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The Cat® 312D/D L Series 2 hydraulic excavator uses a powerful Cat 3054C diesel engine that meets U.S. EPA Tier 2 and EU Stage II emissions regulations. Depending on the regional offering, the new model is available in standard and/or long undercarriage configurations, the new model has operating weights ranging from 12 900 kg (28,440 lb.) to 13 900 kg (30,640 lb.).The 312D/D L Series 2 is designed with low operating costs and achieves excellent performance in the toughest applications, providing customers a durable, reliable machine that is exceptionally comfortable to operate and easy to service.

The Cat 3054C engine features a reliable mechanical governor and a low-pressure fuel system to ensure durable, trouble-free operation and high fuel efficiency in all operating conditions. With a net power rating of 67 kW (90 hp), the 312D/D L Series 2 also features an economy mode, allowing the operator to balance performance and fuel-economy requirements without a loss of breakout forces and lift capacity.

The versatile hydraulic system delivers a maximum implement flow of 254 L/min (67 gpm) at 30 500 kPa (4,420 psi), providing ample hydraulic horsepower to handle a wide range of buckets, quick couplersand hydro-mechanical worktools, including shears, breakers, and grapples. Full power is available constantly (no work- or power-mode switches are required), and an automatic system selects boom or swing priority, based on joystick movement, to best suit the application.

Hydraulic and electrical lines are routed to the boom for easy installation of auxiliary circuits, and a number of Cat hydraulic kits are available to integrate work tools. The optional wedge lock coupler features a wedge-style locking system and is designed for severe applications, including demolition and quarry. The available Center-Lock™ Pin Grabber Coupler features a patent-pending locking system that clearly indicates to the operator if the tool is engaged or disengaged. Both of these options extend the versatility of your machine by allowing work tools to be changed quickly and easily.

Depending on regional offering, the 312D/D L Series 2 can be made available with a one-piece reach boom and a choice of sticks, 2.5 m (8.2 ft.) and 3 m (9.8 ft.), providing maximum dig depths of5.54 m(18.2 ft.) and 6.04 m (19.8 ft.), respectively. These stick options allow the operator to balance his needs between working range and digging forces. This new model features an undercarriage design with a greased, lubricated track for quiet, durable performance.

For the operator’s comfort and convenience, the operators station for the 312D/D L Series 2 features low-effort, pilot-controlled joysticks, a suspension seat, standard air conditioning, and a LCD monitor that can display information in 27 languages and provides built-in. The cab features viscous rubber mounts to reduce sound and vibration, and integral to the design of the new 312D/D L Series 2 is simplified routine maintenance. Most service points are located within reach from ground level, and a right-side service door permits easy access to the pump, pilot filter, engine-oil filter, S???O???S (Scheduled Oil Sampling) ports, and diagnostic pressure taps. A convenient left-side door provides access to the radiator, oil cooler, fuel filters, and water separator.

Machine Specifications

Net Power, SAE 67 kW (90 hp)
Max. Op. Weight 13900 kg (30,640 lb.)
Max. Dig Depth 6 040 mm (19.8 ft.)
Std. Track Length 3 490 mm (11. 4 ft.)
Long Track Length 3 750 mm (12.3 ft.)
Max. Transport Length 7 620 mm (25.0 ft.)