Cat® Fuel Filters provide the best protection in the industry from a highly differentiated design that:

  • Traps and hold particles
  • Ensures engines perform as expected and stay in emissions compliance

Primary Fuel Filters are designed to screen out unwanted contaminants that cause havoc with internal combustion engines. By not regularly replacing your engine fuel filter it can become clogged with unwanted debris (including dust and rust) that restricts fuel flow resulting in less efficient engine performance as the engine and engine components struggle to draw ample fuel to continue operating at optimal performance. If these contaminants are not removed they may cause premature failure of the fuel pump and injectors.

Secondary Fuel Filters are specifically designed to capture the smaller particles that do the most damage to fuel injectors and other fuel system components.

Fuel Water Separators provide the best protection for your critical fuel system components that: Removes free water and most dissolved water

Removes 10 micron sized particles (and larger) and extends the life of secondary elements