Cat® Cab and Air Filter Products expel all types of mixed debris including dirt particles, sawdust, chaff, dust and more.

Engine Air Filters

Designed for maximum protection of vital engine parts and optimum performance:

  • Standard efficiency filters – durable construction to handle the most rugged applications with the best capacity in the industry
  • Ultra high efficiency filters- the best early hour efficiency filters with the longest life available for your Cat equipment

Cab Air Filters

Designed for a cleaner, more comfortable cab environment:

  • Higher efficiency options for improved dust and particle reduction
  • Options available for improved odor reduction
  • Long life and optimum cab environment protection

Turbine Precleaner

The Cat Turbine Precleaner significantly lowers owning and operating costs by giving your air filter a longer life:

  • Longer air-filter life
  • More efficient engine performance
  • Decreased maintenance expenses

Cabin Air Pre-Cleaner System

Cat® Radial Seal Air Filters

Ultra High Efficiency Engine Air Filters

Air Filter Service Indicator

Cabin Air Filters

Turbine PreCleaner

Cat Filters Cross Reference

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    Learn how to properly inspect and maintain your Air Filter

    Lower owning and operating costs through longer Air Filter life