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The new Cat® 986H Wheel Loader, designed especially for quarry applications—loading both on-highway and off-highway trucks and handling load-and-carry tasks—is a strong, productive machine that is easy to operate and easy to maintain. With bucket capacities ranging from 5.3 to 6.1 m3 (7 to 8 cubic yards), the 305-kW (409-horsepower) 986H features a power train with proven Cat components, a powerful and efficient load-sensing hydraulic system, heavy duty frames and loader linkage, and a safe, comfortable operator station. The 986H is engineered to deliver durable performance at a low cost per tonne.

Using solid steel lift arms designed to absorb loading stress, the 986H Z-bar-type loader linkage generates powerful digging and lifting forces and provides excellent visibility to the bucket cutting edge and surrounding work area. Lift arms are available in both standard-lift and high-lift configurations to accommodate a range of haul trucks.

Strength built into the 986H major structures—a full-box-section rear frame fabricated to resist torsional shock and twisting forces, cast axle-mounting pads, and heavy duty steering cylinder mounts—ensures durability through multiple machine life cycles. The 986H also uses Cat Performance Series buckets for fast, consistent loads, and a quick coupler is available.

The Cat C15 engine uses reliable mechanically actuated electronic unit injectors that precisely control fuel delivery for optimum performance and economy in all situations. The 4F/3R Cat power-shift transmission has specially heat-treated shafts and gears for superior durability, and electronically controlled, heavy-duty clutch packs deliver smooth, consistent shifts. A variable displacement pump powers the 986H implement hydraulics and delivers only the volume of flow required at the cylinders, resulting in fuel savings and reduced heat.

Intuitive, low-effort controls allow operators to be immediately productive with the 986H, and a programmable lift kickout speeds loading cycles. An angled ladder provides easy access to the cab, and the Cat Comfort Series III seat provides air-suspension, six-way adjustment and optional heat. The cab is pressurized with filtered air, and automatic controls maintain cab temperature. The Cat monitoring system provides a digital readout of critical machine parameters, and an optional rearview camera system is available.

For added safety, a roll-over protection system (ROPS) and falling objects protection system (FOPS) are integral aspects of the cab design. Also, service walkways have non-skid surfaces, and a convenient windshield cleaning platform facilitates access to cab glass.

The 986H is designed to ease routine maintenance, with ground level or platform access to service points, including a centralized grease bank for lubricating linkage pins and remote pressure taps for power train components. A ground level electrical service panel includes an emergency engine shutdown switch, battery disconnect switch and circuit breakers.

Equipped with standard linkage, the 986H can four-pass load the Cat 770G truck, rated at 38.6 metric tonnes (42.6 US tons). With high-lift linkage, the 986H can five-pass load the 772G, rated at 47.7 tonnes (52 US tons), and six-pass load the 773G, rated at 56 tonnes (61.7 US tons)

986H Wheel Loader Specifications

Engine Cat C15 ACERT™
Power rating, net 305 kW (409 hp)
Operating weight (std.) 42,940 kg (93,100 lb)
Bucket capacity range 5.3-6.1 m3 (7-8 yd3)
Rated payload (std. lift) 10 tonnes (11 US tons)
Rated payload (high lift) 9.5 tonnes (10.5 US tons)
Hyd. flow, max. 200 L/Min. (52 gpm)
Hyd. pressure, main 27 600 kPa (4,000 psi)