direction and speed by modulating clutch engagement and protecting components from excessive torque loads.

The differential steering system maintains power to both tracks when the machine turns, allowing operators to maneuver and retain large blade loads for added productivity. The system is advantageous also when working on cross slopes, terracing and in benching operations, allowing operators to easily maintain straight-line travel. For operator convenience, the single-lever steering tiller incorporates transmission controls for directional and gear-range functions.

Structures and hydraulics

At the foundation of the D5R’s design is an exceptionally strong mainframe, engineered to resist shock loads and twisting forces. A large-diameter pivot shaft, bolted to the mainframe, works with a pinned equalizer bar to allow independent oscillation of the box-section track frames, maintaining precise alignment and optimum ground contact without diagonal braces.

Two undercarriage configurations are available for the D5R: the XL positions more track to the front of the machine for general-duty and fine-grading applications; the LGP uses longer track frames, a wider gauge and wider shoes to yield maximum flotation in soft underfoot conditions. Both configurations use sealed-and-lubricated track chains that protect internal pin and bushing surfaces from wear, significantly increasing chain life and lowering costs.

Blades for the D5R include a wide variety for bulk earthmoving (semi-universal) to shaping, spreading and casting duties (power/angle/tilt) —all of premium-steel and box-section design. Heavy mold-board construction combines with hardened cutting edges and end bits for optimum strength and durability. Capacity ranges from 3.16 to 4.28 m³ (4.1 to 5.6 yd³). A rigid drawbar or three-shank, fixed-parallelogram ripper is available.

The D5R’s work tools are precisely controlled with its powerful, load-sensing implement hydraulic system, which features an efficient, variable-displacement pump that delivers flows  to 132.5 L/min (35 gpm) at pressures to 27 500 kPa (3,989 psi). A large-capacity oil cooler maintains optimum temperatures, and fine-micron filtration maintains fluid cleanliness, a combination that protects hydraulic fluid and ensures long component life. Low-effort, electro-hydraulic control levers for the blade and ripper add to operator comfort.

Operator comfort, convenience, safety

The D5R is available with an open ROPS canopy or an enclosed, air-conditioned cab, both using the Cat Comfort Series seat. Gauges and warning lights are easily read in a wide range of lighting conditions, and the Cat Monitoring System Display provides pertinent operating and service information. A work-tool lock-out switch prevents inadvertent hydraulic operation.

A throttle rocker switch lets the operator instantly select high idle or low idle, or to select intermediate speeds by depressing the D5R’s decelerator to the desired speed, and then setting that speed with the switch. Activating the auto kick-down switch allows the transmission to automatically downshift when machine speed decreases, and the bi-direction/auto-shift switch allows presetting forward/reverse speeds when making directional changes.


Caterpillar track-type tractors are engineered to facilitate serviceability, featuring modular components, easy access to routine maintenance points, and a design that facilitates timely, accurate diagnostics. Machine health is supported by the D5R’s Scheduled Oil Sampling S???O???SSM ports, which allow collecting circulating fluid samples that can be analyzed to identify potential problems at an early stage, saving significant repair and downtime expense.

An optional satellite or GSM cellular based Product Link™ System, available in many areas, is factory-installed (or easily retrofitted) and provides remote information access to machine parameters, such as location, machine hours, fuel consumption, logged service codes and security alarms.

The D5R’s quality design and construction ensure that major structures have the integrity to sustain multiple rebuilds of primary components, which often can be renewed cost effectively with premium Cat Remanufactured Parts. And, customers can rely on the expert support of the worldwide Cat dealer network to ensure optimum, long-term value from their D5R investment.

Machine Specifications

Engine Cat C6.6 ACERT™
Max Net power, kW (hp)
(ISO 9249/SAE J1349)
120 (161)
Operating weight, kg (lb.) 16 668 (36,747)
Blade capacity
Semi-U, m³ (yd³) 4.28 (5.6)
 Angle, m³ (yd³) 3.18 (4.2)
VPAT 3.16 (4.1)