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UAE, 10 January 2018


With an objective to minimize owning and operation costs for customers, Cat introduced B-Series hammers – an economic and durable design that is both operator friendly and offer best in class performance. Built for the region, B Series Hammers are available in two different mounting styles and are ideal for a varied range of industries and jobs.

Recently, Al Jaber – a multi-dimensional group of companies purchased three Cat® B Series Hammers B35, from Al-Bahar, the authorized Caterpillar dealer in Abu Dhabi. High productivity legacy that accompanies every Cat product and the exceptional Parts availability offered by Al-Bahar, were the main reasons Al Jaber chose B35 from a set of competing hammers.

Found in 2009, Al Jaber Leasing Services (ALES) is a major company of Al Jaber Group (AJC), responsible for some of the leading developmental projects in the region. With a growing number of CAT assets (over 1350 units), Al Jaber Leasing has always chosen the best for its machinery division.


Being a regular customer of Cat products, decision to choose B35 hammers promised increased compatibility. “We went with Caterpillar because we were looking for durability and reliability,” said Mr. Marwan Seif, General Manager, Al Jaber Leasing. “We have an exhaustive fleet of Cat equipment; hence we were looking for a Caterpillar supported hammer solution that matches our value expectations. Additionally, the comprehensive after-sales support offered by the product support team of Al-Bahar Abu Dhabi branch, resulted to selection of Cat hammers.”

Some of the features that promise desired durability and reliability, include features such as Gas fired design, Top-mount Style, Stroke Adjuster, Standard supplied accumulator, and more. “For us, outstanding field-proven reliability and durability were crucial, hence the Cat B series Hammer design, manufacturing practices, quality inspection, and testing of hammers, provided us the desired durability required for our tough applications,” added Mr. Marwan Seif.


Al Jaber was considering Hammers for its quarry projects, and these hydraulic hammers combine optimum power-to-weight ratio with simplicity and cost effectiveness, making them ideal for quarry and mining applications. On the other hand, these easy to maintain hammers consume less time on service, thereby allowing more time working, leading to efficient operations and productivity. Additionally the Cat field installed hydraulic kit distinguishes, the match & performance of Cat B-series hammer to other local competitors, by weld-free mounting feature and ability to regulate hydraulic flow, which will protect both machine and breaker.
Talking about the compatibility with Cat Machines, Product Support Commodity Specialist- Al-Bahar, Mr. Yousef Rajeh AL-Lahham, quoted, “Cat B-series hammers are designed with mounting brackets specifically built to Cat linkages. They also include genuine connecting lines and valves to match Cat implement hydraulic kits.” He added, “The compatibility to Cat machines are tested and approved by Caterpillar, making them an ideal match for any Cat fleet.” Moreover, seamless parts availability through Al-Bahar and Easy Maintenance provides customers a hassle-free service experience. At Al-Bahar, the focus has always been on customer success, and hence, all solutions and services intend to ease their operations. The superior field maintenance capability on tool and bushings, and the field replaceable lower tool bushing, are benefits for Al Jaber’s daily operation and maintenance.

Commenting on the association, Mr. Yousef added, “Al Jaber is among our lead customers, and with a reputation as market leader in the UAE contracting sector and more, it is a testimony in itself to have our Hammers utilized by them in the leading projects of the region.” Being chosen by Al Jaber – a company that has always invested in the latest technologies, to support their growing business, is a proof to the high value Cat B Series hammers offer to projects in this region. Designed for the region these hammers promise high standards of efficiency and productivity. To know more about Cat B Series hammers visit – https://www.albahar.com/company/promotions/cat-b-series-hammers