With Cat® Remote Fleet Vision, you can locate, track and manage all of your assets with just a few clicks—no matter where you’re located or what brands you operate. Cat Remote Fleet Vision collects data from hardware then serves that information up to you through an easy-to-use web interface.

Instead of guessing about where your assets are, what they’re doing and how they’re performing, you’ll know. That means you can work more efficiently and lower your operating costs.

Cat Remote Fleet Vision (Cat RFV) enables monitoring of the status, condition and performance of equipment assets from a remote location. It helps you provide a proactive service and repair to a wide range of customers, especially those whose assets spread over a wide geographic area.

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Maximize Skill Sets of Workforce

  • Centralized SMEs to leverage expertise across the entire fleet

  • Utilization of the right workers for the right jobs at the right time

Monitor All Equipment and Manufacturers

  • Visit equipment only when needed

  • Diagnose problems and take action before permanent damage

Improve efficiency

  • Measure fleet performance and efficiency

  • Improve productivity

  • Minimize downtime

Reduce operating Costs

  • Freedom to monitor any make and manufacturer, Cat or otherwise

Industries Served by RFV

  • Industrial

  • Marine

  • Oil & Gas

To access Cat RFV, visit – www.remotefleetvision.com

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