Monitor your Cat® engine(s) and keep track of your engine’s performances, using Cat Remote Asset Monitoring (Cat RAM) – a user-friendly interface gives you 24/7 access to important installation data including data about the running hours, fuel consumption, load profile, alarms and location. Get a clearer idea of the performances of your engine, how it is being used and whether it is in good condition. Perform the necessary maintenance on time and react quickly to possible warnings of non-standard values issued by the engine control system.

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Watch how Cat Connect remote asset monitoring and the Cat RAM Mobile App work together to give you peace of mind and the ability to monitor your power systems anytime, anywhere.

Caterpillar’s connectivity solution of Remote Asset Monitoring with Cat Connect turns data into insights and insights into profits


– Decreasing Owning and Operating costs

– Minimizing downtime

– Peace of mind with Ready to Run

– Real time streaming data and insights

Key Features

(Standard and Intermediate Subscriptions)

  • Manage Maintenance
  • Customized alerts
  • Monitor run status, location, fuel level, battery voltage, kilowatt hours and more
  • Customizable Dashboards, see your data your way through
  • Geo-Fencing, customized for your site
  • Insights on the go, with the new Cat RAM app
  • Fleet View, see and compare all your assets on one screen
  • Fleet Performance enabled by *Intermediate Subscription Report
  • (Premium Subscriptions)
  • Higher Frequency Streaming Real-time Data
  • Customized Site Specific Parameters
  • Ability to connected complete plants
  • Visual Analytics Capabilities Directly on UI
  • Predictive Analytics (Maintenance, Performance and Notifications)
  • Advanced Reporting


Cat Remote Asset Monitoring launched a mobile app to allow users to quickly monitor assets. View fleet summary and asset details from any iOS or Android device. For additional asset details and troubleshooting, use the Cat RAM user interface desktop version (https://ram.cat.com/).

  • Order Parts
  • Take notes
  • Take photo with camera to change profile picture (photos taken in mobile app don’t appear in UI)
  • Get fleet summary including…
    • View Asset Location
    • Last Reported Date
    • Active Faults
  • Get asset details including…
    • Hours
    • Location
    • Faults
    • Record Fuel
    • Run History
    • Preventative Maintenance Module (PMM)
    • Parameters available depend on subscription level

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