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Date: August 3, 2018

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Safe Installation and Long Term Protection for Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are a cost-effective solution to fulfill the power needs of a large facility. They are essentially a fuel saving solution for industrial businesses. Cat Diesel Generators comes in various models that are designed to fulfill the specific energy requirements. Here are a set of tips to make sure that you invest in the right model, install it properly, and operate it safely.

Choosing the Right Model

A diesel generator is a powerful source of electrical energy that can help you maintain consistency and regularity in work. Various Cat diesel generator models offer a variety of functionalities that aim to offer the durability and sustainability you seek. Before investing in a power system, you need to make sure that the requirements match the product specifications.

Cat power systems offer a number of choices for electric power generation. This includes compact power systems and four-stroke-cycle diesel generator systems. A notable range of power systems in Diesel category includes Olympian diesel generator sets (<330Kva). These generator sets offer solution to all your power generation needs for an industrial sized site that requires a reliable energy source for daily operations. Diesel generators can be used as both the main power system or as the backup power generator.

In order to ensure that you are about to invest in the right model, compare your site’s power requirements with the features of the power systems you are considering to purchase. You can enquire about the required diesel generator product directly through a sales representative. Additionally, you can also consult for the spec sheet of the desired system.

Diesel Generator Installation and Safety

The Olympian diesel generator sets are available in ready-to-use package that allows easy installation. Your equipment handler or site manager should be able to install the generator with little or no help from a certified engineer. However, it is recommended that the power systems are installed, serviced, and repaired only by qualified and trained technicians from the authorized dealer Al-Bahar.
If you have a technician on board, then it is best to let him handle the installation process according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Here are some safe installation tips that you should keep in mind during the installation process:

  • Conduct a detailed inspection of the package before unpacking it to ensure that it does not contain any visible damages
  • Test the power system to see if it takes the required load during power shortage
  • Create a protective enclosure to place the power system and before installation inspect the area to ensure that it safe for a diesel generator. The generator should be installed on a leveled ground area that is non-conductible and non-combustible. The area should be clean and clear of any combustible material that may become a fire hazard.

To conclude, diesel power systems require proper installation according to manufacturer’s guidelines. You can ensure safe installation by following the guidelines provided by the equipment manufacturer or the authentic equipment dealer. Before investing in a power system, talk to your equipment dealer Al-Bahar and discuss your power requirements and ensure the right purchase.