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Gmmco, India’s largest Cat® dealer, recently sealed the deal on a second Cat cold planer sale—a new PM200—to contractor Ashwini Infra Developments Pvt. Ltd. (A.I.D.). The delivery represents the first PM200 to India. Ashwini Infra Developments was hired to carry out the milling and asphalting of a secondary runway reconstruction project at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, India’s largest airport. The runways required upgrading to international standards in order to handle the larger Airbus A380s, and secondary runways needed further strengthening and are being extended as well.

The contractor selected the larger Cat PM200 in part for its reliability, as the project required adherence to a very rigorous timeline. The crews are only able to complete the project during overnight hours and that “required tight planning and firm schedules. Any breakdown would result in the complete abandonment of plans.”

Ashwini Infra Developments already owned a Cat PM102, and therefore, had complete confidence in Caterpillar, its machines and its dealer Gmmco. Previous experience made the decision to purchase the new PM200 easy. Says Ravi Goudar, Director, A.I.D, “[We were] really happy with the reliability and low maintenance of the PM102. The machine is a true workhorse; it has never had any product issues—at the same time giving us a high utilization. Gmmco has been very supportive as a dealer and we are very happy with their service. Hence, when it came to choosing a bigger milling machine we went with a Caterpillar® PM200.”

The contractor determined that a new PM200 would be the perfect complement to their fleet, and they knew that running the two cold planers in tandem would allow them to meet the runway project’s stringent timeline. Although it was the very first time they sat atop a 2-meter machine, Ashwini Infra Developments’ operators found the PM200 easy to maneuver and operate.

According to jobsite foreman Rajesh Ghanekar, “The PM200 responds to all types of cuts and handles them easily. The milled surface texture was excellent and enabled easy binding tack operation, and the paving that followed. Levels were maintained, resulting in very few or almost no second passes for the same cut,” says Ghanekar, adding, “We feel the machine is very productive and [we now] have the confidence to take on heavier milling jobs in the future.”

The Mumbai runway refurbishing project continues today. In just its first two months, over 78,000 square meters of asphalt were removed.


The Cat® PM200 Cold Planer:
Full-depth Removal with Unsurpassed Productivity

The Cat® PM200, equipped with a Cat C18 engine with ACERT™ Technology, provides ample power for even the toughest milling applications—all while maintaining the highest operating efficiency through its clean burning power. Its 2 m milling width and industry-leading rotor is equipped with 178 six-sided carbide-tipped tools and quick-release conical tool holders, and employs an exclusive Caterpillar® wet clutch that delivers horsepower to each cutting tool, while providing long service life and reliability.

As critical as its unsurpassed power and cutting ability, the PM200 meets European EU Stage III emissions regulations for off-road applications. Its dual water spray keeps dust to a minimum and reduces its environmental impact.

Contractors across the globe are finding that the Cat PM200 combines superior performance, reliability, and simplified service, to achieve even the most demanding job specifications while maximizing machine uptime.